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  1. Perhaps T10 is actually balanced enough that there are not that much standout tanks, neither good or bad. After worst five or so are voted out, rest are all pretty decent at least, so maybe people are not that interested in voting.
  2. Just out of curiosity, what do you think about 907 vs 140 now? I don't really play randoms that much, but for a few games I did after the buff it feels super strong now.
  3. Exactly, which means they won't change much in CW/SH play, just replace BC's on some maps. From my part discussion started from claim that they would enable more aggressive game play in general, which would include using them for more than just a scouts, and that I don't think is the case.
  4. Question has clearly not been defined well enough. There are a lots of different stats, please clarify what value you want to increase/decrease?
  5. Ok, you have 5 lights and 10 113's. You take position with your lights, and wait for 113's. Enemy has 15 113's that arrive at the same time than yours. Who is going to win that fight? Or second scenario, enemy has 15 meds that arrive before your 113's and absolutely destroy your 5 lights. Yes that is making it more simple than it is, and of course I don't claim to know for sure if and how they will be used, but I just don't see them changing that much unless they have the hp/dpm combination to fight other T10's. And at the moment that doesn't seem to be the case. You can mix a few lights, but then again if you have to actually fight something, you have disadvantage. If the maps would be bigger or more open, then mobility over hp/dpm might be important, but at the moment...not really. T10 mediums and fast heavies are plenty fast for the maps we are playing. I think they will be like Strv, very good and useful to have one or two for specific roles on certain maps, but that's it.
  6. I don't see how T10 lights would promote aggressive tactics in CW, yes they will get into position fast, but 15 secs later 113's or what ever arrive and lights either go away, or die. In CW it does not matter really if you take some position a bit slower if you do it with such a force that can't be stopped by faster tanks that got there earlier. The way I see it they would promote tactic where you just try to run around enemy and take away any hit points or lonely tanks away you can, because you can't fight anything head on really. A bit like T54lt's against IS3's at T8. It can work, but requires a right map and good coordination.
  7. You have the right for your opinion, but I strongly disagree. I have played it for ~150 games, all this year so in the current meta, with completely solo 68 % wr, which is way above what I can do on most others. Camo/speed/dpm/viewrange is extremely strong at T7, and small size makes it possible to play surprisingly aggressive. I like it, but on the other hand I agree that for average player it is not very strong and I have no problem playing against it.
  8. You are absolutely out of your mind. Probably one of the best tank in the whole game if you want to win stuff solo and make credits while doing it. Maybe not the best, but not far in my opinion.
  9. What's the point of thread if people vote based on something else than their actual opinion? Other elimination threads were interesting to read because of the reasoning of each vote, this one is just stupid. I don't know who this Gasai guy is, but he sure must be someone important.
  10. Well, there are not that many reasons to really play CW or SH anymore, especially after the last patch. I believe that original SH mode was one of the best things they did for the game, but it seems that they managed to break it now. So it's pretty natural that clan scene is dying a bit, at the same time many people have played for a long time already and are getting perhaps a bit bored with it, and then WG drops the rewards also.
  11. Why would they offer a trade possibility, when they can just make new premiums so good that people buy them anyway? I'm just interested what is next, was defender a "mistake", or will there be even better ones to come. Personally I had no problem with Scorp, Patriot or Liberte, they were good, but still required somewhat good player. Btw anyone else noticing a lot of new players at T8? Like account created in last few months and few thousand battles...I don't know if I'm just imagining, but seems like there are a lot of these kind of players at T8 when I'm clicking accounts from the battle score, desperately trying to find answers for "how on earth is that possible". WG putting more effort to marketing than before...?
  12. Hey guys, could anyone point me to some good general guide about the basics of this game? I have played like 50 games or something and that's sometime last year, but would like to try again, and would like to know some basic stuff without learning everything the hard way...thanks! And any good tips about fun & easy to play ships would be appreciated also. I don't have premium account or any gold, but don't mind spending few euros if that makes game significantly more enjoyable. Edit: Wait, premium account from WOT is shared to WOWS? That's nice.
  13. Really guys bragging about platoon win rates? What's next, being proud about stronghold win rates? Everything below 100 % in 3-man T10 platoon is bad, we all know it
  14. Too passive in the beginning, I think I would have went to G6 area to spot and maybe shoot something in the beginning, and then do something else. Or if you go north, at least peek around the corner to see if anything is even coming, with E25 you are there before anything from the enemy team with plenty of time to run if needed. Now you just looked at that corner for pretty long time. If something would have came there, you would have seen them way too late, with E25 you want to keep some distance and instead of trading 1 to 1, try to find possibilities to keep shooting continuously. I have played quite a lot of E25 lately, and I think that if you want to do well in it, you have to react to things really fast. It can do damage fast if you are in the right place, and it has the speed to move around, so use that speed. Also I would lose the camo net, at least I don't sit still that much to have advantage of that, and camo is already above epic. Rammer+vents+optics seems to work pretty well. Oh yeah, and load more APCR
  15. Type 59: 12WZ-111: 16 112: 22T-34-3: 14FCM 50 t: 11M4A1 Rev.: 29AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 23 leKpz M41 90mm: 21Skorpion G: 24Panther 88: 8Löwe: 31 Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 22 STA-2: 27M46 KR: 21T26E5 (Patriot): 28 IS6 (Black): 5 + 1 = 6, See belowKV-5: 22T-44-100: 16 T34: 8 - 3 = 5, too slow to do anything, gives away way too much for a big gun. Only premium i regret buying. T26E4: 18 IS-3A: 20 IS-5: 20 Really surprised how people dislike the IS-6. To me it feels extremely good still, you have pref-mm, very good armor to go with that, quite good speed and even decent DPM. Only pen is a bit lacking, but in my opinion pref-mm makes it completely fine, so much soft targets to shoot. Playing IS-6 really feels like turning WOT into "easy".