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  1. I think I will! My analyze was just from very brief look into the stats page, and as I said, it is possible that someone is really good at winning without doing that much in term of measurable things. Although, just from checking the last page of replay thread, almost all replays seem to be pretty normal "good games", as in they are high damage games. But I will check them out.
  2. You get convinced very easily. It is completely possible that he knows where to shoot, or just aimed at general direction of that bush and got lucky. That really is so obvious place to blind shoot that I would not be surprised to get hit there at all, practically every game there is someone there. And you can pretty accurately estimate where to aim using mini map. Of course it's not easy shot, but definitely would not call someone cheater just based on that.
  3. But that is pretty extreme example, on the other hand you have something like IS-3 and Leopard 1 and it becomes very questionable which one even is the better tank...for many situations IS-3 is just better. Only T8 mediums generally would need a light buff, T8 heavies and TD's are pretty much fine against T10 already. Other tiers are quite ok with current tier differences also, sure there are some tanks that are pretty useless when bottom, but generally I don't see big problems. Maybe some low tiers, like T4 against T6...but honestly can't even name any T4 tank right now so hard to say
  4. I would assume pretty much platooning. Just by checking some of your tanks I find it really difficult to see where those win rates would come if not from platooning. There is no damage, spots, defense or capping points or K/D that would explain high WR. Of course it is possible that you are really exceptionally good at winning without doing much, but platooning with good players seems like a more obvious answer
  5. Relation between WN8 and winrate is hugely influenced by platooning and tank selection. Generally, in my opinion, if you play solo they are not inline with each other, I really would like to see guy who can pull 65%+ WR with less than 3K WN8. With some particular tanks it is possible, but overall I really doubt it. Or to put it other way around, 2.9K WN8 is really not that hard, 65% WR definitely is. I believe that chart assumes some amount of platoon play, otherwise it would not make sense. Of course the next obvious question is why platoon and solo win rates are even compared or counted as one, but I guess there is no way to separate them.
  6. You should. There is so much information already in the game that no one can use it all. If you add XVM, it takes your concentration away from something else. Especially at your level, you would be far better of concentrating on basic stuff than trying to guess what other players will do based on their color. There is no way to jump from yellow to purple, just go with basic stuff first, take your heavy tank to where heavy tanks usually go and and that kind of stuff, with your number of games you should have a pretty good clue about these kind of things already. Concentrate on basics and don't try to make it too complicated for yourself. I see your most played tanks are all heavies, most(and all T8) with less than 49 % WR, so there is definitely work to do there.
  7. To be honest my experience is completely different. I get very consistent ok'ish damage, but rarely mega-games. I think it makes sense, because you can't push or play aggressive in the beginning so there should be not that many early death 0 damage games, but then because of no protection in camo, hp or armor, it's more difficult to to have really high damage games either. And even if you have no team and it's 3 minute loss, you should still get few shots of damage, and with that alpha it's not that bad. But I don't have that many random battles in it, about 40 I think.
  8. So...do we have test results yet?
  9. So you really claim that there is some secret accuracy parameter in the game? Not saying that is impossible, but it is pretty big claim with no proof at all... Interested to see your test results, please upload replay somewhere. And make sure that you test with equal crews, equipment and consumables.
  10. Personally I have no problem hitting stuff like you would expect from that gun. Shell velocity is of course a bit bad, maybe that makes it look like inaccurate to you? APCR is a bit better, and to be honest I have been using that quite a lot It's not perfect, but for T8 TD, or even for T8 tank generally, it's pretty good I think. It does lose some carry-ability to T8 mediums or heavies in T8 match, but in my opinion makes it up for not being nearly as useless in T10 games as most T8 mediums for example are. I admit that it is a bit annoying that WG makes all the obvious stats look really good to sell it, and then balances it by things like shell velocity and camo values that most people don't consider when buying.
  11. Why is it a niche tank? You have very decent mobility, turret and gun with very good alpha, penetration and accuracy. I can't think any map / line-up where there would not be something useful to do, and that is a lot more than most TD's have. Not the best for winning, but still better than most TD's I would say.
  12. I believe the problem was that your tank is too weak. Better start saving now so you can afford the next premium WG makes and then for sure you can win in the similar situation
  13. Would be kind a nice to keep VR same as mediums or even slightly less, but increase TX lights maximum spotting range to, say 460m (450m for T9 maybe). Then you can choose to use optics or binocs or whatever to reach that, and actually have something that mediums don't have.
  14. Well 2.3K would not give you 70% even for a T8 tank, and not even close for a T10, so it's actually a really lucky streak. Or platooned, but in that case WR has very little meaning as a measure of tank performance.I really hope TX lights are going to be distributed evenly to teams and not treated just as a normal TX tank, otherwise it's pretty much team with more lights = huge disadvantage on most maps.
  15. Perhaps T10 is actually balanced enough that there are not that much standout tanks, neither good or bad. After worst five or so are voted out, rest are all pretty decent at least, so maybe people are not that interested in voting.