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  1. Yes, I don't see why IS should have any chance against E-25 1v1 on open map. On most maps IS has a lot possibilities to impact game before that. Same goes for lights, they should be very good in the late game. If buffing lights make some tanks obsolete, then it happens, I don't see it as a huge problem. Same has happened so many times already, buffing some tanks makes some other useless. And to be honest Leo is already so obsolete that you barely see them in the games.
  2. Agree with this. Re-bought T54 LT and played first few games with rammer+stab+optics, but then dropped stab for vents, and it seems to work better. Don't really even notice difference in gun handling, but extra VR with extra little bit everything is really nice. 496 VR at the moment, I guess it's now max you can have on that tank
  3. In other words, in every game there are 15 players that win, and 15 players that lose, unless it's a draw when 30 players lose. There are probably more players during weekends, and probably also less active players play mostly on weekend, so it might be that general player quality goes down a bit. But that does not have any effect on server win rate. If you mean average win rate of players playing at certain time, then yes that could be lower during the weekends. But to be honest huge majority of players are so bad that I don't see any difference. And by all logic you should be winning more, not less, if there are more bad players around.
  4. What would you take instead of repairs? I would say that camo has lost a lot more value in higher tiers for most tanks than repairs. And most other skills are pretty useless.
  5. Hey you forgot camo on the move! So you can use it to remain hidden in the next corridor when flanking that enemy T-54. And when you have done that epic maneuver successfully (1 / 10 times, other times you run into a random TD/heavy in the next corridor), you can use your higher ROF to miss or bounce even two times before he turn his turret and kills you.
  6. Is it? Why? At least same tier games would be very boring very fast. Also, you have to remember that -2/+2 MM is part of the income model, there needs to be reason for people to use prem ammo and therefore buy premium account and premium tanks. WOT is a product that they need to make money on also, every decision can't be made only based on what would be best for the game. So comparing 3-5-7 to +1/-1 MM is not very realistic. If that is what you mean with gold sink culture, then yes, that is the case, and that is the nature of F2P game.
  7. 1/2. Ok I believe that it is a fact as I have no experience about that. In my opinion it's fine, you can disagree and I respect that. 3. I agree that 3-5-7 has it's flaws, but in my opinion positive sides are worth more. And we have to remember 3-5-7 is not the only option, I have seen a lot of full T8 games, which probably should be used even more to deal with overpopulation of T8. They do get a bit boring pretty fast though.
  8. Ok, so if I disagree with you I'm "willfully blinding" myself and having "good time at the expense of others"? Care to explain what you mean with "gold sink culture" and how is that related to 3-5-7 MM, and what would be more fair MM in your opinion? While waiting that i'm saying that you are blinding yourself from the positive sides of 3-5-7 because you just want to find something to complain about. I have not played platoons in a long time, so no experience about that in 3-5-7. But, if platoons end up more often bottom tier, I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing. It reduces the effect that top tier platoon can have on games which in my opinion is a good thing. I have played pretty varied tiers and tanks lately, and don't really see the issues. I agree that T8 sees more bottom tiers than before, but that is only one tier, you can always play something else if that bothers you too much. In my opinion T8 has always been perhaps the worst tier to play in randoms, difference to T9 and T10 is just too big. I also don't see how 3-5-7 would make you need to use more prem ammo. Yes, you are bottom tier more often, but there are also less high tier tanks you should need prem ammo for, so on average it should be about the same
  9. I don't know, am I the only one who really likes 3-5-7? There are small issues if you want to play T8, but all other tiers are really fun. For me this is improvement over old MM system.
  10. Ok so what kind of buff we need for Defender to be good enough premium?
  11. Obviously no one needs another rating, I understood that OP is doing it just out of interest, rather than to answer some need. And if you are interested in that kind of stuff, why not? Every rating from EFF has been good enough.
  12. Not going into technical difficulties as I don't really know what WG API includes, it would definitely need to take into account not only who you play with and against (again, excluding platoons this will average out in the long run, so only use would be for short term session statistics), but also what tiers and tanks you play. Even per tier would not tell much as there are so big differences in what kind of impact different tanks have in the games. But, if your rating would just take into account platoons it would be a big improvement over current overall WR. Then, you could have expected WR for each tank and use each player adjusted per tank WRs to determine "real" WR that takes into account how much you have platooned and what tanks you have won with...that would be pretty good rating I think. And for per tank WR it might be even meaningful to use skill levels of your and enemy teams as overall game numbers are usually not that high, although probably not worth to do it.
  13. So, you would have rating system that only takes into account how much you win, and against what players, if I understood it correctly? While that sounds interesting, I don't see how it would differentiate from the normal WR rating in the long run, unless it can take into account platoons, what tiers you play and what tanks you play. Win rate itself is probably the easiest stat to manipulate, and in 15 v 15 what skill level players you play against becomes irrelevant in the long run, because average would be same for all after enough games (no skill-based mm). More over, current statistics systems don't take WR into account because they are meant to compliment that, not provide stand-alone metric, exception being WG PR. In my opinion, after many different rating systems that we have seen, WOT is kind of a game where you can't have absolutely accurate rating, there are too many variables in the game and too many ways to play the game. And on the other hand, basically every rating we have gives you enough accuracy in most cases, or should I say as much accuracy as you can expect with all the variables we have. Anyway, will be interesting to read what you have in mind I did check the links but too lazy to really study them.
  14. Bigger problem than the current skills in my opinion is the progressive nature of how much exp you need for more crew skills. There are skills that while not that great would still be nice to have, but the amount of exp you need for like 5th skill is so absurd that there is no way I'm ever going to grind that. After almost 15k games I have few crews with 5 skills, so there are a lot of crew skills I have never used and probably will never use on any of my crews. I think they should really make it easier to have more crew skills, then you could use even some very situational skills that are right now just not worth the grinding. But I agree that skills themselves could use some updating also, currently the system is just pretty boring.
  15. I think this is pretty correct idea. Heavy tanks on open maps would not be useless if there would be no premium rounds that can pen them most of the time even frontally, so there would be no need to create corridors and limit firing ranges. On open maps with no super high pen rounds (and arty...) there would be role for each class. Light tanks could actually scout, TD's shoot from back, heavies do heavy tank things. I don't know, sounds pretty good to me. Combine this with slightly bigger maps so mobility would have bigger role to not make heavies totally OP and it could be pretty nice change in game play. Now for example at T10 pretty much any tank can pen any tank frontally if they know how to push 2. At the moment this is also kind a needed, but only because of map design.