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  1. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3986293#ruinberg-fedaykin89-wz-111 - WZ-111, free Tier 8 Premium (and possibly my highest credit earning one) from marathons - Free Premium Account from March of Nations (git gud, scrubs) - Credit boosters from... something! - HURR DURR PREMIUM AMMO IS PAY2WIN! - exactly 0 HEAT shells were used in this game - last cent payed to WG was some good 3 years ago so I could afford some garage slots (for about... 3 euro? bought by SMS?) TL;DR - Suck it, pubbies! You can't "buy" skill! P.S.: I'm not saying I'm terribly skilled or anything. Just that I'm so sick & tired of all that bullshit.
  2. Do you guys think that after the armor buffs in the next patch it will be easier to 3 Mark this thing? My problem (of course) is consistency, I can get 3-3.5k damage games with 1.5-2k assistance, followed by shit-tier luck when I either don't get to shoot much or I keep bouncing off of side armor of paper tanks and arty nukes me with every occasion. I'm thinking that the removal of the autopen roof + rest of the frontal armor improvements would allow a (even) more aggressive playstyle
  3. Far from having VR skills, unfortunately. Also, scratch that, I don't even have an Ace on it, just 1st Class, with a 40% WR. Oy vey.
  4. That's what I intend to - but believe it or not, I found it a bit hard to get an Ace Mastery in it, despite having low (about 900ish) XP requirements for it, so I'm clearly still learning the ropes. I wonder if it's worth dropping Vents for Rammer, as for right now I'm running V. Stab, Vents & Optics, with SoS & BIA (on male Loader)
  5. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/650805-st-i-in-hd-921/ Well apparently Soviet bias is only true for the popular lines... Apparently it's a straight up nerf to the armor, both on the cupola and on the driver's hatch This really is ironic, in an age where WG is simplifying (read: dumbing down) armor models and generally removing weakspots...
  6. Any thoughts on this thing post LT rebalance? I've went with Vert. Stab, Optics & Vents since its base DPM is atrocious as it is, but I'm wondering if the pew-pew-pew autogun would still be viable at Tier 6. Haven't started playing it yet, still grinding free xp for turret & top gun, but I bought it right after I 3 marked the Tier V Leopard
  7. It's only last night that I realized that a limiting factor for me was leaving the leveling-off of the airplane to 100%, which only now did I realize how much it affected my turns, tight maneuvers, directing the stream of fire and so on. From the moment I dropped it to 0% and I was now fully in charge of my plane's roll angles, my performance had a significant increase, since i was already subconsciously feathering it during turns, dives etc anyhow but before the game was more or less working against me. Hell, I even managed to pull off a last-second win in the Tier 3 soviet premium plane (I-15e or something, the one with the rocket afterburner thingies) by taking out the last enemy aircraft when the score was something like 650-790, with 18 aerial kills and 90k credits income. Not to mention that my A6M2 now actually feels as lethal as it should be. Feels good man!
  8. @sr360 Thanks a bunch! Though I really hope to avoid having to rebuy the Hellcat AGAIN (last year I bought it for a 3-man Tier 6 contest organized at my workplace), as it's also one of my most played tanks (because free2play with no tier 8 premiums in my garage back in the day meant lots of Tier 6 credit grinding) and one of the reason people still call me a statpadder Too bad, too, since I managed to score 3k dmg in the FlatPz on the Berlin map, out of all places, but I died/lost the game so no hodors. Was really hoping that either its DPM or the D. Max 300 bomb shells + 400m base view range OPOPOP would get me through, but yeah, neither of those have the required flexibility.
  9. I swear to fucking god, MM is so rigged against me that almost each and every session I get at least once the following absolute-shit-cancer maps: Sacred Valley, Tundra, Windstorm, Arctic Region, Stalingrad. Especially in my paper tanks that can't brawl for shit. Meanwhile, the very moment I hop in a proper HT, I get Malinovka or Prokhorovka. That point aside though... it's already been months since I've been stuck at TD-8 for Obj. 260. My main tanks for this are the FlatPzIV, Dicker Max, Rhm. Borsig & JP2 (although the latter 2 on a much rarer basis due to broken tier 8 MM), to no avail (I've also tried farming damage in the 268 or the new Foch in Grand Battles, but I'm simply not good enough). May I please get some pointers on some red-line chai sniping locations that are actually useful for farming damage on these god-awful maps? Go figure, I'm much more at home on Prokh/Fiery Salient where I can actually maneuver and spot shit for myself at a safe distance...
  10. Well, I had a nasty surprise finding a Yak managing to out-turn me in my A6M2, so since then I've been quite wary of them. I was asking about flaps because I want to understand how I can make my turns as sharp as possible, I've found that in the P36 for instance they just drag the plane a lot, instead of helping the turn speed
  11. Question for veterans: I recall that some time ago, in a patch, they increased the difference in accuracy when shooting down on a target (diving in on them), when you'd get an accuracy bonus, vs shooting after a climbing target, when you'd get an accuracy penalty - is that mechanic still in the game? Also, I'd like to understand the differences in flying a Zero vs a Spitfire... I understand that the Zero turns faster but should I also be doing a bit of climbing turns in the Spitfire? Speaking of turning, now that they've re-added manual control of the flaps - should I be extending them when turning or should I just rely on slowing down for tighter turns?
  12. So a few dozen games later, after unlocking the final gun... http://wotreplays.eu/site/3925974#airfield-fedaykin89-leopard_prototyp_a The Mastery Badge eluded me for some time, I've had some 3-4k damage games, but a lot of times I was sniping like a bitch, afraid to get spotted and blasted to pieces. Or just being forced to play on Pilsen, lol. If anyone is willing to analyze my play in this one, if what I'm doing with this thing is what I should be doing, I'd be much obliged!
  13. Granted, the Tortoise doesn't perform too well, too often... but when it does it's a beast! http://wotreplays.eu/site/3842855#pilsen-fedaykin89-tortoise http://wotreplays.eu/site/3698599#cliff-fedaykin89-tortoise Mid-to-long ranges are your best friend, most of the times you have the accuracy to rip the a new one while (combined with some hard cover next to you) they have a chance to miss your weakspots. Also, friendly reminder that the plate above the gun can be overmatched by 130+ (IIRC) guns, an IS7 slammed shell after shell into me when I was using the rubble on 1 line on Ruinberg as cover against him l.e.: by the way, make deliberate (ab)use of HESH shells, quite often the MM pits you against paper MTs & LTs (not to mention the delight to slam them against Skorpions, Rhoombas, WTs & Grilles) Even in today's meta of 15-1/2/3 in 3 minutes, if the team wipes everything too fast to keep up?
  14. Yeah, going for the famous P-51 Mustang myself... however, I noticed there's a complete lack of the F6F Hellcat. What gives?!
  15. After just unlocking the L7 clone a few battles ago... I must say I'm slightly impressed. Though the damage doesn't rack up particularly well (I was aware it wasn't stellar in the DPM department), it's very.... reliable. OK, derpy shots will still happen, but except for the few moments you have to let it aim down the sights a bit, it's mostly point & click. So yeah, the gun gave it a much needed punch. Not to mention the comfort of the extra pen means no more idiotic bounce off of stuff you SHOULD have gone through. Still gotta learn what to do with it on shit maps like Pilsen, Stalincrap & whatever