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  1. Finally! FINALLY! After months on end of having to pray to RNGesus for all the dices to roll 6 in the KV-2, I went Full House! http://wotreplays.eu/site/3885149#el_halluf-fedaykin89-kv-2 Ah, those 400-something sniping shots with a 152mm howitzer. Glorious, indeed!
  2. I would say a big "no" to that - Skodas have rather low clip potential, yet their ability to unload shot after shot in the blink of an eye (read: before you even have a chance to react properly) is way more unnerving & game breaking than a BC clipping your ass, which takes some time anyhow. They could leave the clip potential, improve the gun soft stats but nerf intra-shell reload speed, so that you can only assassinate idiots that went full YOLO out in the open or unfortunate souls who have already uses their Repair Kits. (note that decreasing the clip RoF directly leads to more exposure time, which also translates to the Foch B player having to seek more opportunistic assassinations, rather than not caring so much how many are shooting back at him)
  3. 39% Win Rate so far. Recent battles I average between 200 & 400 damage. Because the stock gun can be HORRIBLY innacurate, snapshotting or fully aimed. What should in theory be a sniper's dream, with excellent on paper accuracy & DPM, is just complete dog shit. Not to mention that tonight I've been blapped twice by O-Hos, HTs 1 tier lower that I simply cannot pen unless flanking them. Having a 6-loss streak also doesn't help either, especially when placed 90% of the time in tier 10 games, with 0-10 teams. P.S.: Let's not even mention all the games so far with zero damage done because first shot blows your ammorack. Yeah, definitely COMPLETELY REGRET selling the Indien Panzer. l.e.: 1300 average dpg, to be more exact. OK, so I had some battles until I could unlock the top engine, for some much needed mobility l.l.e.: really don't understand why it sucks so hard using the 90mm gun. Same caliber gun on the Type 61 can add a lot of flavor (granted, even MOAR DPM) but IIRC that thing has even worse soft stats and bad habit of shells going all over the place
  4. Every time I look at the teams setup and smell a tasty snack at the start of the game. Or when I'm more than 70% sure that I'm going to encounter one of those said snacks, later on during the battle
  5. Dunking 900 dmg HE shells on paper targets like other Borsigs, Grilles, Strvs, Skorpion Gs, Frenchie MTs or even side armor of HTs like T34 is even more glorious
  6. 1) Since I managed to do HT-12 for Obj 260 with Hodors with the first attempt with the ST-I this morning, hence 2 days of Premium, I decided to grind some credits, so I activated the Credit booster and started spamming my Tier 8 Premiums... 2) This week is the first time I enabled Assault ever since WG gave us the possibility of disabling it... so I barely had any idea on how to defend Siegried Line With that being said... http://agingjedi.wot-record.com/replay/49678/fedaykin89_t25_pilot_1_hard_carry_kolobanovs_radley_walters_4285_damage Really happy with myself, except for allowing that T-34-85 to spank me a few times + didn't react fast enough against the SU-122-44, but otherwise SerB bless paper tanks + HE shells
  7. Soooo I take it I get extra female crew members for Completing With Hodors ALL the missions for the Stug, T28 & T55A? (yes, including clicker missions, GW Panther is the only clicker I can bear to play)
  8. well, the LAST time WG touched the Foch 155 they did the following: - nerfed average damage from 850 to 750 (fair enough, universal Tier X TD nerf) - did NOT compensate the loss of damage with increased RoF - removed the 1200 HP engine, left you with a 1000 HP - nerfed side armor to 40mm thick (so Ruskie 122mm can overmatch, obviously) - nerfed weakspots (IIRC) Soooo yeah... if WG touches it odds are it will be dead in the water... again
  9. IMO it's good that players/CCs like QB are raising an alarm on this thing by showcasing exactly what is kinda broken regarding it (hell, even I, by a sheer stroke of luck, managed about 70% solo WR in it so far - and I'm far from being a good Tier 10 player), maybe that intra-shell reload could be increased to 3.5 seconds and call it a day?
  10. Tiger 2 has less than 100 DPM advantage over the IS3 (1925 vs 1834) , while completely lacking the 390 alpha or the turret armor of the T32; also, Lowe is notorious for its low DPM, but its high pen, better accuracy and much better (current) armor than Tiger 2 makes it considerably better in today's meta. Also, reminder that Tiger H has base 2.241 DPM - that sort of value would allow the Tiger 2 to chew through enemy hit points much faster and actually be a proper support tank, which is anyhow slowed down by useless armor.
  11. I, for one, still think that the Tiger H is a complete pubstomper that can shred pretty much anything to pieces. Hell, in a straight-up DPM fight, Tiger H beats KT, hands down. KT only has 100 HP bonus over the Tiger H, go figure. KT can be brought to a reasonable level by 2 simple buffs: 1) 42/45mm of turret roof armor (anything to stop those bloody rusky 122mm guns from overmatching) 2) RoF buff so its DPM is on par with Tiger H
  12. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/09/20/wot-9-20-1-armor-changes/ Well, the Fourtress is now finally getting a HD model... As a former lover of the KV-4 (still have it in my garage, but with a ghetto crew with something like 80% Repairs) I should be happy with these changes, but.... the flat out removal of weakspots, as a mentality, pisses me off because it's just another aspect of dumbing the game down big time. The only weakspot I enjoy getting removed was the 120mm bit of armor above the gun mantlet, which was incredibly annoying. Still, that won't mean that this thing will stop getting lolpenned even by some Tier 6 spamming gold ammo.
  13. Oddly enough, I managed quite a good performance in the regular T-34-85 back in the day (especially after taking some cues from Kpt.Strzyga ) but in the T-34-85M I'm struggling to get 50% WR. Hell, it's been quite a few tries until I managed to Ace it - and I'm using my 5 skill T-62A crew on it. Either I need to relearn Tier 6 meta from scratch or MM is just shafting me hard
  14. Finally did MT-11 for Obj. 260... coincided with my x2 of the day in the T-34-85M, managed to ram kill a Crusader SP right at the end of the battle, with some 104 HP remaining... This is the sort of solution you're bound to when you're at least 2 tiers away from the E50 or E50m. Granted, the Panther could have done the job... it's just that surviving long enough to actually be able to ram, kill, survive & win in that thing is close to insane.
  15. So you people really prefer the autocannon vs the single shot gun?!