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  1. So what you're saying is I should reinstall, play my LefH and perma-stun people like a colossal e-dick?
  2. I see zero WoWs deals on that site. The betrayal :0 Also Hipper buff! To....armour? Fuuuuu.
  3. Arty changes? They actually changed arty? It's April 18, not April 1 - why are you guys fucking with me?
  4. Not the Hipper. That's for fucking sure.
  5. I got a monster game where I nuked a Scharn and a Konig in my Gneiss. Weaved in, torps to the left and right and they sailed broadside into 3 each while I glided past the Scharn's torps. Top kek.
  6. 37 knots sounds fun. They buffed the torps from 4km to 12km. Knee jerk much :0
  7. I finally had a good Hipper game. Top tier, found an AFK Mogami broadside and a tier 6 CV got a hard on for trying to kill me. If only every game could be so kind.
  8. Shaming WG's fucking shitty supercontainer nerf. The last one I got was exactly the same module too. Amazing.
  9. Ship flavour: +100% chance of magazine detonation.
  10. Thanks. Now I'm getting really fucked off with the torps though. I seem to always click 1 to deselect torps and end up loading HE. Every. Fucking. Time.
  11. So I have acquired the mighty Gneisenenenenenau. Equipment? Thinking standard: Main battery dispersion, rudder shift, concealment. Would it be worth using secondary battery range in exchange for main battery? I mean 6 guns is hella low, should I give them their own upgrade module?
  12. Just when you think the Bayern could not get any danker. Just a shame, it would have netted me a 12 point Leander captain if WG EU did fair missions.
  13. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/118632-alabamas-armor-model-is-already-massively-in-error/page__st__580__pid__2887583#entry2887583 It appears it's getting the same citadel lowering as the others. So good be quite dank now!
  14. I would check but the EU version of the stat website doesn't seem to be working? I think most my battles are in Cruisers and I am very good and deal an above average amount of damage in them. That said, I've been taking the rape train to the station in the Bayern.
  15. Weeee I finally did a good. Really loving the Bayern, even more so as I unlocked AFT. It's just so capable.