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  1. Shaming WG's fucking shitty supercontainer nerf. The last one I got was exactly the same module too. Amazing.
  2. Ship flavour: +100% chance of magazine detonation.
  3. Thanks. Now I'm getting really fucked off with the torps though. I seem to always click 1 to deselect torps and end up loading HE. Every. Fucking. Time.
  4. So I have acquired the mighty Gneisenenenenenau. Equipment? Thinking standard: Main battery dispersion, rudder shift, concealment. Would it be worth using secondary battery range in exchange for main battery? I mean 6 guns is hella low, should I give them their own upgrade module?
  5. Just when you think the Bayern could not get any danker. Just a shame, it would have netted me a 12 point Leander captain if WG EU did fair missions.
  6. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/118632-alabamas-armor-model-is-already-massively-in-error/page__st__580__pid__2887583#entry2887583 It appears it's getting the same citadel lowering as the others. So good be quite dank now!
  7. I would check but the EU version of the stat website doesn't seem to be working? I think most my battles are in Cruisers and I am very good and deal an above average amount of damage in them. That said, I've been taking the rape train to the station in the Bayern.
  8. Weeee I finally did a good. Really loving the Bayern, even more so as I unlocked AFT. It's just so capable.
  9. I don't see the appeal of buying a BB that takes damage easily. I play BBs when I get tired of getting slammed in single volleys. Why would I pay for that?
  10. I'm now blue. Still not sure how to go purple. We shall see.
  11. Hi gang, I'm starting from the Isokaze and would appreciate any tips you may have. Also what Captain skills? Priority Target Last Stand Concealment Expert The other tier 4 skills look kind of meh, so would then take either Superintendent, Torpedo Armanent Expertise and/or Survivability Expert...but in what order? Also what line split to go for? What is the difference between them? I think one ends in a gunboat?
  12. Obviously there are exceptions, I just find that the USN/IJN BB line attracts the worse players. I almost always ensure I dont have to rely on one if I can.
  13. Every game sees me affirming the belief that American battleships attract the windowlickers the hardest, followed swiftly by IJN BB sniper players.
  14. I am soon to get the Fiji and a 15 point captain. Should I go for an AA spec? BFT then AFT or perhaps MAA? Alternatively thinking of vigilance for torpedobeats? Currently I've got: Priority Target Adrenaline Rush Superintendent Concealment
  15. Typical high tier game, ends up forcing me to kill all the listed ships single hannded because my 8s cant carry for shit. I make a sarky comment about having to do this, the North Carolina (the bad one) complains "LOL maybe you should learn you fire HE at BBs before complaining" "HE at BBs" "HE at BBs" "HE at BBs" I told him I'm exasperated a tier 8 BB doesnt know such a basic fucking feature - "Lol i dont care what stupid cruisers do" Voila, the average WoWs player.