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  1. I'm here to shame the shitters who insist on bringing t5 ships to Operations. An Emerald? Really? You fucking clown, whoever at WG didnt restrict it to tier 6 needs to be fired.
  2. The Hipper will whelm you to death. It's just so painfully mediocre, there is literally nothing another cruiser can't do better. Unless you count slightly above average HP and the ability to "bully" t7 BBs by having enough front armour to not get overmatched by their calibre of guns. Cos, you know, isolated fights against t7 BBs are so common in a t8 Cruiser.... I was fucked off by WG EU's new tactic of stopping silver ship discounts at tier 7 on their weekend events. I unlocked the Roon, would have been perfectly timed with a nice discount but noooo.
  3. It depends on the line. For example, I'd recommend engines first on USN BB line because 18knts is horrifying. I think the best thing about most hulls though is the rudder shift reduction, it makes a world of difference. Extra AA and HP is great but I'd rather avoid what they defend against.
  4. Can confirm Hipper is still terrible.
  5. As if this shitty ship isn't bad enough to grind. Weekend teams...now on loss 6 in a row. Unable to do more than 30-40k damage because..it's a giant floating piece of flammable paper with no ability to fire back. Edit: ah the bullshit continues apace
  6. Unsure why this is good? It is like free IFHE? How much penetration are we talking - have we broken any important thresholds?
  7. AFT, always AFT first. Otherwise you're playing a fatter, less agile USN DD with worse smoke. Blap BBs all day every day, use IFA to know when to disengage. If you've not got anyone targeting you, blap them. If you get targeted, disengage the blap and conceal. Immediately resume blapping after they've turned their guns, it keeps them harassed and unable to blap friendlies.
  8. Bismarck acquired. Now to never play ships again for the next 3 months.
  9. I find the guns wreck if the shells land, I'm always surprised at how well they do. I think 4 guns is insufficient to do anything, good punchy feel to them. Stage 6 completed. Soon I will Bismarck, having saved 110k xp and 11 million credits. In a week, while attaining the New Mex and Nagato. Aw yiss.
  10. So do the Bayern and Gneis unlock for you, if you do this? Cos the Gneis is a ... gneis ship. Pardon the pun.
  11. Recently acquired. 12 gun tier 6 battleships are my new waifu. Fuso/New Mex hype!
  12. I heartily recommend: Warspite - recently buffed with a something like 20sec reduction in turret traverse. Beastly ship, great heal and secondaries are fun Budyonny - Reasonably tough and lolguns (RU standard) Fuso - It hasn't got much going for it beyond the insane 12 gun broadside. I get scary amounts of damage in mine, it's a beast. New Mex - Recently acquired, but like a compacted Fuso. I'm not sure why people rate the New Mex lower than Fuso - it has the same number of guns but fewer turrets, better agility and AA. On top of that, only .. what 2-3 knots slower? Both ships are slowmotion, but at least New Mex can take a hit while still providing 50% of your firepower frontally. Triple gun turrets are the bestest. Shotgunning a DD with HE is rare but intensely satisfying.
  13. I got to stage 6 yesterday. The Bismarck will be mine. Despite the fact I've got a Gneiss and I'm fairly certain if I'd just played that I'd already have the Bis....but that's not as fun! I also crossed my 1,000th game doing the campaign, now on 1,009 battles. Am good @ boats now?
  14. I'd be playing DDs all day erryday, but the Bismark missions favour BBs soooo, BBs it is. Do need to de-stockify the Mahan and Benson at some point though.
  15. I've been racking up cray cray damage but loss after loss as well. Getting a deluge of "all in one corner" teams, no matter the game mode. Alas.