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  1. "Of course, there has to be a balance: a striking feature (such as great alpha damage) must be compensated for by another not so remarkable. In the case of the Chimera is its penetration: with 202 mm with standard ammunition it is far from being the best of its class / level, so you should look for ideal firing positions and target the weakest points of the enemy." Don't worry WG gave it 202 standard pen to balance it.
  2. Has anybody else had their friends list wiped? Or is it just me? No mods and did a fresh install and still nothing. :(

  3. Buck_Wild

    Need NA to bad with me

    You can shoot me invites if you want, but I usually on platoon 8s these days and seldom play more than 7-8 games in a row before doing something else lol.
  4. Is it worth spending xp on the IS-M's engine and and suspension upgrades? I feel like I won't enjoy the tank no matter what.

    1. Errants


      The suspension helped the "turns like walrus", now it turns like a drunken cow. Haven't gotten engine yet.

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      I never played it with the stock engine but the mobility is still mediocre with the top one.  Can you reach 35kmh on flat ground in a reasonable amount of time with the stock engine?

  5. Need opinions on what prem. tank is most worthwhile to trade-in for. All of which will mostly be used for crew training and a bit a credit grinding. STA-2, AMX M4 49, or Panther M10? 

  6. Does the engine upgrade on the Emil II make it's mobility any better or is it about the same? Bc that's really my only gripe with it so far. 

    1. Errants


      ^^^ Same question

  7. I want to hate this thing, but it has grown on me and idk if I can bear to sell it. jRSHpGI.jpg

  8. So is this just the standard set up on malinovka now or am I just getting unlucky? It feels like literally 90% of my games on it end up with a few 1 by 1 yolo'ing down the shoreline and the rest base camp bc fuck the hill. 


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    2. sohojacques


      Your example is an extreme one. But yeah, HTs too lazy/scared to drive up hill is a bit of a thing of late.

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Lately I've had issues with teams all going hill, and abandoning the base... WoT teams appear to be binary, never an in-between.

    4. DirtyACE7


      Yeah it's just feels off the last few weeks. Like it doesn't really matter what tier you play, the teams are just about the same quality except that in higher tiers you are punished harder and faster if you have bad teammates.

  9. 15k/20k games in a GW Panther and he admittedly XVM focuses. What. The. Fuck. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/hitmanheidegger
  10. What is a good crew skill and equipment setup for a fairly aggro Skorp G player? My crew is pretty shit. 2 skill crew with 6th, repairs, and camo. For equipment, I have rammer, gld, and binocs. Any input would be helpful. :) 

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    2. Javajunkie8b


      If you're wanting to be more off a frontline spot your own stuff type td maybe run BIA 1st skill, 6th commander, snap shot gunner, clutch braking driver, safe stowage loader, and do camo for your 3rd skill.   Just personal preference but i usually drop the driver camo skill for off road driving.  Can make turning and maneuvering easier when on soft terrain.  Rammer, GLD, binos for equipment and swap the binos for a camo net when you want to play more snipey snipey.

    3. Va1heru


      If you want aggressive, rammer/optics/toolbox is what I've run since I bought it. You'll need food to hit Max view range but firing mostly AP means you're gonna make it all back. Gld doesn't help imo as I move around way to much for it to work properly, same for binocs and camo net 

    4. TAdoo87


      What Va1heru said but I use GLD instead of toolbox

  11. Boy oh boy is the M48 fun. Too bad it's a x3 weekend :/ 


    1. Cronk


      Thankfully I have a "friend" account to grind out the M46 for the next couple of weekends, don't have to care much about stats as long as the xp keeps moving toward the M48. Then I get to do it all again on my main account.

  12. Almost had 10k but got too excited and potato aimed :( 

    5A <3 


  13. Trying to finish off my 1375 and 110 grinds as well as grinding pref 8s (mainly the JT 8,8 lately) for credits to buy more 9s. I can play East or West. Just add me in-game if you're interested.
  14. My friends list is kind of dead in general and definitely lacking on friends to play NA West with. I usually platoon on weekends when I'm grinding non-pref. 8/9s. and don't really care about skill level just don't be a bot. Add me or leave your IGN.