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  1. I used to run several machines folding for BOINC last year and completed some decent folding workloads. There are so so so many projects to choose from, i can't believing distributive computing isn't more widely used.
  2. I'm on US West and am seeking to play with some people in my skill range. Looking to play 8-10s. I have ts/vent etc. no ragerinos pls
  3. therealpete

    Returning to tonks, need clam

    ayyy lmao I'm near Seattle
  4. therealpete

    Returning to tonks, need clam

    Ok, thanks for the reply.
  5. I'm coming back after a half year hiatus. Looking to join a clan that participates in CW and other tournaments. I am 25 Y/O and in Washington state. Thanks
  6. therealpete

    lf west toon

    I haven't played WoT in about a year. Looking to play with a platoon or someone in the evenings, west coast time zone. I'm 1727 wn8 2k recent. please be similar or higher in skill. Thanks
  7. therealpete

    Best Tier 8 Med (IYO)

    I didn't mind the T-34-3, gun requires so much patience & love. But it's turret can rotate 360 degrees in about one second.
  8. therealpete

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    @Garbaderino Whats your WN8 in naval action?
  9. Just stopping by to say thanks for the updated mod. Cheers Sela.
  10. therealpete

    newly single need clam

    Sent you mail
  11. therealpete

    newly single need clam

    My clam tesla just imploded like a star and so i am now clamless. I have the following: 5 tier Xs CW experience(s) currently due to work schedule I can only participate in CW twice a week (on my days off) but I play regularly before/after work My Wotlabs prof: I have visited the click here first thread, I just wanted a more open approach to my options. Thank you!
  12. My 50B has a 46 or 47% WR... T62A is at 53%. Tooting my own horn only because this will quickly change, but my leo1 is around 63% at the moment
  13. therealpete

    Hello WotLabs

    Welcome good sir. Message me if you want to platoon! enjoy.
  14. therealpete

    Increase in module damage / lit on fire?

    Maybe I should just change how I play these tanks.... Clearly I'm doing something wrong to observe this sort of trouble with modules & fire.