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  1. Still a good tank, expected need to be quadrupled @Kitten
  2. the batchat is the best medium in the game :D


    1. Gandaran


      10/10 stats vic

    2. Victrix



    3. Gandaran


      it's probably up there.

  3. Purchased: 'Bat.-Châtillon 25 t' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000.

  4. They might as well sell the tier 5 T-34 with different variants as well as the T-54 at tier 8
  5. just play like a bitch and snipe from the back like every tank
  6. b7997ff12308464b8c3fc2defdd0282b.png

    1. Zepherex


      Wait Gyrados is in mo. Lets hope he doesnt kill that clan too :^D

    2. Victrix


      Something has to be alive for it to die

    3. Zepherex


      thats what they said about OTTER

  7. I think I just broke my keyboard because autistic cucks dont fucking know how to not take dmg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Victrix


      I have the logi g 810


    3. MAJEST1C


      Now is your chance to join K70/K95 master race 

    4. Victrix


      I dont like it very much :c

      I need a plushy keyboard so I can smack my head against it when arty clicks me

  8. After looking at the differences I really think it's not worth it when you can get the t54, which is better in every way other than the 7 degrees of depression, better bloom and accuracy, and mobility on the 44-100 notworth
  9. I mean @Gandaran ran away from @Kitten at one point
  10. Both my winrate and my dmg/wn8 in it are utter shit, so I maybe haven't learned to play tanks like it yet ;_;
  11. Well, to be quite honest tier 8 matchmaking was broken unless you're playing during peak hours. At least now we can play "pubs" while not playing pubs but instead grind credits in public strongholds. Welcome to the beginning of the no pub era
  12. ;_; I still don't like it.. Makes me realize I would make a shit CHAI candidate Like I realize the potential of the tank, I just don't enjoy it..
  13. I have the t54 mod 1 already and my overall feeling about it is just "meh" I don't go out of my way to play it unless doing doubles for a crew in stronks, but I don't think it's "bad" like the t34 or t59 shatter Is the t44-100 similar? If that's the case I would say the Patriot, scorpion and the m48 are all worth the money much more, having all 3.
  14. It's back in the store along with the Patriot which makes me think they're just milking the udder