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  1. RandomYellow

    NA need toon

    If you are still looking for people you can add me. In game name is randomyellow. regards
  2. Yuppatriots 314 Me 4.2K yet I throw the game.

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    2. Private_Miros


      That weirdo that greated me with "farewell"

      " yUPPatriots → Private_Miros

      And admin that takes games seriously, what has the world come to... You must get abused at work. Farewell and pls learn humor. "

    3. RandomYellow


      HE yelled at me all game for no reason.

    4. RandomYellow


      Just got my E100 so still learning.

  3. RandomYellow

    Tiger 1, Tiger 2, E75, E100 replay dump. 800 replays

    These replays are not working in my 9.5 game. IS there some thing i am doing wrong.
  4. Looking for people to platoon with. I play 7,8,9 and 10 sometimes. I have like 5 tens but do to not like to play them because I solo 99.9. I would like some one to help me to be so derpy sometimes. Do not really care about your stats just be above 50% and 1000k wn8. Mainly just looking for some friends in game. I play a lot. Like Around 60 games a day. Thanks Random