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  1. GazT4R

    Stepping Away

    Hope the various therapies help you out Solono and you see improvement.
  2. GazT4R

    9.18 Appreciation - Goodbye one shots

    To be fair to the new stun mechanic I've been watching Bluestealth stream for a couple of hours and he hasn't been fucked over by arty to the degree he would normally.
  3. GazT4R

    M48 Patton 4700 Combined = 87% MOE

    It takes the highest assisted in each game, tracking or spotting, not both.
  4. GazT4R

    Final Farewell

    Bye Joyrider, enjoy yourself, from someone who went to uni twice, that's fairly easy ;). Get out and do things, live life and find yourself as you grow both academically and socially. Good luck friend.
  5. I'm the same, played MWOnline for a while but never really clicked with it and after the developer failed to deliver multiple times I swapped over to tanks. With WoT it's the grinding the tanks, the skill improvement and the quite tight knit community on NA that keeps the core players here or semi here.
  6. GazT4R

    Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK

    Been seeing a lot more low battle count players <4000 the last few weeks when I've been playing 12-8 my time on days off in the week, so 0700-1500 Eastern.
  7. 3 Marked IS-6 yesterday. 75% winrate, the games I played badly in were pretty much guaranteed a loss with a few random results (finished the mark on a 4.7k damage loss).
  8. GazT4R

    Conspiracy Time: RNG killed JFK

    Random Matchmaker and retarded playerbase, that is all. Deus Ex is right, the better you get the more retarded the game becomes with RNG etc. Had personal reserves going all day yesterday, made 1.1 million, won 75% and 3 Marked IS-6. Another day without reserves and I'll get shat on.
  9. GazT4R

    Leo (What Gun To Use?)

    75mm. Didn't touch the 100mm for with that gun handling.
  10. GazT4R

    Which Mods for a purist?

    Vanilla, dropped all mods a few patches back. XVM is literally cancer to this game. WoTNumbers does everything you need for session stats etc.
  11. Zeven, very good at describing his plays as he does them and why he does them. Skil4Ltu is also another good one, if he messes up he goes through it and what he should have done for a better outcome.
  12. GazT4R

    I dont like big boobs

    Not big but not small. 34-36 B-C cup UK sizing. B cup handful, C cup overfloweth hand. Didn't read whole thread Tigeh already posted, RIP me lol. Ladies need to be size properly, easily done with instructions on how to on the net. Very important for comfort and fitting, remind your girlies (or men if they need bras for the moobs) to do it properly.