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  1. It is getting even more retarded for me. A committed order can only be brought back if you do the skipped the 15th mission with honors. So I have to honor the 15th arty missions to get my commited orders back.
  2. Tortoise 2.0 Nah not my playtime, will pass on this one.
  3. Super Conq. Some armor testing against HEAT and gameplay
  4. This whole new system is kind of a joke. First things first, I kind of misunderstood the whole "skip a mission part". What I thought was, that when I have the 15th mission with honors I could use the won orders on anything what I wanted. You still only have to do 4 out of 5 mission sets and the reward but also 4 orders as bonus. Usable for the next mission set so you can skip a mission you don't like.This made sense to me. Stuck on HT12? No problem use one order to skip the mission so you can progress. But nooooo. All your orders from one mission set is used to skip the arty missions of the same set. I think for 90% of the player base this does not change a thing to the current situation. Cause they skipped arty. Stuck on a mission? Well sucks being you. You could theoretical skip the mission but you have to play a class you hate in order to get the orders you need.
  5. Easy. After 14k dmg you will run out of shells. Then you will be useless therefore this tank is balanced. But thus whole balancing is ridiculous. From the worst T8 to one of the best in one patch. A joke.
  6. Ok do I have to do something special to get the orders available for use? I should have 12 orders to spend but I can't use one. The button is grayed out. I think I´ve found the problem. The game just committed all available Orders to unlock the Arty missions for Stug, T28 and T55a. Therefore I have 0 left. WTF GAME! How can I fix this? And it seems like I got the female crews (5/5) for the arty missions which I did not touch. But where are they? Found it. Bottom screen. There is a female crew Icon. I think I am too stupid for this new system. I am definitely too stupid for this shit.
  7. come on. you only miss the TD 15.4 Honors and you are rly asking if you have enough orders to finally get the tank?
  8. Wait a sec. In your example you have four honors in the T55a row but this only results in 0 orders? Shouldn't you have 16 orders in total?
  9. I think we have to wait for the Testserver to fully understand WTF they are doing.