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  1. Yeah the biggest downside of the 130 is the goldpen. Give it ~320 and I will choose this every time over the 120mm. 120 is nothing special and the from WG promised dpm on this gun is a joke. Not just compared to the SConq but also to the 130. If a gun has an 100 dpm advantage over the alpha gun, I wouldn't call it a dpm gun at all. All in all I find this tank interesting and, if it wouldn't be for this powercreep tanks like 5A and SConq, I even would call it kind of balanced. It is definitely not OP but neither is it UP.
  2. I hardly play on weekends or 5x events. Publics are just pure cancer. It is just no fun for me to play, especially with tanks which are team depended. For example. I tried to 5 time my Type 4. Before I even reached my destination and saw the first enemy we where already 5 tanks down.
  3. For you Yuro Fags who need some premium time. 

    The WoWp premium shop does have a special offer at the moment. You get 180 days of premium and 6000 gold for ~40€. Thats a 40% discount. 


    You have to be logged in to see this offer. 
    Maybe US has a similar offer.  


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    2. Tedster59


      WoT and WoWP gold and free xp are shared across games, Premium time is shared across all 3 main WG games.

    3. nabucodonsor


      So if i got I would have premium time on wot too? Nice to know!

    4. hall0


      yes, and gold as well. Cause WoT and WoWp share both. Premiumtime and Gold unlike Warships which only shares premiumtime. 

  4. Yeah but this tanks suffer from the same problem the Type 5 in the past or the Type 4 still does. Weak shoulders. If you just angle your tank slightly you expose this weak shoulders and you can easily get penned. At least for the T10 they should get rid of this weak shoulderplates and buff it to normal frontplate levels.
  5. The updated statistics of the tank are in bold. Tier 10 British TD (replacement for the FV215b 183) HP: 2 050 2 100 Engine power: 950 HP Mass: 65 t Load limit: 70 t Power to weight ratio: 14,62 KM / t Speed limit forward/backwards: 34,3 / -12 km / h 30 / -12 km / h Traverse speed: 22 °/s Gun traverse speed: 16 °/s Terrain resistances: 1,726 / 1,918 / 2,877 View range: 390 m Signal range: 782,1 m Armor: 304,8 / 101,6 / 31 355 / 101,6 / 38 Gun: OQF 123 mm Mk. 1 Damage: 420 / 420 / 520 480 / 480 / 620 Penetration: 272 / 320 / 130 Reload time: 6,808 s 8,1 s Dispersion at 100 m: 0,288 Aiming time: 1,63 s Gun traverse limits: 15 / 15 ° Gun elevation values: -10 / +20 Crew: 6 NO 420 blaze it memes anymore
  6. Fuck historical accurate Maps. Stalingrad is historically accurate and it is shit. Kharkov is historically accurate and is shit as well. Himmelsdorf is as fake as it can get but it is the oldest city map and is fun to play.
  7. Now it is confirmed. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/update-921-preview/
  8. How did the SC made the Kranwagen any worse? If I had to compare heavies SC and Kranwagen wouldn't come into my mind.
  9. AW is still a thing? Thought they canceled the game a while ago.
  10. OK WG is really trying to make this a brawler TD Line. More armor for the tanks and better traverse speed Su101 260mm armor. We are talking about a freaking T7 tank
  11. I did and this was actually the first thing what came into my mind after reading "manipulate mm". For those who don't what we are talking about. This video gives you the informations. In WoT term this would mean. You buy for example a STRV S1 and you will get a lot sniper friendly maps. So you use the full potential of your new toy and can own others. But there is even more in the younger past. It started on twitter when one game developer asked others about their little secrets so the players feel better. Just some quotes: Especially this Bioshock tweet is interesting. There is a myth in the German forum section in WoT called "Rettungswurf" or in English saving throw. I have no idea how this came up, maybe because of some misinterpretation of this wiki article, but it basically goes like this. If you are one-shot the enemy will get a very low pen roll so he will bounce or his accuracy RNG roll will be very bad and he will likely miss. Result you survive a bit longer and you can feel good about yourself. I have no idea if this is true or not, but since there is so much what can be done in the background it is interesting non the less.
  12. The whole HESH mechanic ist stupid anyway. HESH was never ever designed to pen an enemy tank anyway. And once every blue moon WG tells us they have plans with HESH, that they maybe are going to make it different, yada yada yada. Like Havok it is a nice fairy tale.
  13. oh you missed some fun. Facehugging E3s and dpm them to death. 450mm Heat. totally balanced.
  14. oh good old Obj 268 450mm Heat pen times were you could just lol pen IS7 turrets