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  1. WG solution for everything at the moment. Buff turrets!!!!!!
  2. The thing is. This mild stell projectiles in WW2 had to a big extent explosive fillers. And therefore it is more like one or more hand grenades explode inside the tank. Not particular a good day if you are inside this tank. This highspeed tungsten shell has nothing but tungsten. It does have some fragmentation inside the tank, yes, but the dealt dmg is not to compare to the explosive filler. With the tungsten core you have to hit vital spots to knock out a tank. While with normal AP shells it is enough to penetrate the tank. The explosive filler will do the rest. And the tungsten shells have a much higher chance to overpen the target. A mechanic WoT hasn't even in. So it is not as "bullshit" as you may think.
  3. Ok another Thread about possible Changes. Murazor is talking about his wishlist in shell type characteristics but the real kicker for me is the announcement of smoothbore guns. This are some interesting changes, like less dmg for APCR rounds, something the community wants for a long time now. But it seems WG also plays with the idea to dump their old "no smoothbores in this game" ² policy. This would also make sense since WG is trying to make Obj 140, T-62a etc a bit different. With the introduction of smoothbore guns the T-62a could lose its "a" and could get his historical armament. A different gun would set the tanks a bit more apart. ² wasn't there a mini smoothbore in chinese tanktree long time ago? https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/07/24/wot-murazors-wishlist/#more-52901 ruski VK page https://vk.com/murazortv?w=wall-39215368_812978
  4. Thx Could you please send the of the quoted text so I can end this once and for all? Nevermind. Found it myself on the wotwiki
  5. OK since there is this optic thread and I have this discussion running. Do binos and coated optics add up or is only one of each active at the same time. I am pretty sure the don't add up but somebody else says they do, because the interface in the garage kind of adds it up. All stuff I've found in the internet proofs me right but is at least one year old. So my "friend" tells me it has been changed during this year. Who is right, who's wrong? Somebody pls enlight me.
  6. I think the lack of a thread even after a week, pretty much says everything. No one really wants or needs this tank. Non the less I think it at least deserves this thread so we can discuss how shitty and useless it is compared to the M41 90 GF. Armor. Not a lot but not completely paper either.
  7. Wait a sec. Isn't it so, that only bace XP counts without bonus like platoon, premium etc.
  8. That's why you watch TD videos like porn. You skip parts of the video until the action starts.
  9. So you want to tell me bush wanking TD gameplay is boring? No way
  10. Regarding HT12. The first time I did my HT12.4 was in my Liberte but it was a struggle. But I did it several times afterwards during my grind through the Japanese heavy line. Once in my Oho and two or three times in my Type 4 so far. And I am only sitting at around 100k XP in my Type 4. So I am just half through. I am sure one or two HT will follow until I get my Type 5.
  11. The thing is. This is not an E100 hull and it is a picture from WoT Blitz. https://wotblitz.eu/en/news/pc-browser/generalnews/rating-battles/ When looking at the dailybounce blog it seems the russian Blitz webside does have the right Grille Model https://thedailybounce.net/2017/07/18/world-of-tanks-wt-e100-the-no-return-of-the-king/
  12. Erlenberg is a shitty map and a rework is welcome but this mal is just broken to the core. Like Komarin was. You can only change this map to a certain point or you just do a total rework, but then the map you also could rename it. Erlenbergs style is the river in the middle. And this is also the biggest problem. This river creates chokepoints which lead to a campfest. But without thus river it wouldn't be Erlenberg anymore. Or another design flaw is the City in the middle and the high ground on the flanks. The city provides almost no protection from the flanks. City is pretty much a death trap. And in one version WG now tries to fix it with their standard solution. They create a fucking corridor. Horrible just horrible.