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  1. hall0

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Softstats guys. Cause I know you guys get hard on softstats
  2. hall0

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Finally the Defender is looking balanced. Btw. How can you achieve 8° gun depression with such a flat turret?
  3. hall0

    Fjords 1.0

    https://clips.twitch.tv/CrispyBlightedCurryAllenHuhu I think this from Dakillzor pretty much sums it up.
  4. hall0

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Balancing this thing will be a hard nut to crack, because this tank does exactly that what it is supposed to do. Problem it does it too good. WG wanted a fast break through TD. And it is exactly that. So what can they nerf, without totally destroying its role? WG tried to balance this armored beast with the gun. It has less alpha than all the other 150mm guns, low dpm and not so good gun stats like accuracy etc. But I hear no one complaining the gun is the problem. Everyone sees the problem in combination of speed and armor. But nerfing the frontal armor would mean it would lose its break through role and I don't think WG wants this. So nerfing the frontal armor is out of the question, even the weakspots. If they gonna touch a weakspot it will probably the one on top but not the lower lower frontplate. What they could nerf is the side armor. So flanking enemies have at least a guaranteed pen. Next thing. The speed. And again. WG wants this as fast break through TD. So it will remain fast, but maybe not as fast. Topspeed maybe to 50 instead of 55kmh. So it is on T-62A levels. Travers Speed is already poor so I don´t think we see a nerf here. Reverse speed could be nerfed as well. 22 is 2 kmh faster than T-62A. Don´t see a reason why it should be faster than a medium. Nerf it to 20 or below so it can retreat so easily once it yoloed in would definitely work.
  5. Retarded armor layout? Hold my beer! There are two variants. But look at this topview, I don´t know if it is the same for both variants but damn. By the looks of the pics I expected a boxy tank but it is well rounded. I can already smell the spaced armor.
  6. maybe this ads some more stats we didn´t have yet. And it found its way into the tech tree (Supertest) But according to the russian WOT Express VK page it still isn´t planned for the next two patches.
  7. lol you are right. It is APCR. WTF WG but at least we found the specialty for this tank now.
  8. hall0

    9.20.1 Personal Missions

    If you did every 15th mission with honors inkl. Arty for the first three tanks you should have 15. If you haven't done any arty missions at all, like most of us did, your orders/skips have been used automatically to unlock the arty missions for the Stug, T28 Proto and T55a. For every unlock/skip you need 4 orders, therefore all of your 12 have been used and you should have 0 orders for use. Maybe you have one order because WG gave one order for free as compensation for fucking up the missions last year.
  9. hall0

    Leopard 1

    If you mean this. Don't get your hopes too high. This is nothing but a testbed for the Italians. And unlike it is written in the news it is nothing new. In fact I posted the same picture here in the forums back in January.
  10. hall0

    Polish vehicles thread?

    Bringing this thread back to live. (Yes call me Necromancer but I like this more than creating new threads over and over again) WG EU just released a new Video with some new information. KSUST tank will be in it. 3:32 Don´t know about you but I never rly heard about this tank before. But it seems the polish community likes it as it is even in this community made tank tree. "At the end of the line, there are gonna be completely made up things" 3:38. Who would have thought Bla bla ideas from University. Thought through. Engineering groups . bla bla Combined Tree. Starts with LT, then MT ends with HT. 3:58 Guess the Play Doh Heavy Tank we discussed in this thread it is for the T10. They scrapped the idea of using Sowjet modifications in the polish tank tree, as they would be of interest to the wide EU (and I guess worldwide) community. 4:30
  11. stop playing publics and start looking for strongholds.
  12. Has the funny experience of driving a scout on Paris today. It is true. Middle early spot is no more. Now I feeling totally useless as scout on this map.
  13. What should I do then in my scouts? Field is f.. useless.