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  1. Powergrinded my way through the Onii Chan today. With the help of this weekendspecial, Personal Reserves and this Clan Bonuses. Getting 6k XP when winning a game was awesome and really helped. But now I bought the Oho and it sucks. Why WG are you do this to me? What dafuq were you thinking giving it this kind of weird gun depression. Remove at least one of this little tumors. 

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    2. leggasiini


      What is funny is that how there is actually gap to depress the gun further atleast few more degrees.

      After some time you get used to depression tho, i do t even notice it anymore in most battles. You need to position it more carefully, it is less brainless than O-Ni which is also reason why i like it

    3. hall0


      its shit. 

    4. leggasiini


      It is shit but its fun shit :doge:

      Its better than O-Ni or Type 4 imo tho

  2. Not rly an option since I don't want so spend a huge pile of free XP to get to the T49.
  3. Ok bringing this thread back to life. Question is simple what to do with this turd after the rebalance? Really guys, I am going nuts with this crap now. This peashooter gun is just horrible. No dpm, no noticeable alpha. What should I do, before I rage sell this thing?
  4. So it fits perfectly in the french TD line
  5. Finally did HT12 for Obj 260. Fuck my life, rly. 

    I am free now. I am finally free and I can stop playing for this misison



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    2. WhatTheSkara


      did mine in a vkb, rushed field on malinovka.


      I hope you're not stuck on that retarded "kill 2 heavies 2 tiers higher" mission, because it's impossible to do with the new mm and the LOLNOPE to fail platoons.

    3. hall0


      Well, sadly I am kind of stuck with this mission now. But not real as I still have to do all the other missions but HT12. I just started with this, because it was/is the most retarded mission. When I bought this account, I was in a need for credits. And grinding credits and trying this bounce mission in the Defender or Liberte seemed like a good plan. 

      But now with the new MM HT6 seems to be the new end boss. This and other missions are a perfect example of WGs sloppy work. They reworked arty missions, kind of, but forgot all the other missions, which get pretty much impossible now with the new MM. 

      Let's see when they are going to fix the missions. Maybe in half a year or a year. 

    4. WhatTheSkara


      also 4k on tds in a medium is quite hard to get, i always get teams with 1/2 tds top, and when i get a shitload of them, it's hard af to farm them (swedish TDs and other bullshit tanks)

  6. Historical Data just in case somebody is interested in this. Anway. This tank stats are so bad right now. A low alpha TD without good firerate. Yeah good luck selling this.
  7. The bicycle is actually the engine. Warthunder did it first!
  8. Hmm I think as KV5 got power creeped a loooooong time ago he accepted his fate €. well this Serb Emoticons seem to get bigger every time.
  9. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/17/supertest-vk-168-02-p-initial-stats/
  10. Any reason why this thing has with 260mm, 15mm more premium penetration than T32?
  11. With this new weekend event I remembered I could swap Liberte and Patriot. Instantly opened the ticked and got my tanks swapped today. Feels good going around without this clowncamo. :D

    1. CheekiBreeki_


      For a second I thought I could trade my shitty liberty for a patriot 



  12. OK another ISU. How many ISU looking copy cat tanks does this line have? Why weren't they a bit creative with the designs?
  13. I can confirm Bavors results as well on EU2. On EU1 on the other hand it seem to work proberly. MM seems to need a certain amount of players to give you nice matches. No wonder if less populated servers would experience worse MM.
  14. Did this the whole day, and not a single match where I wasn't toptier. But most of the matches where full with the same tier. So no lowtier to farm. It worked for me and it was one of the best grinding experiences ever. I grinded my swedish Leo a bit and it was just awesome. Finally I did not have to rely on braindead monkeys in toptier tanks all the time.
  15. Rudy is on sale and I do have a ANNIVERSARY 6 COUPON 30%. 

    Problem I own already a Rudy. If I buy it now. Do I get the gold as compensation and another crew if I put the current crew somewhere else? 

    1. Fulcrous


      You should get a second crew and gold compensation.
      If not you can always refund.