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  1. hall0

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    Well. "Murica" and "make sense" in one sentence Anyway. It is called Football you scrubs.
  2. Fuck WG and its testing or let's say not testing. I was so hyped about this APCR shell. Even after it was nerfed. Now they just ninja changed it to HEAT. I don't want HEAT. If I want to play a good Heavy with HEAT I play my WZ.
  3. WG will roll out the patch on the RU cluster June 11 or 12. There wont be any more test servers. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/06/03/1-0-2-patch-release-date/
  4. Were this changes really on the testserver? Only change in the change log for the second iteration of the testserver I found was this Object 277 Changed the arrangement of the internal modules (ammo rack and fuel tanks) https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/ct2-1-0-2/ I am honest. I haven´t played on the testserver for the last two weeks or so. Therefore I can't say there were any changes or not. But WG seem to go with the nerfed stats for the release build. The statscard for the 277 shows the nerfed stats. And it confirms that the change of the internal modules was indeed a buff. But did they test this new stats? And if not. Why do we have a Testserver if we get an untested product anyway? https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/three-soviet-tanks-get-required-adjustent/
  5. hall0

    The End: Object 279

    This is wrong as already said. WG didn't want to have from T8 three times the same tank. At T8 the WZ111 (prem), at T9 the WZ111 4-1 and at T10 the 5A. Gameplay wise similarities are OK but if you choose basically the same ingame model of a tank at two tier levels it was too much for WG. Especially when the community was already crying that the chinese tank line was nothing but copy cat tanks. And yes you can say this about the E-50 and the E-50M as well. But here WG simply just ran out of options. ---- Anyway. If this new Objects find the way into the normal game you can say good bye to this game. There is no way you can balance this shit tanks. But they look cool tho.
  6. That they rly had to test it to come to this conclusion makes me wonder.
  7. hall0

    WoTLabs Community Discord

    just joined. Not enough nsfw :/
  8. Since I saw them burn a lot this is most likely a buff. But apart from that they haven't changed it. They really seem to go with this 350 APCR.
  9. but only to the side. Because when you turn your turret to the side, the breech wont hit the turret roof. But it got buffed quite a bit. Maybe it plays less awkward now. К-91 Changed the turret traverse angle from 180° to 220° (from 90° to 110° on each side) Changed the depression angle of the 100 mm D-46T gun (on vehicle sides) from -5 to -9 degrees Changed reload time from 6.5 to 6.3 s Increased the engine power to 860 h.p.
  10. Don't worry. Many of us already said that. But we all came back like the Crack addicted we are.
  11. This tank, with this stats at T8 is bullshit. Was there another free Wodka Weekend in WG Land? 490 alpha, able to mount vstab, turret, 10° gun dep, not rly a paper turret, decent reload, good topspeed, good power to weight, and the list goes on. WTF Does anyone have some historical information about this tank? Googled a bit and found nothing. All I could found was a some weird Jadg Chieftain TD. No information whatsoever on tank mounting a 5 inch gun to counter russian IS3s More info tho https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2018/05/28/supertest-chimera/#more-64414
  12. This pen is just so unjustified. I could understand it if the gun handling would be trash with bad accuracy. But it has great gun stats with best in class acc for a heavy. If it has to be good why not just give it 340mm like all the other Heat shooter but APCR. Probably still too good but at least I could understand where the number is coming from. The armor of this beast is also very good. Turret has only one cupola and it is small and well armored. So you will have a hard time penning it. Sides do have the the Russian Blackhole just above the tracks. This stripe of spaced armor eats pretty much everything. Funny tho, there is a small strip of penable armor just above the spaced. Upper front plate does seem to have two armor thicknesses. Next to the connection point between ufp and lfp my pen indicator changes from green to orange. Beside. The ufp angle seems kind of funny. When the enemy 277 is above you just a bit it becomes autobounce for AP and APCR. Not saying this is something special, but I rly noticed this fighting against it. Oh yeah I almost forgot. The mobility is not just comparable to the 5A it is actually better. So far this thing only gets balanced by the 5.5deg gun depression.
  13. Oh this 350mm APCR pen is nasty. Penning E3 superstructure? Why not Type 5 lfp at this angle? Easy Bobject lfp angled? Bring it on. And if you feeling funny just pen the superstructure. 10/10 definitely balanced.
  14. seems like the wot section on reddit has pretty much the same windowlickers as the official forum does. 

    1. MAJEST1C


      Idk man wotlabs is starting to become one if you check the recent topics section  :serb:

    2. hazzgar


      It's worse than pub forum since the reddit guys are even more confident but as stupid