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  1. hall0

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    I can already see it before my eyes. You didn't pen it, but hey some fragments of the shells are blocking now the turret ring and the turret can not turn.
  2. hall0

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    Why dafuq does this thing need 500+ alpha? Skorps 490 is already very, very good for a T8. There is no need at all for this power creep in dmg.
  3. hall0

    T-50-2 Returns

    Yeah I also think they will apply this tipping and fall damage rules to this vehicle. Otherwise it would be undriveable. I could maybe life with the fall dmg but flipping every 50m would be too frustrating. Anyhow. I tried my best to compare the supertest stats to the old stats. Problem. There is almost nothing I could find regarding ground resistance or dispersion stats. Main Characteristics Tier: LT-6, USSR, premium - Old was a T5 but this was before pretty much all Scouts got uptiered one tier. Hitpoints: 580 - 560 New one is a bit better. Engine power: 480 hp - 550hp Old one is much better. Weight: 16 t - 14,7 old one was lighter Maximum load: 18 tons - no idea Power-to-weight ratio: 30 hp / t - 37,4hp/t Maximum speed / Reverse speed: 65 / -23 km / h - 72 / ? old one was 7kmh faster. But no idea what the reverse speed was. Traverse speed: 38 ° / s - 38 same Turret traverse speed: 50.1 ° / s - 45 new one is a bit better Ground resistances: 0.863 / 0.959 / 1.822 - no info found. If the info on tank-compare is correct which I highly doubt it was 1,0 / 1,3 / 2,2 View range: 370 m - 370 same Signal range: 730 m - 730 same Survivability (Armor) Hull armor: 37/37/37 mm - same Turret armor: 52/52/52 mm - 45/40/40 Firepower Cannon: 57 mm ZiS-4 Damage: 85/85/95 - same Penetration: 118/165/29 mm - 112/189/29 Rate of fire: 20.857 - 20,69 Average damage per minute: 1772.9 Reload time: 2.877 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0.403 - 0,34 Aiming time: 1.92 s- 2,3s Gun depression/elevation limits: -7 ° / + 25 ° - no info but could have been the same Dispersion values: - Nothing was found after firing: 3.836 while moving: 0.115 while traversing turret: 0.077 while traversing hull: 0.115 while vehicle moving at maximum speed: 7.48 while turret traversing at maximum speed: 3.68 while vehicle traversing at maximum speed: 4.37 All stats from here http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/06/28/mt-25-t-50-2-comparison/
  4. If you could add Object 432 to the title this would be nice. Cause I can already see another thread about said Obj 432 popping up soon. Even if the Obj 432 lead to the T-64 I don't really see a problem with this, because we already have another T-64 prototype ingame, the Obj 430. And apart from the name this thing has probably nothing to do with the T-64. In another WoT Blog it is even called LT-432. Like the T54 ltwt they just took the basic model and removed some of its armor, made it faster and TA-DA! a new light tank is born. I have no idea how historical this thing is but I've seen worse (looking at you Polish fantasy tree). Anyway. Here's some more info. And fyi. It uses the same ammunition loadout like the T100. Which means you will get APCR as standrad and AP as prem rounds. And this is with both guns. 85mm and 100mm https://www.tracks-up.com/home/world-of-tanks-supertest-object-432-lt-432-updated-with-full-preliminary-stats-images
  5. After 5 years WG seems to bring back this old gem. I had so much fun playing this little cockroach, therefore I am really happy to see this. Even though I have the feeling it wont be like my old friend. Anyway. I am actually surprised about this one. Didn't WG always say the T-50-2 wont make a return because its stats were totally made up? It should be a some sort of infantry support tank and WG made it a Mario Cart Racer on steroids. But maybe they changed their mind after the introduction of wheeled light tanks. Source: More pictures of the model https://www.tracks-up.com/home/world-of-tanks-supertest-t-50-2-updated-with-full-preliminary-stats-images WoT Express VK page has a garage video as well https://vk.com/wotclue?z=video-70226354_456240012%2Fe911e3a865febe0f3a%2Fpl_wall_-70226354
  6. The free XP sink and a lot of other project I have at the moment are the reasons why I don't play this line. From what I can see the T10 is not the best, therefore not rly a reason to grind the line. Especially because I don't like the T10 gameplay right now. If I play hightier I play T9s. But in this regard the polish tank is also quite meh. The T8 on the other hand seems to be good but lets face it. T8 mm is AIDS and without Frontline gamemode there is little to no reason to play T8s. Oh and not to forget. Most of the tanks, especially the lowtiers, are ugly as fuck.
  7. Within 2 weeks I played my dpg from ~4k down to 3,2k in my Obj 268 v4. Nothing seem to work anymore. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mati_14


      I would feel bad for you, but you are playing 268v4 so...

    3. hall0


      For my defense. I never drove this thing pre nerf. So I missed all the good times with it. 

    4. Vindi


      Yeah I guess it's just one of these time-periods in the game when you can't do anything right. I lost 1% from my wr and some. There is no point forcing something which won't work.

  8. You know about the T44-100, right?
  9. hall0

    1.1 Update

    Ah OK you meant maps. I only had tanks in my mind.
  10. hall0

    1.1 Update

    There are rebalances?
  11. hall0

    Personal Missions 2.0

    Just for your information and for the others. You can NOT use the new orders on old missions or vice versa.
  12. hall0

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    During last weeks WG birthday special I started grinding this tank. As usual completely stock. I planned using the 40k XP you get during the event, to make the grind less painful. After several battles I realized I don't need the 40k extra XP. This tank must be hands down the best stock T9 in the game. Hell I even think it is better than some T9 tanks with elite status. You start your grind with top turret and top gun. You only need the engine and tracks. And to be honest the difference between stock and elite is not so huge. It is nice to have but not a game changer. Long story short. Safe your free XP guys. Here you won't need it.
  13. hall0

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Never run without Medkits in the current Meta. Arty kills just to many crew members + you can get rid of the annoying stun. And I agree with haglar. Joat is useless. Don't waste a skill for this until you have pretty much everything else. After the patch were they made Medkits rechargeable I retrained it on every tank. Just not worth it any more.
  14. I am at a point where I would totally accept this idea of a total rework. Balance is a total mess right now. And they should start with premium amo and consumables. You can't create balance if some players are using it and some don't.
  15. Can't talk about the T5, cause i skipped it. But I don't rly see a problem here. The T6 was OK. It is slow but gets the job done. Not my playstyle but you can work with it. T7 is the tank which rly makes you suffer. The alpha is just way too low for a HT. It would be acceptable if you would be toptier all the time and only face same tier or lower. But against T8s or T9s it becomes laughable. You can't even track enemies reliable. Your alpha ist just too low for this. And your armor is worth nothing in this MMs.