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  1. And todays dose of World of Tanks features the T49...but NOT with the derp gun! Whats that all about??
  2. Just checked out the new HD maps - looking good!
  3. Some fast-paced light tank action in the AMX 13 57 GF
  4. Pz1C fun time!
  5. And todays video, just being bottom tier doesn't mean the game is going to be bad
  6. Had to get an emergency video out today - you see why - but its a good one! The good old reliable M4 Sherman with 105mm howitzer never fails to entertain!
  7. Review of the new French premium TD, the AMX CDA 105.
  8. KV-2 - STILL the best tier 8 heavy tank in World of Tanks
  9. Heres one we don't see all that often, yet I think its great! The ST-1 Soviet tier 9 heavy.
  10. Review of the Panther, one of the classic WW2 German tanks.
  11. Who's going to be grinding for their FV215b this weekend?
  12. One step away from the FV215b 183, its the good old British Tortoise with its incredible DPM!
  13. The Tiger twins - one from The Land of the Rising Sun, the other from The Land of Beer and Sausages! Heavy Tank No. VI and Tiger 131.
  14. Review of the old FCM 50 t French premium heavy tank. Is it still relevant in todays game? Well its not bad, but don't expect anything amazing from it.
  15. And this replay led me to ask..."What the hell is a Yoshio Tamada's medal???"