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  1. Now this made me smile The rarely seen Derp Cromwell fuelled by the tears of T67 drivers!
  2. Review of the new Swedish premium tank, though I prefer the Sabaton track to the actual tank
  3. What is this heresy? Playing El Halluf and NOT going to the northwest corner!?!
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  5. When the enemy team is effectively 16
  6. Have a nice weekend folks! Helped on the way with some Stealthy Ninja action
  7. Mountain Climbing, boosting, mountain goating...call it what you want, but is it something you welcome in the game?
  8. Its Deathstar time! With the FV215b 183.
  9. Review of the new Polish premium tank - The Pudel!
  10. Another first on the channel, its the VK 72.01 (K), the German heavy tier 10 Clan Reward tank.
  11. First time on the channel for the Panther/M10 German premium tank. Or for any of the medium tank flavours of Panther for that matter!
  12. Epic T-34-85M game: 1v6, and 13 kills!
  13. Finally got my T-34 Review finished! What tank should I review next?
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  15. IS-3 1v5 double trouble! But hang on, isn't that the same player, tank and map??