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  1. Time for some low tier fun with my review of the German tier 4 light tank, the Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A.
  2. The good old British AT-7 - up and at 'em lads!
  3. Want to improve your WN8? Tier 5 light tanks still seem like a great option!
  4. I've done a bit of my own research for regarding tier 8 MM and it appears that you really do see more than your fair share of tier 10 games.
  5. Its the tank every new player needs to fear - the dreaded Pz. II J!
  6. Awesome IS-7 replay after its recent buffs and another tense ending
  7. Now this WZ-120-1G FT Chinese premium TD replay really made me smile - the action sure hots up towards the end!
  8. Can't argue with that, premium is almost obligatory in that tank
  9. And in todays video, "How to Become Wargamings Favourite customer" - behold the gold (spam)!
  10. Something...different featuring the British tier 4 Matilda...and its not quite what you'd expect
  11. A new Soviet Premium tank (again!) coming soon on the 9th of September. The STG Guard.
  12. Updated review of the M24 Chaffee tier 5 US light tank.
  13. Nice to see a bottom tier carry again! Haven't seen too many since the MM changes.
  14. Thanks! Yeah I agree the T-44 is in a better place. Some say it was already fine, but I didn't think it was all that special when I last played through it.
  15. Just had this replay sent in after the T-44 got buffed in 9.20. Looks like those changes worked