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  1. Finally getting along with the UDES 3 after ~40 games, this: 1v4 clutch Ace game. It's cancerous but so delicious.

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  2. Got my account back, somewhat active, but cleared friends list so shoot me an invite if you like me.

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      Ah. Yea that guy never answered anything. No wonder you became a complete dick.

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      he didn't speak very good English and played at about 300 wn8 level, for about 2 weeks, then gave up.

    4. KenadianCSJ


      all the rips. I can ruin your wn8 for you if you want.

  3. Seems broken for a premium, usually you get to pick 2: Alpha, dpm, mobility, gun handling You get all 4 and it has really good standard round = instant credit farming darling
  4. Hi

    game is dead af i guess, well if anyone wants to platoon just shoot me a friend request i had to clear my list when i gave up my account lol
  5. tfw when you keep driving up and over cover you're used to slamming into and getting tracked on top of it, rofl physics...honestly don't notice much difference otherwise.

  6. Hi

    Naw dog, I'm not about that life
  7. Hi

    Grinding credits in pubs sucks, looking for a casual hookup with a dank financial unit and regular fastboiz that doesn't mind me randomly disappearing without notice because fuck this game honestly if that is a thing these days
  8. prob a few months late but rofl grille15,who at wg thought this was a good idea


    1. DrJ_Zoidberg


      I mean I haven't played teh game in 5 months I must be rusty but this thing is just....mmmmmm


  9. Took my account back, played a few games, still got it, whose recruiting good/inactive these days?

  10. I'm no longer in possession of my account in case anyone runs into it in the wild  :awyeah:

    1. Strigonx


      u fokking wot?

    2. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      i need halp doing something "simiiar" lol :dealdog:

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      try eGay if you have decent history/feedback, surprised at how fast/how much it sold for, endgame is dead as fuck but I guess that doesn't matter to the sort of person who would buy an account lol.

  11. Finally did an episode in 1 take, check out Death of a Door to Door Door Salesmen, you don't want to miss a deal like this!

  12. Episode 3 is out now, it's our first episode we recorded in one session, instead of chopping up bits of various sessions. It's much cleaner/tighter than the first two and I have to say I'm starting to think this is a pretty good show. If you'd be interested in purchasing a shoe time share, or some girl scout cookie insurance, look no further, my man Kev Taddeo has got the hook up in this weeks episode, Death of a Door to Door Door Salesman.
  13. Episode 2 just dropped, featuring our new theme song which came out p. gud if I do say so, and I do, thank you. thanks to everyone who checked it out, our websites traffic chart looks like a big middle finger which makes me happy every time I look at it. <3 Spartan
  14. I did this


    amazing what one can accomplish when you stop wasting your time on pixel tenks.