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  1. I think there is a misconception that folks on the cancer forums have that WotLabs is just a bunch of stats obsessed autists that gaze at their purple numbers with calculators in hand. Actually, here is where you come when you realize that its all mostly bullshit and playing for fun is about winning and derping TDs in the ass. We have not had the stat sidebar in a while and Wotlabs put its signature stat generator on autopilot months ago. We all float down here bro, welcome.
  2. I bounced 2/4 AP from my 50B off of one of these last night while he was driving straight at me and juking (missed another, so yeah 1 pen from a clip). It ended badly for me. I would not want to rely on the armor, but man it was troll as hell. Now I want one even though I'm probably not good enough to play it.
  3. WTF are you guys talking about with the 201 vs 219 pen? I just checked and my T54 still has 330 pen. You guys scared me there for a second . . .
  4. I guess there will probably be a lot more of these floating around after the next patch.
  5. Tier 8 is still cancer, but this is such a good gun on the rare occasion when you don't see tier 10s. Its got more DPM and better gun handling then an M103 with basically the same gun. When its bad its pretty bad, but when its good, man its a lot nicer than the new nerfed ISU. I'll be glad to get past the T28, but its not been awful.
  6. The juke on that IS-7 though . . . With rammer, vents, bia, food I have a 6.5 second reload which has made for a some fun trades when surprised RU hovermeds get out DPM'd by Murica.
  7. Welcome friend to the saner place
  8. So apparently WG saw me post this and said "hold muh beer"
  9. So, the FV 4005 will now be fast enough to catch LTs going for hill on mines and other unexpected places where you really REALLY don't want to get surprised by a 183mm anal probe.
  10. So, if I completed all 10 of the Stug?HTC missions, but one of them without honors, I have 9 orders freed up with none locked?
  11. How many people got hung up FOREVER on the stupid double fire RNG lottery before they fixed it? My guess is that WG is going to be releasing a completely new set of missions and is trying to get the slate cleared for as many people as possible who are stuck on the current missions.
  12. That T-44 pen though
  13. I just made a Grille 15 bounce so many shells off of me he switched to HE. Of course, I had to hide in a castle to do it so I did shit for damage, but the clanging sound kept my crew entertained while they ate their knackwurst and barely soup.
  14. A conference table full of men discussing how to get female crew . . . Legit