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  1. Most of it is just flat out better today than it used to be IMO, except the accuracy nerf. The very first tier X battle I ever saw was in a Chaffee when I had less than 3K games, fuck that noise. Call me crazy, I actually mostly like the current iteration of the game except for the fact that they have ruined tier 8 AFTER selling me four premium tier 8 tanks.
  2. Is the link for the premium shop down for everybody or just me?

  3. The reason why TDs dont have logs on them? Yep, used for camp fire wood. NA now giving out free bag of marshmallows with every TD purchase.
  4. Yeah, the ability to legitimately snap shot lower plates with this tank after all of the communist heavy gun handling misery is the main reason I don't have an IS-7 yet. Type 4/5 hatches are not safe from this tank, that alone makes it a keeper. Oh and 340 HEAT pen? yes pleez!
  5. I'm coming out for team Patriot on this one. No matter what tier or map, its able to have a useful roll whether its rolling with tier X meds in a city, holding a corner hull down like a US heavy, bullying in the rare top-tier game, or even permatracking a TD. There is an inherent inflexibility in slow tanks that can really suck the joy out of a game for a new player. Choose the wrong flank on sand river in a Lowe and your just alone in the sand.
  6. You realize of course also that on Youtube if you search for AMX 50B that there are hundreds of great games posted? Anfield is very fond of the 50B and has posted several 3-mark sessions on his youtube channel. If you watch something like Lacho or WoT Best replays - check to make sure you're not watching some yellow shitter getting lucky and farming 9K damage from AFKs, that said both of those YT channels have tons of great Unicum level 50B games.
  7. OK, what actually happens is that an event like this will drive everyone's WR towards 50% (lets pretend that draws are not a thing). In any closed system with a binary outcome, as you increase sample size and decrease weighting factors, you will drive the likelihood of single event outcomes towards the mean value. So, If you are a unicum with a 60+% WR then you are going to have a lot more bads randomly logging on at odd times in odd tanks that you will have either defeat or carry. This essentially decreases your weighting factor on the SD of individual matches and drives outcomes towards the middle of the bell curve. In order for somebody to have a 60% WR, they need to be balanced by 10 people with 49% WR donating wins (assuming they all play the same number of games). AKA, the sea of shitters is already pretty close to the mean, so they don't realize the imperceptible increase to their WR as readily as the lone unicum will notice his large deviation from mean being reduced. Platoon moar and profit.
  8. 110

    I wonder if that will improve its armor any or just leave huge holes in turret
  9. Literally this: Point front of tank at enemy, not sides or back Always take cover while reloading Don't camp in base Don't play LTs or arty - stick with heavies and meds Auto-aim is your friend on shots far enough that the reticle is bigger than the tank That will get him yellow and to 48%
  10. Yeah, if I want ditch the AFE for food, buying FF for 2 bonds is a no brainer anymore. BIA adds 9m of view range and 0.4% to your camo on the M48.
  11. So, when its frozen solid, how good of a popsicle will that fettuccine make?
  12. Yeah, unfortunately players have learned a few things over the years and one of them is to not waste shots on hull down tanks with good turrets. Now people know that if you are in a T32, Kranvagn, IS-7, STI, etc - they either don't shoot or instantly go to HE. The days of bouncing 3k-4k routinely in a T29 just are gone. Fascist sidescrapers are the name of the game now, and even that has been seriously hampered by the Japanese land arty sling gold HE at the side of my E100 turret.
  13. oh look, a frog TOG . . . .
  14. So ruinburg without the D-village and more snow. Thats a LOT better than Karkov, but not really much of a stretch. I'm still waiting for winter Paris . . .