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  1. I get penned through the front of turret in my patriot in nearly every other game. The hull armor is autopen for all tier 8 heavies using regular AP except the T32, KV-5 and IS-6. What makes the patriot is not the armor, its the combination of DPM and mobility. The patriot is not really a tier 8 heavy, its a sluggish tier 9 medium. Its broken, but not really in the same way as the defender, liberte and chrysler k.
  2. I edited my OP to reflect the small data set. Is there a way we could generate a larger sample size internally and put his numbers to a more rigorous test for lols? (FWIW I don't know why anyone would ever use a 99% UCL instead of a 95% UCL for something like this. The extra order of magnitude for σ isn't needed with this kind of data)
  3. NA server needs SEA Salt server to make us feel better about ourselves.
  4. A contributor of reddit has done a 99% UCL calc on a personal data set and came up with the following: I have no idea of whether this could be discerned from the API, but this kind of ninja nerf would be such a WG kind of thing to do. I wonder if the OP is a member here, it'd be interesting to have him present to our math guys.
  5. I think the equipment sale is probably the only thing I'll be interested in. Its kind of a meh sale
  6. So, are the pretty colors under our profile pic gone for good?
  7. I'm only on the Emil I, but I've already noticed one thing that I can do in it that I could never do in the AMXs, I don't need to back off to reload. In fact I can actually get hull down and pretty aggressively peak and poke while reloading and bounce a few shots. With an AMX, when it disappears the reds know your down a tank and they can push - with the swedes, unless somebody counted - they never need to know when your clipping. Basically, instead of hiding behind a building to reload - you hide behind your turret.
  8. Good to see KT posting replays again.
  9. So, I learned that Foch is 'salty', Jingles has a set, and quickybaby is a spineless ass kissing sycophant.  File under 'things that taste good with popcorn'

  10. pffft, as if they ever actually talk to each other. Thats the biggest problem with the whole damn company, everybody in their community relations dept from forum mods up is just freelancing. I can just about guarantee that when Ph3alan made the original threat of a copyright strike, that he had not queried their legal department first, just like when WGNA posted that vague as fuck veiled threat they probably never ran it past Cyprus. In my world if an employee cowboys up and makes a threat of legal action they would be fired. At WG, they get invited to spend a week at Serbs moon base. I mean seriously, can you imagine Sony or Nintendo allowing regional community developers to just wing it and make shit up as they go? WG has always treated outreach amateurishly going all the way back to 'how terrible' and 'working as intended'. Now they are just letting low level muppets channel their own inner Serb. Cyka Bylat commrads
  11. Communist era PR department at its finest. I guess WGNA never got the email fax telegram letter from WGEU that WG would never use CR Strikes as a weapon against contributors. Literally I come on here and say hey guys, this is probably not really censorship - WGEU says "whoa, we really didn't mean Copyright Strikes - sorry" - then WGNA comes along in a matter thats not even their business and says "yeah, we will". FFS WG, morons.
  12. Lots of people post videos far more critical of WG policy every day on a variety of platforms across social media. In fact, Foch is free to continue to post scathing searing videos condemning every facet of WG products and policies on Youtube or any other platform - WG just does not have to pay him for it. As far as the threat to levy a DMCA Strike against him never materialized because it was all bark and no bite. They could delete his WG account and ban him from the community, but they have very little sway over what he says beyond that. Now, you're a lawyer and I'm a geologist - so we probably have a very different take on this, but WG has just as much right to control the message emanating from their CCs as their CCs have to go rogue and bite the hand that feeds them. Ph3lans actions were douchey and in reality he probably lacks the authority to even carry out his threats - that would be the decision of the WG EU legal team to actually approach Youtube and convince them to take down content that had previously been endorsed by WG. I understand libel laws in the EU are pretty draconian so maybe he was in more jeopardy than he would be here - I don't know. The thing is, those 18th century craftsman did not have snapchat, and instagram, and tumblr, and facebook, and dozens of other outlets for their voices. Its very hard to silence somebody that can log in to multiple different venues under a dozen different user names all with zero legal ramifications. Hell, the real threat to speech today is not censorship - its noise from competing sources. Foch has far more outlets for his Voice than Thomas Paine had so I have a hard time feeling like Foch got censored in a way that makes WG culpable for anything more than douchebaggery.
  13. This, so much - lol. Yes I know that Belarus is not really Russia - but WG (AKA Cyka Bylat Inc.) going full Lena Dunham against gay slurs, lel. Oh yeah, and FWIW guess who picked up 2 months worth of new YouTube subscribers in the last 4 days? Yep, I think Foch will be just fine. Foch probably will end up making more off of WG as a renegade than he would have as CC. In reality, WG could probably not get YT to issue a copyright strike even if they seriously tried. They put their seal of approval on everything he's done to date, they don't get to revise history just because of butturt - that would end up being a shitstorm for YT and they are not going to walk that path for some piss ant WG pettiness. For Sony, maybe, for Viktor - not likely.
  14. I'm only a few more WN8 'updates' away from having my stats artificially inflated enough to apply. Fingers crosses that V 31.0 is the one.