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  1. So arty-stun is coming next patch straight from SB?
  2. We like to call it our unsafe space, welcome!
  3. Probably a rounding error . . .
  4. Welcome to our unsafe space
  5. Make all CW battles encounter mode /end camp
  6. trees cut: 22478 1.78 trees / game
  7. <---- Holding out for inevitable SU 76i sale
  8. Well, considering that I originally read this as 'laptop is making pooping sounds', I guess you should count your blessings.
  9. I actually think I figured out the ammo rack 'stealth nerf'. Everybody is grinding mid-tier german heavies/meds right now and those things are made of nitroglycerin. I have actually told a platoon mate "hold up while I ammorack this VK - BOOM". Aiming for the rear half of the turret or just under turret pivot on german tanks from the side has become reflex for me now, its like a fireworks show. The ammorack mechanic is pretty bullshit, another arty like RNG controlled one-shot trip to the garage.
  10. Can we just kill this dead ass topic and revisit this in 6 months or so? There are so many more interesting eliminations we could do
  11. How weird, I noticed the exact same thing last night, I got 2 rack kills and two rack blow ups in a 20-ish game session . . . probably just the wrong edge of a chi square curve, but yeah.
  12. Everything about why arty is broken and needs to be gone in one replay: (I know I'm a potato shitter, please no bully)
  13. Dude, if you're going to HAVE a moon base, why would you not have hookers and blackjack? So, is there a timeline for this Tier X LT patch yet?
  14. I will say that I do not recall ever shooting a tank on cap and not lowering the counter at least some, even when there were more than 3 on cap. It does not happen often that I am resetting a crowded cap, but I think I would have remembered it. It happens occasionally on Murovanka and Steppes encounter where the cap is part of the brawling area.
  15. Arty removal has been confirmed for the patch following Havok Engine implementation