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  1. Archaic_One

    M60 - the fast-boi Patton

    Yeah, its definitely a lot of fun now. If I owned a Leopard, the M60 would really piss me off - its everything the Leo should be but never will
  2. Archaic_One

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    The M103 is not a 'bad' tank. It just has the misfortune of being a Tier 9 heavy tank and is compared to the 111-14, T-10, Conq, E75, M4 51, etc which are all just silly good tanks. If you exclude the 50-120 which isn't really a genuine heavy, its hard to say that the M103 is better than any of the tier 9 heavies. I think the tier 9 TDs will also drop off quickly just because none of them get played much. TBH, the Skorp G is probably more competitive than any of them. The T-30 is kind of an outlier, but its a TD in name only. If all of the TDs were eliminated from this list, it would proceed about the same. With so many tanks, the start points should be 20 instead of 30,
  3. Archaic_One

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    T-10: 34+1 = 35 If I had choose one tank in my garage to keep it would be thisAMX M4 51: 34 T-54: 33 (per Kolni) Conqueror: 32 Type 4 Heavy: 32WZ-111 1-4: 31E50: 31 E75: 31AMX 30: 31T49: 31T30: 30T95: 30M46 Patton: 31WT Auf Pz. IV: 30Mauschen: 30Leopard PTA: 30RU251: 27Object 704: 30Object 263: 30T-54 LW: 30Object 430: 30Object 705: 30ST-I: 30Tortoise: 30Foch: 30B-C 25t AP: 30AMX 13 90: 30Skoda T50: 30WZ-132A: 30WZ-120: 3050TP: 30STRV 103-0: 30Standard B: 30Jagdtiger: 27Conway: 27VK4502B: 27Object 257: 27T54E1: 25 (per Kolni)Type 61: 27WZ-111G FT: 27Emil II: 24 AMX 50 120: 24 -3 = 21 All of the disadvantages of the 50B with none of the upsideM103: 18Object 430 V2: 18 (Adjusted for @Madner Kami and @Kolni) Most of my favorite tanks are in Tier 9, I have more tier 9s in my garage than any other two tiers combined.
  4. Archaic_One

    I seem to be washed up

    I'm far too aggressive since I got back, then I get tilted by all the TDs and Arty, which does not help. Meds just feel weak right now.
  5. I have not had a game in days that did not have 3 arty in it.  Is this a result of the new campaign? If so, then congrats on making my decision for me WG.

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      Nah. Misquoting is my idea of a joke. Play the game however you like. I just find the game frustrating enough without playing vehicles I really don't enjoy (arty; most TDs; most HTs). I find the "playing it for missions" arty excuse genuinely strange. Once you're at the point of playing arty there is surely something more enjoyable you could be doing with your time? 

      If the Chimera missions are set up the same that would leave four orders for the 279 missions. Plus potentially at least another couple from the 279 mission sets... would need to check.


    4. Archaic_One


      I don't think there is a tank in the game that is worth playing arty for.  I played the M40/43 enough to get T55, and that was awful. I sold all my arty a vowed to never play them again. Chemotherapy starts at home

  6. rng has does seem to have become Rng lately, though TBH I'm only playing 5-10 games a week in an Ob 430 which is a pretty inaccurate tank with good handling so I may be seeing things through salt covered glasses
  7. I think I saw never smoking a joint with Joe Rogan today
  8. Archaic_One

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    A very nice review Legga. Not a branch I'm ever going to play but at least I now know not to shoot them in the turret and that I can just drive up and kill the tier 6 like a seal pup. +1
  9. This seems to have dropped off of the map for now, especially the German buffs.
  10. Archaic_One

    Major Server Migration Completed

    Thank you Never, you certainly didn't have to keep the lights on around here but you do anyway. We appreciate your work. Obligatory ass kissing aside, why you no visit us anymore?
  11. Archaic_One

    1.1 Update

    I pretty much have come to despise this map. If you are in a heavy that relies on hull down fighting this map is pure cancer. The heavy brawl area is flat as a pancake and a sidescrape only zone until a team mate dies and donates their wreck. Oh, and getting clipped out from above by a BC while brawling in the heavy corner = priceless. The bushes on the other side of the map are so brokenly OP that even an FV man move around and shoot unspotted. I've gotten within 100m of a giant german arty without spotting him in there. If you get this map in a STRV and don't do 6k damage, see a doctor. Speaking of arty, the mid should be a great place to play but the slope angle is useless when the arty start the game perched above you. As a general rule WG - arty should never start game with a 50m elevation advantage over the playing field. In summary, this map is like El Halluf if the main brawl area was in the bottom but all of the arty and TDs stayed up on the rim.
  12. Archaic_One

    Help me pimp out Super Conqueror

    Never push the battle button without a repair kit and a med kit. The super conq has 17mm of engine armor and all arty players know that they can get 1K damage shots on SC where they are only getting 200-300 on Types and Maus. That med kit will flat out be the difference between wins/losses
  13. Archaic_One

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Somewhere somebody did the math and showed that off road driving is more valuable than smooth ride or clutch breaking on most tanks because terrain resistance is such a bitch. I've watched enough of Haglars replays to know the thread can pretty much be closed after he posted RU med advice in it. Firefighting directives are a bargain
  14. You would be in the upper half of DHO-X (teal recents is our middle name, lol). We are still pretty active, especially in Advances, but there are no activity requirements. As long as your a dad you have passed our entrance exam
  15. Yeah its really the 6 and 7 that make this such an onerous line. @Madner Kami I don't disagree that its a bad design and that making people play horrid tanks is bad policy that probably costs users. Basically all I'm saying is that the payoff was enough that even I muddled through the line after the super conq came out. Its a familiar theme, the chinese tanks were pretty meh and under played, then the 5a happened and I ground out the chinese line, ditto with the 430 - which was clearly inferior to the 140 until they fabricated the 430U. Object 263? Rinse and repeat. Maus? yep . . . etc. Its a pretty predictable pattern over the last 18 months or so. I actually suspect that in a year a lot of people will be grinding the Leo and/or IS-4 when those lines are deemed profitable to recycle. It ain't how wotlabs would do it if we were in charge, but sadly they don't want to listen to reason in Kiev