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  1. My issue, which I have to credit Lemmingrush with, is that if you do too good of a job scouting on Mali, all of your pubby heavies stop and snipe and you risk letting the reds push up and dominate the hill. In this particular game, the reds fixated on you and also stopped climbing so it worked out well. Great game though, I love me some Type 64.
  2. IS-3: 22M26 Pershing: 2 -3 = gone. I love you Pershing, but the game has just passed you by, you are worse than the Patriot in every wayT32: 20Object 416: 23 AMX 50 100: 5 Emil I: 3UDES 03: 15VK 100.01 (P): 20 +1=21 This thing is as hard to deal with for tier 8 tanks as the Maus is for tier XsLowe: 26 T26E5/Patriot: 25 AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 19Obj. 252U/Defender: 25 Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 15 edit - I realize there are no LTs on this list which is totally fine, but the black dog is a really good tank.
  3. You know what I mean though. They make these new light tanks and they give them shit guns and tell you 'you're tier X komrad, go spot', or they nerf the shit out of the BC and give it a tier 8 gun. Nobody wants to drive around with an anemic gun, its not why we play a tank game. 170mm 180 damage ion a tier 8? You literally cannot even hurt a lot of tanks you will fight from behind. The tank should be balanced around the gun, not in spite of it.
  4. I think it might be better in tier than the old bulldog was. Its not broken OP when top tier, but its close.
  5. I wonder if WG is ever going to realize the basic fundamental premise of their own game - people play the game to shoot shit. Nobody* anywhere ever downloaded the game and said 'I'm going to log in and spot lots of shit for my team mates to shoot". If you give a tank a shitty gun, its a shitty tank, period. I can only imagine 0.31 accuracy and seeing 27 shots fired, 23 shots hit, 5 penetrations at the end of a game. No amount of armor, speed, or camo can overcome the frustration of driving around without the ability to reliably do damage. (*Tazilon not included)
  6. I find this question to be mathematically implausible. There is no doubt the new MM has made tier 8 play much less appealing, but I suspect that effects to individual WR is probably just a figment of sample size right now. Maybe not, somebody should data mine this and see if top 1% players are losing influence and losing more. Would there be a corollary increase in shitter Tier 8 WR in that case?
  7. Unless the 5a is faster than the 113, its not going to be replacing the 113 anytime soon in CW.
  8. I have SOOO much old shit on Photobucket, its a god awful service that only survives because of its legacy. I downloaded all of my stuff from it last night. I'm looking for a new home as well. Sigh, such BS.
  9. Yeah, no - I'm outta here. Hi new guy, welcome to wotlabs I guess
  10. Like the Bat Chat? (907 got buffed, M48 gets armor, M60 gets nothing) Oh yeah, that M48 Turret is from the 1970s . . .
  11. The new Balance guy at wargaming is a heavy tank fanboy ex-youtuber that is very vocal about his perception of heavy tank supremacy. Under his watch, weakspots have disappeared, medium pen keeps getting threatened with nerfs, OP premium heavies are coming out on a conveyor belt, Maus and Type 5 heavies have been buffed to ludicrous speed. Meds still work obviously, but their life gets harder and harder every patch. I was referring to your last playing 4 years ago during the OP HEAT era. The Japanese heavies have been built around ridiculous HE derp guns that completely eliminates any sort of skill in aiming. Other heavies have to aim gold rounds at Type, Type just blaps them in face with naval derp gun while waddling along at 12 kph. The tank was literally designed to make 45% cretins competitive annoying at tier X.
  12. @Hellsfog, in a rockstar act of awesomeness has made his donation to Solono and donated the books back - sooo, @xtc4 you are the winner and in honor of Hellsfog being awesome, I'll match both xtc and hellsfog. I'll probably do a 'boxing video' and ship on Wednesday. (now to sort through all of my nerdy pop-science books . . . .)
  13. Tier 8 is pure cancer now, the sun is setting on medium tanks, and HE is the new HEAT. Welcome back.
  14. I hate being the guy that blames teams, but FFS how can 5 tier Xs in a 5/10 battle all do 0 damage?  ZERO.  

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    2. Audax_Bellator


      Maybe they might have camped the hill at base on Mountain pass in a BatChat.......

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I mean it's usually the team's fault but you can always play better. So you're free to bitch just like the rest of us

    4. hazzgar


      While I'm annoyed when my team camps what is even worse is when they camp badly - ie. there are tanks in their sight and their either not shoot at them or never hit them. I love to spot 3 soft tanks which are not moving and see only 3 shots go their way, all of them missing because the pubs got distracted. Then I go back to work and realize it's not pubs, it's people. 

  15. It could probably be done, but it would not amount to much and it would be tough. I look at the results - most of the players that ended up in gold were unicum recents or better. Even to get bronze required a high skill level or insane amount of game spam. Generally if the guys making the cut are top level players, then you can figure that rigging was not very viable.