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  1. - Looked for youtube video of GW Tiger drowning, nobody has bothered to make one - meh, clicker problems
  2. Its a shame we cannot combine several tanks into a 'trade bundle' to give back. But yeah the HTC 28 seems a lot less likely to get a buff than the IS-6, CDC, or JT88. I actually expect the IS-6 to get buffed just because rasha.
  3. It misses SO MANY shots, the turret traverse is a joke, you literally cannot track fast moving tanks, not that you could hit them anyway. 155 pen is bad enough, but 155 pen with .40 dispersion and a 3 second aim . . . It works ok on maps where you can get close and get some side shots, but on maps where you have to engage at a distance or where there is little hard cover to hide it maddening. Oh, and its too slow to run away from the flank it was unable to assist in holding so you die a lot trying to flee. I may bite the bullet and free XP this piece of crap
  4. Well, if nothing else this will at least serve as a eulogy to getting insta-clicked by sky cancer. Arty is still a wretched broken mechanic - but this video will remain to remind us that it used to be worse.
  5. The prevalence of Patriots, Liberte, Defender, Skorp Gs, M4 Revs, Lowes, etc. has pretty much made all tier 6 premiums except the Crommy B and Type 64 irrelevant.
  6. This is without any doubt the worst tank I have ever played. -edit To elaborate, the big gun is incredibly derpy - like KV-2 levels of derpy. The small gun is also derpy but it shoots fast so you can miss more often. 155 pen at tier 7?. Its huge, its sluggish, it has no armor, no camo, and the turret traverse is powered by cough syrup addled gerbils. I have been working my way through this tank while power grinding the T28 Proto. Every time my proto dies early and I have a reserve popped - I play the Leo. Knowing I have to play the Leo if I die has done wonders for my survival rate in the Proto.
  7. If you are in a tier 6 tank, you should never see more than 3 tier 8s in a battle. I agree that tier 6 has in general gotten a lot tougher, but I think it has a lot more to do with all of the new premiums rather than MM.
  8. For those who are interested, Straik just put up about 10 hours of new Youtube content after about 6 months off.

    1. Archaic_One


      Of course, being Straik - thats only about 30 gamesĀ :minidoge:

    2. Raj


      o shet and I was just thinking about coming back to break 5k deeps. Good find.

  9. I'll have to try it out, tier 7 could definitely be a sweet spot for getting LT missions done.
  10. But don't worry, Ensk and Paris will still suck . . .
  11. So I bought it for the on-track and have been power grinding it all week. Post speed buff and post 9.18 arty. I cannot imagine how bad it was before . . . A few observations: You should never be the farthest forward green tank on your minimap unless its clean-up time. Stay in cover, try to keep between buildings, rocks, wrecks, etc. As long as enemy is in front of you, you have a chance. Taking a second to plan your deployment really pays off in this tank. Your worst enemies are light tanks, your turret traverse is slow and they are fast. If they get close to you, you are a dead tank. Your hull is better than your turret, dont go hull down or people will just shoot your turret. This is a rare instance where I'll say XVM is helpful - red/orange/yellow players will rack up steel wall medal for you, green/teal/+ players will kill you. A bad player in an E75 is much safer to fight than a good player in a T29. Your gimmicky armor only works against idiots - find them. You have just few enough HP that NATO 105s can three shot you. You have a really good gun that shoots through almost all tier 8 heavies with AP. Your APCR round can deal with Maus or Type 5s frontally if you aim. You're going to have a lot of 3K+ damage games where you are literally creeping death. You are also going to have a lot of 0 damage games where you get spotted early and vaporized because you could not traverse quick enough to get front towards enemy. This happened to me twice crossing on Mountain Pass, now I just drive it to the bridge. I hope the T30 is worth it.
  12. SH Advances >>> CW, I'd like to see the next campaign based on the advances model.
  13. Which Tier 9 TD is more of a 'keeper' the T30 or Jagtiger? I'm not interested in the tier 10 in either line.
  14. I hate this tank and I suck in it, but here was a sort of carry exhibiting my typical green shitter undecidedness. It would be just another brick in the wall except for the clutchest (AKA luckiest) reset shot I've ever made. Otherwise just mid-tier weekend shenanigans. Did I mention I hate this tank, so many trolls by my gun . . .