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  1. Dragon Ridge 36 Hidden Village - 13 - 3 = 10 Fuck this arty shooting gallery. Only about 20% of the map was even playable. The epitome of lazy design.Northwest - 29 + 1= 30 I never understood why this map got the axe. It was a good pub map and a great CW mapPearl River - 42Port - 34Province - 27 Severogorsk - 7South Coast - 28
  2. Is it just me or did the 430U just redefine heavium? They could have given it a 320 alpha gun and it still would be a solid front line brawler, instead they give it a 440 alpha gun wth NATO handling. I had zero intent to grind this line . . . but damn it looks like a fun tank with such obviously abusive traits.
  3. Don't worry, the purpose of light tanks and medium tanks is to flank heavies and shoot them in the sides where their armor is weaker . . . A 13-90 cannot pen the side of this tank if it is circling it. Yes, at 50+ meters it has a chance to pen it, but LTs don't do 100m circles. Even best case scenario, tier 9-10 LTs are looking at 70% chance to pen side hull, almost no chance to pen side of turret (even back side of turret). FFS, I'm glad I'll have one - its got decent mobility, a good gun, and tier 10 armor.
  4. I think the problem is that I play all casement TDs as assault guns and this was definitely not suitable for assault gun play. The SU will bounce a shot occasionally and the alpha is enough to make same tier tanks shy, plus it has good pen for tier. Trying to follow behind heavies in this tank is pretty useless.
  5. Leaving base is over rated. New WG model will be 28 tanks hugging perimeter red-ring of fire while a pair of T-100LTs circle one another in the middle of map trying to spot other teams bush wookies. Besides, WG will probably just sell the WTE-100 during the WGL GF as a tier 8 premium in a $300 bundle of joy.
  6. I have a 14% WR in this tank, its horrific. I mean a legitimate contender for the worst tank I've ever played. I've switched to food and 100% APCR to try and win a few games so that it won't be so painful to free XP. The SU-100 literally shits down this things neck in every single way. I got outspotted by an IS-6. DPM is meaningless on a tank that misses every shot, gets spotted instantly, and can't bounce tier 4s. FFS, I have a feelin a rage sell is coming.
  7. The waffle left just before the beginning of HE meta. I'm waiting for a waffle to bounce a clip off of an angled type 5, then take a gold HE high roll to the face. Plus, let us not forget the waffle never got spotted 12 seconds into the game by a T-100LT ninja. Spotting waffles and spotting for waffles, its the dawn of a day day when 10K spotting damage will net you a second class badge. The shit part of the waffle was when some retard yolo'd himmels and clipped out my E5 before getting killed 90 seconds in, but hell, thats a universal gripe for all 10 tiers.
  8. I watched mountain mans stream a couple of times, he's a meh teal and not very entertaining. I'd rather watch streaming in a foreign language than watch his sub standard play. Obviously his posting skills are on par with his stream where only his mom and a couple of alts follow his basement dwelling escapades.
  9. I did the TD-8 in the Skorp G after a lot of trying to the SU-100, I got the last 2 shots using dat mobility during clean up. I would have not done it in a borsig or anything slow. Fast plus turret = decent chance. I've noticed when shooting through bushes at silhouette of slightly angled VK 100.01P that the damned LFP is really narrow and if you are guessing its easy to hit tracks instead. I donated about 1K blocked to some guy on murovanka cap last night because I could not judge his LFP and his turret game was on point. Right now I'm raging on the LT cap mission. Sadly, there is no solution to it except witchcraft and happy thoughts.
  10. Especially for your first one in a peach of a tank o7
  11. Dammit bobby . . . .
  12. Just bumping this because this thing is so much fun. Its basically a tier 5 T49. You dart around in the shadows hunting for butts and unleash a stream of 30mm bukkake all over them, then run away. Rinse repeat. Its capable of clipping out most of its counterparts as well, which makes it a truly nasty counter scout. The best tier 5 LT on city maps. 8/8
  13. Nurki skull is OP, please nerf. In your price range honestly you can get a pretty good set. I've had pretty good luck with Koss, although right now I'm just using a mono-phone so I can hear kids and stuff.
  14. A guy today with 91K games and red stats. Loads into a tier 8 game in a Patriot says a few inane things in chat - and proceeds to go drown on purpose . . . I logged out without even bothering to get his name. 91K games of that shit
  15. 900 dpg is teal in this thing . . . . It has a role thats no longer needed and it does not have the tools to fulfill that role even if it was needed. - OK, so whats up with this thing, I'm supposed to have 0.30 accuracy and 198 pen, but my hit rate in this POS is abysmal and I consistently bounce side shots on IS, LTG, and M10 in last game, just bounces for days. I'm not trying to tinfoil hat this, but FFS this gun feels like such a lie.