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  1. Archaic_One

    Help me pimp out Super Conqueror

    Never push the battle button without a repair kit and a med kit. The super conq has 17mm of engine armor and all arty players know that they can get 1K damage shots on SC where they are only getting 200-300 on Types and Maus. That med kit will flat out be the difference between wins/losses
  2. Archaic_One

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Somewhere somebody did the math and showed that off road driving is more valuable than smooth ride or clutch breaking on most tanks because terrain resistance is such a bitch. I've watched enough of Haglars replays to know the thread can pretty much be closed after he posted RU med advice in it. Firefighting directives are a bargain
  3. You would be in the upper half of DHO-X (teal recents is our middle name, lol). We are still pretty active, especially in Advances, but there are no activity requirements. As long as your a dad you have passed our entrance exam
  4. Yeah its really the 6 and 7 that make this such an onerous line. @Madner Kami I don't disagree that its a bad design and that making people play horrid tanks is bad policy that probably costs users. Basically all I'm saying is that the payoff was enough that even I muddled through the line after the super conq came out. Its a familiar theme, the chinese tanks were pretty meh and under played, then the 5a happened and I ground out the chinese line, ditto with the 430 - which was clearly inferior to the 140 until they fabricated the 430U. Object 263? Rinse and repeat. Maus? yep . . . etc. Its a pretty predictable pattern over the last 18 months or so. I actually suspect that in a year a lot of people will be grinding the Leo and/or IS-4 when those lines are deemed profitable to recycle. It ain't how wotlabs would do it if we were in charge, but sadly they don't want to listen to reason in Kiev
  5. We should take up a chemotherapy collection, maybe pay it out in bonds.
  6. But the IS-4 and the Leopard are clearly worse than most tier 9 tanks and for yet another year they get ignored. The Caern is good, the Conq is great, and the Super Conq might be the best tank in the game - the Black Prince is kind of the price you pay for greatness IMHO
  7. Archaic_One

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    The gun on the 5a is the best communist damage dealer in the game, but the armor is probably the worst among the RU/Chinese heavies. Its the only one that has a turret that cannot be relied upon, but the added gun depression helps make up for the armor. I think the 5a is a little better, but only a little and the 277 can take hills the 5a can't.
  8. I traded the FCM a while ago - it's buff does not look very impressive. I kept the super pershing though, I'm glad I did - its going to solid as fuck now
  9. So I just sent a team mate 1K gold for TK'ing somebody that hid in a bush with full health while I brawled alone.  It was money well spent.

    1. hazzgar


      Maybe let's make a crowdfunding camaign for that great person? 

    2. Audax_Bellator


      We should platoon:awyeah:

  10. Archaic_One

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    I've played less than 300 games in 2018 - so about 20% the rate I played previous years. It started with the E5 over-nerf that eliminated the only CW viable US tank. Then the Japanese heavy buff that really killed it - realizing that even a single AP round in my IS-7 was now a liability, bouncing an entire fully aimed clip from a Kran, realizing that my pershing could not even pen the ass of most japanese heavies - meanwhile they just shoot my tier X heavy in the gun mantlet for 500 damage. The succession of one OP tier X after another, each outdoing the last until it culminated with the V4, Finally the rise of the second TD meta. Fuck all 183mm guns that can delete a tier X tank with one shot, who thinks than was a good idea? All of these new bushes that simultaneously killed scouting and promoted this 750+ alpha TDs and the STRV plague. Pushing is dead, aggression is dead, soon this game will be too. Sadly its probably too late to RemoveArtyFromGame now, but I'll never quit hoping. Well, I might quit hoping after I too quit playing
  11. Archaic_One

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    Well, now that both of these tanks have been buffed and remodeled I'm wondering they are now different enough to warrant splitting this thread? The M60 feels really good right now, RU speed and aimbot gun handling. The new uber-HEAT is addictive. Its gone from being a hipster tank that was clearly inferior to a legitimately good tank. Its still not OP (though its ammo might be) but the buff struck a great balance of making it different and worth playing.
  12. Archaic_One

    Conqueror OP

    When T29s dream, they dream of being Conqs
  13. Archaic_One

    ISU-152 appreciation thread

    I played a few games after the nerf and sold it. Its probably the worst of the common tier 8 TDs now. It has terrible aim time and accuracy, no armor, its blind, has terrible traverse, its slow - all were tolerable with BL-10 but only barely. With the nerfed gun, there is just no role for it thats not dominated by the ferdi, skorp, Proto, strv/udes, WZ, even the French TDs are fast and have auto loaders. About all you can say is that its still better than the AT-15
  14. Archaic_One

    Panther II - Top Gun Comparo and Questions

    Well, I only played one pub match in it thanks to Frontline. The nice thing about FL was that the shorter 88 was actually viable against most tanks so I had a little DPM. I switched back and forth a few times but finally settled on the dpm over the pen/accuarcy. Ironically, I actually really liked the long needle 88 on the E50 with its insane 4 second reload, I aced it in my 3rd game with that gun. DPM is everything for meds.
  15. Archaic_One

    New Heavy for the current Meta

    The 5a has really great dpm and depression, the 277 has a great gun and more reliable turret. The super conq is the premier ridge poker among all heavies and has a rail gun.