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  1. There are three new RU tier Xs. I cannot imagine that this thing is high on anybodies list to grind compared to the Vers 4 and the 430U. Fun is still a thing after all and nothing about this tank looks all that fun.
  2. Yeah the speed on this thing is ridiculous. V4 driver sitting there in the LT scout bush smoking a cigarette waiting on the meds to show up so they can kill them is kinda silly.
  3. RNGesus "imma give you a hit AND a pen here, but . . . . "
  4. I've had my best performances and all of my 2-chevron wins in the 111-5a, although I've worn the ink off of the 2 key doing it. That DPM plus turret combination just works really well unless facing Super Conq and getting my hatches molested by its gun depression.
  5. Yes I found out the hard way in ranked tonight that its only semi-unbreakable . . . so can you shoot the ice out from under somebody with a tank gun, or just arty? Because THAT would be an epic meme kill right there
  6. ditto
  7. Only if I can blame you when I die driving off of the hill on mines
  8. 'hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries' aka probably still in the gene pool
  9. Using about half gold half AP from a panther at about 250m (195 and 234 pen) I bounced 17/19 off of a broadside 257 . . . glad I flanked and got his side. The broadside of his turret is ~260mm Continuing the WG lose/lose mantra of tanks that suck to play and suck to play against.
  10. Bless you for not lurking for 5 years and then asking why your Obj 430U stats are not updating with your first post.
  11. I sold mine and kept the T29 which is still good for crews and that guy that wants to platoon tier 7. Tier 8 is just so unfun to play now and the tier 8 prems are so ridiculous that playing a tech tree tier 8 for fun is masochism. Keep the IS-3, its the only tech tree tier 8 heavy thats still worth having.
  12. I only really use the fire fighting ones for the reason above on about 5-6 tanks that really need food. I don't do much to earn bonds, especially now that they nerfed ranked to keep scrubs like me from leeching bonds, so I hover at around 1400 +/-. Ergo, I'll never own any purple equipment, so directives are pretty much the only benefit I use.
  13. 2.21 second aim time, I wonder what the bloom numbers are? If it has bad handling, slow aim time, and shitty alpha . . . . Meanwhile in Soviet Russia 4K damage won't even two mark the 430U. Balance
  14. I wouldn't admit to that either
  15. On the plus side I got a full HE pen plus fire kill on a full health T29 last night. On the minus side, in the same game - I shot the side of a 257 at point blank aim on a drive by and did 0 damage - sad panda. Also whiffed an easy kill shot on a low health 13-90 and got clipped out. 0-3, not a happy chode night, but that T29 one shot was nice.
  16. Seriously, you could photoshop that into actual scenery and it would be tough to spot as a model. +1 brother
  17. QB is purely a WG shill. As he proved when he threw foch under the bus - he's not going to bite the hand that feeds him.
  18. A fucking 113 with a cloaking device that snap shot me in a T-100LT. . . 8/8 will end well
  19. That was more to kickstart people to finish the line because they made the tier 8 the best tank in the line. How funny would it be to buff cuploa, nerf cupola, cut cupola off. Logic. Honestly, I see this as very unlikely. Right now WG is trying to appeal to an existing playerbase, not new players. Almost everybody already has the E5 so there is no profit to be gained in buffing a tank thats already in everybodys garage. Its much more profitable to invent some mythical RU heavy that shits all over the E5 so that the E5 driver will grind out something new. Besides, the Super Conq already shits on RU heavies, we can't have another capitalist imperialist pig dog tank pissing all over tanks literally named after lord and master Stalin.
  20. Too long, glad I read Its sad to be in a match and realize that there is no a single historical tank in it, which is sadly becoming more and more common.
  21. I did notice when I was trying to look up the stats of a youtube replay that wotlabs front page just hangs up and goes blank when I searched for him.
  22. When the M103 is probably the worst tier 9 heavy (not including 50-120) you know the whole class is strong. Nice write up
  23. So last night one of these rushed tracks on live oak and beat all the mediums to the bush at the edge of the water. GG, he locked down the entire flank. My current strategy is to avoid them, they are impossible to play against if they take a good position and have support. I resorted to slinging HE at its gun with my E100 at one point last night. First the Grille, then the STRV, then the Badger, now this abomination. I'm feeling like even I - who has apologized for WG and continued to play this game long after all the smart money left - is about to run out of reasons to play.
  24. Everything is so flat and open now, I was running around on fishermans bay last night in my batchat and I just felt naked. They worked so hard to ruin accuracy and pen values to decrease sniping - then they turn around and spray defoliant on all of the maps. It feels as if there is nothing between TDs at draw range or 705a's at 50 yards. Every map feels like Nebelburg with no midrange play. The T-100LT may become the most powerful tank in the game with the end of bushes.