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  1. If they would have warned us weeks in advance it probably would have, just like it did for iEquipment . . . . errp. So they lower the pen, alpha, DPM, and burst. They take away any viable prem round and they lengthen exposure time and keep its accuracy and aim time trash. What could be done to buff the 100mm enough to make this not suck? If the prem round was 300mm+ and the accuracy and gun handling got buffed to russian medium levels would it work?
  2. I dont play boats, but +1 for click bait
  3. Even at 3.86, it should easily be able to sustain a perma track. Its probably hard for WG to give the Swede heavies -12 depression without giving the french heavies some kind of a depression buff.
  4. Am I the only one that cannot tell the front from the back of these tanks from the pictures? Add me to list of people that would rather see the armor stay the same and the HE spam cannons nerfed on all of these tanks. Derp guns suck to trade against when even higher tier tanks have to aim. When 110E5 and IS-7 drivers dread brawling against an O Ho, something is out of balance.
  5. I get that in the hands of elite players that the BC is very effective (duh), but its overall performance is pretty average: Win Rate among tier Xs 50.12% (24/50 tier Xs, 9/16 tier X meds) DPG among tier Xs 2,064 (22/50 tier Xs, 9/16 tier X meds) XP per game among tier Xs 449/game (19/50 tier Xs, 10/16 tier X meds) Obviously it needs to be nerfed.
  6. "watches two 'hull down' Bat Chats bounce entire clips off of each other"
  7. Why would they give a tier X medium tank a tier 8 gun? 12 seconds to get the whole clip out which defeats the entire point of the BC as an assassin. WTF 278 gold pen in this meta? I hardly ever need HEAT in my BC, but when I do need it I NEED IT. FFS WG, I finally get a tier X tank I can halfway play and you turn it into a tier 9 tank . . . Please tell me this is another joke
  8. So, its the new waffle - idiots punishing idiots for full health in 8 seconds, then dying alone and unloved.
  9. Keep in mind that you have a 105 with APCR as a prem round, so S103B is damn near impregnable from the front. I actually carry a little more HE because of it - their armor is based on angles instead of thickness so HE actually yields decent results if you stay out of the HEAT shield. Obviously facing an S-tank head on in an M46 is not optimal, but if you gotta you gotta.
  10. Unfortunately, we can no longer pull your vitals from your profile and I can find no record of xLosTsouLx in the database. What is your ingame name? Keep in mind that folks are not trying to be rude, but everybody is here to learn so asking for general help in the wotlabs mentor meetup is kind of like asking to take some unspecified 'knowledge' class on a college campus. There are many forms of mentoring - asking for a unicum to carry platoon with you in pubs, training room exercises, replay reviews, and general life coaching all can be had if you make yourself a good student. Have you read all of the guides?
  11. I've come closer to rage selling than any tier 9 ever. Especially since I started grinding the Emil II and the Emil just shits all over this tank. What am I missing?
  12. Unboxing videos, pfft please. I'll throw in a boxing video if we can get these bids up - hows that for fan service.
  13. Hello Nerds. Do you like military stuff? Can you read? Do I have a deal for you! Up for auction is a set of 6 slightly used books of military history. All proceeds from this auction will go to the Solono Life and Chemistry Fund* The format is simple, you post a bid in this thread in US dollars from now until the auction ends at the end of the month. The highest bidder gets the books shipped to their door upon confirmation of receipt via Paypal by Solono. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!** I will pay a matching donation equal to the final winning bid, up to $100. The books: 1. The things they carried - Vietnam sucked, letters from Vietnam and the stories of the men that fought. 2. War as I Knew It - Patton's memoir of WWII in diary form. A day to day view of the war in Europe from the very top. 3. Enemy at the gates - Pretty well used. Story of the Battle for Stalingrad - essentially a contest between the egos of Stalin and Hitler to see who could fuck it up the worst. 4. A rifleman went to war - Memoir of an American that went to fight in WWI for Canada and participated in trench warfare and as the first modern sniper. 5. Chesty - Biography of General Chesty Puller, the quintessential Marine. Act now to get this copy which has never been fapped to by @TheMarine0341 6. 1776 - George Washington during the first year of the Revolutionary war THAT'S NOT ALL! The winner will also receive a free bonus book of my choosing. So basically thats it. Bid now, win some books, help a good cause. If you have questions - ask them in this thread, questions with bids get better answers. I have a lot of these, I may do a second annual auction in a few weeks if this one goes well. Maybe a sciency one next. *this is a totally made up name, your accountant will not be amused if you try to write this off ** Gasai font trigger warning
  14. I just realized that XP earned during ranked battles does not count towards tankrewards XP. Seriously? Fuck you WG, that is bullshit.
  15. OK, so do I free XP the top gun on the Emil II and give up mobility, or do I spam gold in the stock gun and zoom zoom? The stock gun actually handles pretty well, so I'm almost leaning that way
  16. I know plenty of Marines, they are essentially interchangeable, so that can probably be arranged.
  17. Yeah, that's a sure fire recipe for business success. Damn Apple, didn't you make enough money on iPods? Why you gotta charge me for phone too?
  18. Looks like arty is going to be able to platoon with non-arty again, arty is getting a better aiming mechanism, and now stun-assist will count towards marks. Because everybody wants to encourage more arty play amIright?
  19. If you are interested in donating and you like to read check out the book auction on Solono's behalf here: Operators are standing by!
  20. Alright come on folks, do I have to throw something else in the pot to get the bidding started? Shipping to anywhere in the world is on me, I'll even throw in a piece of WWII memorabilia along with your gift book.
  21. Really, its not tanks like the BC that would suffer, its heavies with shitty AP rounds facing all of the mice and Type 5s. If you are in an IS-7 with only 250 pen AP and you are in a brawling corner against 2-3 HE slinging Type 5s, its GG if you don't have the 2 button. And I'm not talking about have 5-10 gold rounds (with IS-7 gun handling half of those are in the dirt) I'm talking about 20+ of them - you are toast. The whole chevron system is borked, you have to give players on a losing team a reason to keep fighting when MM RNG decides to stack the deck against them. I don't know how to fix it, though the point system is BS. Right now the whole thing is just too grindy. We'll see about iEquipment, it could work with restrictions I think (maybe a per game charge like high octane fuel) or maybe not. Until we start seeing it mounted who knows.
  22. This feels like a campaign but so much worse. At least during a campaign you are in comms with your friends and only playing 3-5 games a night. Plus there is at least a break between stages. This shit is like a job - a job that costs you to play and gives you constant negative feedback. Basically, I'm shooting for rank 3-4 in each stage and then I play tier 8s during ranked. 1200-1600 bonds per season will keep me supplied with directives until the next season. I can knock that out in a couple of days per stage. I'm not going to work harder than some kid sewing shoes in Sri Lanka just to buy a fucking improved ventilation system. Tier 8 is like a magical wonderland during ranked time slot, you actually get to bully some tier 6s and earn some $$$.
  23. About equal amounts of old school hip-hop and bluegrass, the 80's were obviously my formative years. I tried not to repeat artists, a few of them had multiple albums that would have made the list. If I whistle your song constantly to myself while I'm mowing grass or cooking, you probably made the list - hence TayTay.