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  1. I've seen it in a few status updates, but no threads yet. I figured it was worth a topic: I never really used it, but its sad to see another domino topple.
  2. I think in a way its WG trying to cling to the rubicon model of forcing every tank into a rock-paper-scissors which of course has nothing to do with how their game is actually played. The best T54LT game I ever had (so good I remember it over a year later) was on Himmelsdorf when I had to be a medium and tank a corner. Artificially gimping LTs view range so they are forced to use optics and thus gimping them in a gun-fight was one of the single stupidest things to ever come out of Minsk. This is what happens when all of the developers you hired in 2012 have moved on to playing other games but still work for you.
  3. 73K games . . . I just got a zero damage game from him in his IS-7 that he averages 700 dpg. The only tanks he averages over 1K in are arty . . . There is not enough bleach in the world to clean this from my mind.
  4. Is that a new prem variant of the T-71 or are they replacing the only decent US LT* with that POS? Because that thing is trash unless the gun handling and camo are godlike. (*derp gun models not included)
  5. Great, so we are buffing Gasai_Yuno's second favorite tank now . . .
  6. Scouting is dead, trying to build an entire tank class around a mechanic that is no longer relevant is just pointless. We already know where all of the Maus/Type 5/113 are, we don't really need to scout them. What would be nice is a high speed mobile sniping platform that can do area denial until the heavy tanks arrive or that can prey on out of position or isolated tanks. There just too many Karkovs, Abbys, Mines, etc. to try and build a tank class around spotting. Even when you do get Mali or Prok - you get sniped by bush-wookie swedes or yolo'd by some shitter in a T49. Give me a LT that can take the hill first, snipe, then run away and repeat somewhere else. LTs need to be more like armored cavalry and less like musket firing spy satellites.
  7. I recently farmed a Mauschen from full health to death through his drive wheel in a Patriot even with a couple of misses/bounces. Repairs is still pretty damned important.
  8. Well, my ping actually improved (60ms to 45ms) with the NA server move, so yay. Where is test server based from? I get about 130-140ms on test from central US which is not too much of an issue for me. If I could get comparable ping on EU or RU then making the transition would not be a problem.
  9. When I see a team mate only take 400 damage from a T95, I know the T95 is not going to be able to punish me enough to keep me from yoloing him. Taking ~800 damage and getting ammo-racked by the 155 is enough to keep me behind a rock. Taking a single shot from an average NATO gun in exchange for a flanked and killed T95 is not. As for the BC tAP, giving up an entire tier worth of alpha and pen is too much to trade for 12 seconds I would probably spend relocating anyway.
  10. Sure, right now its all sizzle and no steak (literally if you're not careful), but the thing is, AMD has enough weight to iron out a lot of these kinds of problems in a year or so with the next few revisions. The fact that they are in the game at all should be good for the whole sector both in quality moving forward and ultimately price - even if AMD is never able to fully hit the mark.
  11. Chicago.

    I really figured it would be in Texas to help the LA players get better ping.  Its pretty much a push for me in N. TX, but at least a boost in server population should help MM a bit.  NA-EU 2018 bois, you heard it here first.

    1. TheMarine0341


      Chicago is wired for massive connections already

  12. 0.42 accuracy at tier 9 . . . FFS I wonder if WG even understands their game sometimes. Nobody downloads this game so they can grind out a tank and do spotting damage for strangers. We play this game to shoot shit. Constantly missing while trying to shoot shit is not really any fun - they do realize its supposed to be fun - right?
  13. Wargaming philosophy on bush-wookie TDs like Grille, STRV, Skorp-G, etc = lets make tanks that are equal parts not fun to play in OR to play against. At least Jagzilla is a fucking tank and you can dig in and hold a corner with it if you need to. Hiding in a bush with binocs hoping not to catch an HE round from a bottom tier tank is not my idea of a good time.
  14. I'm not sure why you think its unintentional, very few companies repeatedly make profit oriented moves accidentally. Even things like the proposed BC nerf were profit driven to get people out of a very popular tank and into grinding the AMX 30B and Patton. The constant leapfrogging buff train and stream of OP prem tanks is certainly deliberate - its just not sustainable.
  15. The patton turret feels almost russian reliable on the test server, especially with the removal of the cupola which was really the biggest turret buff. The E5 is still really good, the hatch is still pretty much immune to lower tiered tanks and the hull armor still works if you're moving. I honestly think the massive front sprocket nerf was the hardest hit the E5 took - getting raped by a tier 8 autoloader is amazeballs . . .
  16. I just want to platoon with somebody that screams insults at me whenever I'm about to do something stupid or go to a piss poor position. Negative reinforcement FTW. @SmyleeRage
  17. They have an office in Austin and obviously with Dell and AMD headquartered there its a pretty solid tech hub with good infrastructure. The WG Austin office is where they do a lot of their analytics and business development. If you want to find a quality server bank in Austin, its pretty easy to do with plenty of skilled people to run it. Thus, WG will no doubt base their US Central server in some little piss ant town in Arkansas . . .
  18. Well, that would help me a little . . . but rip all of the asian players that play NA west.
  19. In a way its a logical progression from the lower tier heavies. When they said a 'nasty gun' and similar to Foch - my first thought was super conq with the 183mm . . .
  20. IS-3: 26 + 1 = 27 Tech tree lives matter, so do soft statsObject 416: 26 - 3 = 23 There will come a day when derpy midget hipster tanks will steal the very heart of the heavy tank meta, but it is not this day.Lowe: 36T26E5/Patriot: 30Rhm. Skorpion: 21 Obj. 252U/Defender: 35 Lorr. 40t: 11
  21. Mali just sucks in a heavy thats too slow to take hill quickly, so yeah. On Prok, I try to minimize the directions from which I can take fire in the mid by using the rocks, buildings, and dead tanks. Most TD drivers are too chickenshit to reposition to get shots on you if you get a rock in their way. As long as you can keep your gun and armor facing primarily the same group of threats your peachy. In a US heavy you can do this with your turret, but in a german heavy you need to use angles and hard cover. Its when you get in a cross fire that Prok becomes hell. Oh and arty, fuck arty on both maps in a big slow visible heavy.
  22. Apparently WG is removing  damage from Grand Battles from gun-marks.  I actually thought this was a decent attempt to fix MM, but its probably back to the drawing board now.

    1. SchnitzelTruck
    2. ThomChen114


      they should really give some other cosmetic award, like a flag or something you can stick atop a tank (kinda like the RB ranks)

  23. Tell @Kuroialty to quit playing it and fucking it up for everybody else. I personally prefer clubbing tier IV with the Luchs and Matilda because you can shoot higher tier tanks and farm more damage/XP. At tier II, you are getting such good MM that its going to be tough to crack the 1200-1300 XP barrier often.
  24. See, whatt you need tto understtand is tthat when some wayward pubby sttaggers intto wottlabs and tthe firstt tthing he asks for is tto fix his sttatts, itt kind of makes us feel like we're nott appreciatted for all of our otther attttributes like our wittttiness and charm. Wottlabs is more tthan justt a place for disfunttional auttistts tto sttroke ttheir epeens, itts a family. Before you sttart asking your family for favors like resetting your sttatts, you should maybe gett tto know us, bring a covered dish, ttell us a littttle aboutt yourself. Insttead, you justt watltzed in here and ttried tto gett tto 3rd base on tthe firstt datte. TTthe secrett is, we acttually can resett your sttatts, hell we can make you as purple as you wantt tto be, butt you need tto woo us a littttle firstt.