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  1. Green shitter tip of the week: After weeks/months of getting bullied by higher tiered tanks you realize how powerful they are. Then you finally get OP Tier X and now you can bully! So, of course you #Yolo420BlazeIt cuz tier X is OP. Don't do that.
  2. They genuinely don't play this game themselves, that was obvious during the first sandbox iteration last year. The "community lead" dev for the english speaking forums was a career 46% with 2-3K games who empathized with why people were pissed off about Tier X meds being castrated. FWIW I see a metric ass-ton of Type 4 and Type 5 these days in NA randoms. I don't know wtf they are talking about. The point of the Types is simple, potato level shit tanks that keep pubbies alive and relevant regardless of cerebral palsey and 5 fps ping.
  3. Generally when I think of 'climax' it involves more than 4.6 HP/ton.
  4. There are not enough upvotes in the universe for you, so I quoted this so everybody can like it twice.
  5. I'm going to need to upgrade my Patron status if posts like these keep popping up that require so many negs followed by a plethora of +1s. Kudos to wotlabs for this christmas miracle that has alleviated an otherwise boring morning.
  6. I think the E50/Patton joke was perhaps the single best use of WN8 ever devised. Its no more or less viable (or valuable) than any other made up rating system for epeen measurement of pixel clicking ability. I am not affiliated with wotlabs in any way, I don't write code, and I'm bad at memes - thus my official statement is pretty unofficial. (edited to tone down saltiness over EU players griefing about WN8 . . . )
  7. He obviously bought the account, but more interestingly - if you look at his 'clan', look at how many members have significantly lower recents than overalls. Pretty sure their clan tag is an ebay link, lol.
  8. I really want the gold one from the chinese server, now THAT would be hilarious enough to break into the piggy bank for.
  9. /me dusts off KV-2 . . .
  10. I doubt if it could batter down a wall made of legos with that HP/ton . . .
  11. So WG see that more people play the 268 line than the 263 line and they want to increase its popularity. Sooo - lets make it just like the 268 line and take away the only facet of the 263 that makes it interesting instead of improving the weakness's of the middle tanks in the grind. Now everybody that already has a 268 will surely suffer through that horrid grind so they can have - another 268. Seems legit to me . . .
  12. Ironically this got posted the same day you posted this, about as solid a description of the true roll of LTs as I've seen in a while: GG, man. If the KV-1 driver really thought the best use of the most OP tank in tier 6 was to hide in a bush somewhere, well I guess thats why he named himself mindless . . .
  13. 111-5a HEAT 340 pen 490 alpha 4,800 credits 110e5 HEAT 340 pen, 400 alpha 4,400 credits Object 140 HEAT 330 pen 320 alpha 4,800 credits E100 HEAT 334 pen 750 alpha 6,000 credits T92 HEAT 210 pen 150 alpha 5,600 credits
  14. Rip the 50% year of premium, apparently they misheard us and are offering 15% off.
  15. I figure I'll just wait til they reward me with another girl commander. At this rate the glass ceiling in my garage is a distant memory.
  16. Tier 3 Light Tanks with at least 104 Engine HP: M22 Locust, M3 Stuart, BT-7, Cruiser Mk IV. Several other Tier 3 LTS have 100 engine HP - none of them are front mounted. The number of times you are going to die with a blown engine in the open is . . . yeah, GG nope
  17. Pffft, you drive the heavy = you're just bait
  18. I actually have drug the Luchs and Matilda out of retirement lately to just avoid all of the holiday retardedness in the try-hard tiers. Sadly, I am bad and you may tire of carrying me on your spindly arty undercarriage. As for tier IX, I have many, I love them all, I probably don't do them justice.
  19. So, I'm curious - hasn't it been kind of doctrine that 3 unicums platooning in tier X has always led to ~75% WR if they were in moderate try-hard mode? Is this just the current meta for achieving that end or do you not feel you guys could equal this in 5a platoons (taking into account your infatuation with zoom-zoom).
  20. I have not played without a premium account in 3 years and: FCM 50t T26E5 P IS-6 T26E4 SU-122-44 Panther/M10 T-34-85M Cromwell B Type 64 Rudy Ram II leFH18B2 KV-220-2 Locust T-127 So, actually I am exactly who they are making this game for. I just wish THEY would realize that.
  21. Is it still tier 8?
  22. I generally use gold to overcome RNG more than pen issues because for whatever reason WG thinks missing a 5 second fully aimed shot on a tanks LFP 150m away is good for the game. As such, tanks that I can reliably hit shots in generally don't need as much gold. I've been in a lot of up close brawls with tier X heavies in my Patton and never used gold because commanders hatches and LFPs look huge to an M48. On the other hand if I'm in my IS-7 and load into a full tier X game, I'll probably 2-2 while still in spawn because shit AP + shit RNG = no fun.
  23. I'd rather see the one year of premium for $50 that they did last year again. Not likely to see it again, but honestly WG when my premium time runs out I'm probably done playing and discount premium is the best way to keep that from happening