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  1. Tier 9 really is the best tier. Slaughtering hordes of tier 7s is pretty easy on the wallet, and the good 9's are very competitive against Xs.
  2. Talk about crying in the corner, how sad is the T-62a now. People are probably going to be stealing 62a crews for this thing now that its going to be the 4th best RU med. Pretty funny - the tank that the Ob 140/430 were prototypes for, the tank that got built 23k times - yeah, its now the hipster tank.
  3. Tanks are still really really good against insurgencies and guerrillas. You park an Abrams at a roadblock or checkpoint and suddenly the suicide bomber in the up-armored propane truck is faced with an existential crisis. Most of our enemies are toting RPG-7s, which are capable of knocking out a modern tank, but only barely with a close range shot and some luck. The sensor package on a modern tank is going to keep most people with an RPG at 400m or more and RPG gunners will generally not get a second shot. Today the tank is a pretty useful tool in asymmetrical warfare, but it will probably become an expensive liability and early casualty on the front lines of the next war between major powers. Of course, by the time that war happens, we will probably have moved on to much less expensive semi-disposable drone tanks driven by guys in air conditioned offices using a mouse and WASD controls.
  4. Someone has been playing Steve Jackson's Ogre or reading John Ringo books. The biggest problem with any super heavy tank is generally mounted with a dozen identical siblings in a pod underneath a helicopter hovering 3-4 miles away. A hellfire missile is under $100K and is pretty much a lights out tank killer.
  5. Jingles was impressed, and honestly - so was I. This has video from all 12. A lot more arty cover.
  6. I think the 'U' stands for "Uh, sure" Of course 340 HEAT cuz rasha. At night when the T-10 dreams, THIS is what it dreams of.
  7. In some ways I think the series actually does a really good job of cleaning up a lot of the messes that GRRM made and could not write himself out of. Brienne is embarrassingly bad in the books, but she is a fairly nuanced and believable character in the series. Euron in the book is just some shallow religious fanatic psycho instead of the genuinely entertaining psycho in the series. GRRM over wrote Davos, I think the story handles him a lot better. Book Stannis was so rigid and one dimensional - duty blah blah, murder brother but its all about doing my duty, burn trees, chop of fingers, but duty first, FFS he was worse than a DC Comic villain in the book. In the series you could actually sense the conflict with Davos and his wife and Melisandre, he was a lot more Marvel than DC on screen. Not to mention the unneeded plot threads with Aegon/Connington and the Golden Co., the ridiculous Dornish prince that goes to woo Dany, all of the excessive Dornish drama, the way overdrawn uprising of the Sept, and of course the lamest of them all the absurdly unneeded Lady Stoneheart BS. I have read all of the books twice, I really liked them - but honestly the HBO screen writers are crafting a lot better story. Besides, they are actually going to finish their version, no way in hell that obese 70 y/o multi-millionaire is going to grind out another 2K pages before the strippers and donuts get him.
  8. We all know that its actually going to be Sansa Lannister who eventually sits on the Iron Throne, write that down bois.
  9. I am honestly surprised this movie even got made. Dick's work is on a little bit of a wave right now, but its such a niche audience that I wonder if they are hoping the just having Harrison Ford would be enough pull to break even. I was honestly not going to watch 2049 until I read this - I'd rather dream the lie than live the reality if it sucked, so kudo's to you for getting me off the fence. This and The Foreigner are on my short list this fall (watching a tired older darker Jackie Chan try to out Liam Neeson Liam Neeson, yes please).
  10. Believe me man, you're not the only greeny having trouble in tier 8s when bottom tier. The two tanks I am grinding through right now (110, T28) both have red/orange armor models against tier 7-8 tanks. They both look like green grapes against tier 10s. Last night in the 110, I bounced 3/4 APCR rounds off of an E5s lower plate while he casually drove into my face and executed me, he probably never put down his coffee. The tier 8 struggle is real.
  11. Fuck the Night King, what is dead may never die. Team Euron FTW!
  12. Well, that was an unnecessary jab, but I'll answer your question. Yes, it makes an enormous difference - an M46 with stock gun is basically a tier 8.5 Pershing with more HP. With the top gun it becomes the statpadding tool of choice for the discerning redline pubby purple wannabe, easily able to pump out damage faster than most tier Xs. I'm sorry I tried to be nice before, I'm sorry I have a good job and can afford some gold, and I'm sorry you don't get that something as simple as "is the top gun really better than a stock 90mm on a tier IX med" seems like a dumb question even to a shitter like me.
  13. Really, you could have just asked the question in the existing M46 thread and I think it would have been OK. It took me a while to get that wotlabs is in some ways the opposite of many forums in that they WANT you to top old threads and keep like discussions in one place as sort of an archival mechanism. Obviously on many other forums, topping old threads is forbidden. My rule of thumb is that if there is a topic on the first 2-3 pages, then I'll recycle it rather than starting a new one. It takes a little longer to search, but the searching usually leads to reading, reading leads to learning, and learning is the path to the not-dark side. Secondly, while there are a few instances where the hipsters might use a non top gun to good effect (T29, E50), for the most part asking wotlabbers if you can get away with driving around in a stock tank and burden others with carrying you through a grind is . . . well, this. I don't think your heart was in the wrong place and I don't think you are a pub-forum sperge lord come to fling poo on us. Just understand that when it comes to game content questions, its very different here and quality >>>> everything else. Unless its T49 buttsex content, then size does matter.
  14. Sold it and moved crew to T71 right after nerf, never looked back. Of course now they are going to make me move the crew to a different T71 soon.
  15. S-3: 40+1 = 42 DPM + Mobility is probably a little more valuable than the Lowe' great gun Löwe: 44-3 = 41 not being fast enough to get your great gun back to decap, Patriot: 1 I'm not going to be the one to kill you glorious freedom wagon, but your time has come I propose we call this a tie, this thread is moving slower than the Lowe in valley.
  16. I'm sure the one under the sheets was a lot bigger . . .
  17. I'm always down for watching an old VPG vet
  18. Not sure about the rack in the hull but there is a rack in back of turret. Pretty much any german heavy from Tiger I up has an ammo rack in back of turret. If you have a 750 alpha gun and a side shot on it, you have an excellent chance of popping top - so much so that I now consciously seek out such shots in my T30 and ISU.
  19. Thankful that they de-hellcatted the shitbarns mobility. The horsepower, improved handling, and depression are enough buff for anything with such a cancerous gun.
  20. You realize you have to say @CarbonWard for him to see this
  21. 300 games, about the equivalent to doing T28 and 110 stock grinds simultaneously . . . AKA the amount of games WG has calculated it takes us to say fuck it and pay to free-XP through it. Illuminati confirmed