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  1. Fighting a 252U in an IS-6 is sad.

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    2. FurryLionBalls


      It's possible but sad. Got my WZ-111 to 92.4% and the IS-6 to 91.2% with literally every 3rd game having a triple-platoon of 252/Defenders in it. Getting them over the hump will be hard though.

    3. Cronk


      Powercreep in a nutshell.

    4. TohtoriP


      Many Defender players are bad though - sad that the tank compensates for so much.

  2. T67, Object 416, etc.
  3. I'll platoon with you (and anyone else who wants to join)
  4. Type 62 (China LT) 20 AMX 13 57 GF (France LT) 20 Vk 45.03 (Germany HT) 20 E25 (Germany TD) 14-3=11: Damn this tank. Krupp-Steyr (Germany TD) 20 Panther / M10 (Germany MT) 21: Fantastic tank after buffs. AT 15A ( UK TD) 20 FV201 (A45) (UK HT) 20 M56 Scorpion (USA TD) 20 T28 Concept (USA TD) 17 T23E3 (USA MT) 20 ISU-122S (USSR TD) 20 KV-122 (USSR HT) 20 IS-2 (Berlin) (USSR HT) 20 SU-122-44: 22
  5. 0 fire for effect medals on your team. Wow.
  6. I had just finished the Tiger (P) and researched the 45.02A. Now, it leads to the Pz. Kpfw. VII and I'm going to have to play the Tiger (P) again...
  7. It would be fantastic without the cupola.
  8. The Maus really needed this buff. It's now a true superheavy.
  9. Just got my record in terms of damage: 7604.

    Still lost. I'm very salty.



  10. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, I cannot find a platoon mate who is better than me statistically
  11. Just got this thing. 100% stock. Should I free xp suspension?
  12. Recently hit 1400 WN8! :)


    1. aaveq


      And in a year you will get ebola from arty focus :kappa:


    2. Wewum
    3. LudwigvonMises


      Platina without me :feelsbad:

  13. Finally got the top gun on the T28 Prototype.

  14. Alright, thanks for the explanation.
  15. Probably. I didn't know that a few points of module damage that can't even be seen in the HUD would count towards your repair cost.