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  1. Sorry for pissing you off, I really was just trying to be helpful
  2. Still another 20% WR session, with decent wn8. I am getting tired of this bs.

  3. Please fucking help me before I kill myself.
  4. Thanks for the input! I was panicking once we lost the 1-2 line, and when I panic I usually don't make good decisions, and aim generally worse. I crossed there because I thought I would have had better side shots on the Pz 7, but obviously I was wrong because I did get flanked after. The clip on the BC and the Sheridan was me being a tomato obviously, I don't even recall why I did that Thanks again PS When I play the T57 where I have to get closer to the enemy, how can I be able to make use of the burst when I can't flank the tanks and have to meet them head-on, with support for example?
  5. @TAdoo87 Sorry, should be fixed now
  6. Ahoy, I thought I did things correctly, obviously I didn't. Any help is appreciated. PS: I got my T57 Heavy yesterday so obviously I can't get the hang of it yet.
  7. I have almost been killing myself with this. Although I try to farm damage, I also try to have a good influence on my team and always try to help them win the fights. However ever since the server merge I have been having absolutely horrendous win rates, with my WN8 being unchanged. This is what it has done to me: I'm on my way to become light blue, with almost a purple recent, and still light green WR and this pisses me off so badly. Thanks for all help
  8. You also have spanish in an english only forum
  9. Solamente hablamos ingles aqui. Like bruh for real.

    What does it take to get a win these days?

  11. I get: My session playing with superheavies These are all the fucktard sessions I get when playing WoT since the new merge
  12. I just somehow can't enjoy this game anymore ever singe the server merge. Somehow I've been getting 50ms less ping but my sessions are the worst. This is the typical kind of session I get:

    EDIT: My session playing with superheavies


    I understand I'm not a very good player and that a majority are alot better than me, but I'm trying my best to win the battle, something which I can't do because for example when I play superheavies, I get open maps where the game is already lost before I can fire my first shot :/

    1. KruggWulf


      I've been getting some pretty bad sessions too lately and I have no clue why. First two sessions after the merge were fine, stayed at around 3500ish, and then afterwards it was fucking AWFUL, I think I was at 1600 the other day, granted I played the Foch a bit with asassian and got lolxvmfocused. It's probably a bit of your own mentality plus a bit of running into all the players from whatever server you didn't play on who have different (And often autistic) mindsets of how to play, if that makes sense.

  13. How is it possible to have 3 t10s do 0 dmg in a game?

    1. DirtyACE7


      Where there's a will, there's a way ;)

    2. simba90


      Never underestimate the ability of a pubbie to do nothing.

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia
  14. I hope WoT developers choke on their own fucking dick and stick themselves into a blender.

  15. Hey guys, I thought it's maybe time to quit my clan, -APE-, because there really isn't anyone anymore. I'm laid back, most of the time social and can spend a few hours of time per week when I don't have to go to the university (vacation). I'm also 18 and like beer I'm just looking for any chill clan that is half decent, with people that I can platoon with and do strongholds or so. Send inviteeeeeees