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  1. No, I refuse to believe I am playing with humans. However brain damaged, however handicapped, however mentally retarded, however autistic one may be, I firmly and strongly believe that a human being can NOT be as stupid as some of the subhuman pieces of shit I have to play with. I would love nothing more, oh god would I love nothing more than to be able to play against them and not with them. Dropping 0.1% win rate every day with good combined damage is too much. Too much.

    1. Errants


      Ah, I see your tin foil is JUST as strong as those who know that WG has rigged their accounts to a 45% WR... ^_^

    2. TAdoo87


      Tbh there is no joy for me playing against very very bad players. 

      I suggest you take a break if you triggered like that then you punish yourself for their stupidity. 

    3. BlitzReaper


      4 hours ago, Errants said:

      Ah, I see your tin foil is JUST as strong as those who know that WG has rigged their accounts to a 45% WR... ^_^

      I see you in every venting status I make, it does make my day when you spend your time doing nice things like this

  2. I just got the T55a, why is the price for AP shells so expensive? :feelsgoodman:

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    2. HemanathanRX7


      Because its supposed to use full HEAT that's why

    3. TheMarine0341


      You mean the Arty killing ammo? Cause, thats all I've ever used AP on my T55A for

    4. kreigermann


      holy shit, T55a has AP?

  3. My stats have not been showing for over a week on wotlabs. Smfh

    1. hazzgar


      The wrong account is displayed under my account so your problem is small :P

  4. 10 first games in obj 704, 2.7k dpg and 20% wr. Fuck the subhuman pieces of shit ruining this game

    1. Errants


      Ooh, like ragepoasters? ^_^

    2. BlitzReaper


      If wotlabs wasnt my to go ragepoasting place then nothing in the world would be right anymore.

  5. It's nice to farm losses

  6. My point was that I'm not able to do good damage because of all the reasons I've mentioned in a lot of my battles. My "crappy" teams won't allow me to even arrive to one flank before folding in many of the games, hence my frustration.
  7. Armored Loot Box Warfare

    Who is silenstalker?
  8. I often find myself trying to grind credits with my t8 prems, especially the non pref ones but sometimes also pref. This is the scenario I most encounter, while playing my Lowe, T34, JT88, FCM, 112, etc: I find a good team, am able to farm good damage and am not in a tier 8 battle I find a good/bad team, and the game finishes before I can do any substantial damage I find a retarded team that gives up map control completely and dies one by one, while I can not push because of hulldown tanks that I can't pen with neither AP nor APCR i.e. hulldown IS7s in sand river in my Lowe -> most of the time, it's the second or third scenario that I encounter. The first scenario is as rare as an oasis in the desert. Also, I the only good armor I have is from my T34 when I can get hulldown. The other tanks I have usually get penned with prem ammo like it's hot butter from higher tiers. And when I play my slower tanks, many times I try to go on one flank, that melts like butter within the first 2 minutes, and I don't have any time to relocate and find myself completely alone on one flank, ready to get in a shot or a few at most, before dying with sub 1k damage, fucking up my wn8 that I so dearly try to improve with my t10 tanks. My point is that most of my tier 8 prems are slow, and not effective enough to go reliably against higher tiers and I just can't deal as good damage as with tanks that are more mobile. However since I do have to grind credits, I don't always have a choice. How can I make it work with t8 prems that have mediocre performance compared to their counterparts in regular t8? Please halp.
  9. do bushes work differently now? I can camp bushes alot easier with my grille and don't get spotted and punished for my mistakes as much as I normally do

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    2. Cronk


      Don't have actual data to support this, but seat of the pants impression is they actually are a bit stronger, as well as being more plentiful.

    3. Strigonx


      It does feel like the camo rating is better.

      Also there are waaaay more conveniently placed trees and bushes

    4. Archaic_One


      So convenient that I almost rammed an enemy tank hiding in my scout bush in T-100.  Oops

  10. why the fuck do I get 120 on some maps and on others it gets butchered down to 60??

    1. Tman450


      Optimization is ass

    2. BlitzReaper


      What optimization?

  11. Any way at all to switch the graphics back? It's nice eye candy and all but I find it more distracting and I'd rather have more game sense

    1. ZXrage


      It's a complete engine switch, so no

  12. I have never seen a team doing so well altogether in my life. Am I in tanks nirvana?

    1. TAdoo87


      0 dmg E100 :serb:

    2. Hellsfog


      0 damage E-100 gets almost twice the experience as the player on the losing team with 2700 damage. Seems like WG should do something about that.

  13. why does the gun handling on the obj140 feel so fucking derpy? I miss shitloads of shots I'm not supposed to and the gun never behaves for me

    1. Daerlon


      Play a t49 for a couple games. Then it won't feel derpy kappa


    2. Tman450


      Because of the high ROF, you notice misses more