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  1. Yeah.... this is going a bit too far. No need to ruin people's lives.
  2. Played the same tank over and over (2k battles) because I didn't know any better. Learned a lot about the basics of the game which were applicable to other tanks later. Didn't hurt that I chose the KV-1S as my first tank to be obsessed over.
  3. You are a cool wife and hope his health gets better.
  4. If he's on WotLabs, won't he see this post???
  5. The guys who call from Dell are the best... bought a Dell a while back and I get calls from these "Dell IT" guys asking for remote connection to fix a virus. I've managed to string one along for 15 minutes and he finally figured it out and threw a fit. LMAAAAAAO... some things are never meant to be understood. "Buh Clark... why do you have such a heavy indian accent?" "Hang on, lemme reboot again for the 3rd time."
  6. Finally hit 2900 overall! Hurray

  7. Just hit 500 games (~480 solo), at 62.5% w/r, 2800 dpg. I've never had this much silver in my acct. I've always been a broke ass bum so this is a nice feeling. Can probably buy back half the tanks I've sold over the past year and half. This tank at tier 8 with the alpha/mobility is overkill. I've been playing hyper aggressive and it's worked out well. Crew is at 5 full skills. I've noticed, now that the crew has all camo perks, i don't light up like a 183 as often. But the camo is still terrible. Running food but still pulling in 60k-80k on average. Next goal: Achieve Carbon/Kewei 3k level at 65% solo and buy back all the tanks I've sold.
  8. My favorite tank and most experienced crew (5.8 skills). I run the 25/5 and will save the Heat for last clip, unless it's a city map, then i'll load it first and try to help push a flank.
  9. oh boy, here we go again...
  10. Is it worth getting the T110e4 if I already have the E100?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Daezara


      just give the e4 the e5 treatment :serb: 

    3. Cardinal_LZ


      I dont see a point of having it if you have E100 and E5. better keep the T30



      hmm i think so too. I'll pass on the e4.

  11. Yay, Skorpion shirt coming! Now I need the unicum watch and I can go out and get all the chicks. Chicks dig high win8.

  12. I love this tank. That is all.