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  1. New Vehicle Trade in Program

    Traded my Skoda T40 for Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. First game, 3400 dmg, 6 kills, Mastery lol. I think I'm in love.
  2. New Vehicle Trade in Program

    Mah man! Nice!
  3. New Vehicle Trade in Program

    Got the same error. Can we not trade using freebies or something?
  4. All ya'll unicums get exposededed

    Yeah.... this is going a bit too far. No need to ruin people's lives.
  5. How did you get good at this game?

    Played the same tank over and over (2k battles) because I didn't know any better. Learned a lot about the basics of the game which were applicable to other tanks later. Didn't hurt that I chose the KV-1S as my first tank to be obsessed over.
  6. Help with my husband's account

    You are a cool wife and hope his health gets better.
  7. Help with my husband's account

    If he's on WotLabs, won't he see this post???
  8. Wasting Scammer's Time

    The guys who call from Dell are the best... bought a Dell a while back and I get calls from these "Dell IT" guys asking for remote connection to fix a virus. I've managed to string one along for 15 minutes and he finally figured it out and threw a fit. LMAAAAAAO... some things are never meant to be understood. "Buh Clark... why do you have such a heavy indian accent?" "Hang on, lemme reboot again for the 3rd time."
  9. Finally hit 2900 overall! Hurray

  10. Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    Just hit 500 games (~480 solo), at 62.5% w/r, 2800 dpg. I've never had this much silver in my acct. I've always been a broke ass bum so this is a nice feeling. Can probably buy back half the tanks I've sold over the past year and half. This tank at tier 8 with the alpha/mobility is overkill. I've been playing hyper aggressive and it's worked out well. Crew is at 5 full skills. I've noticed, now that the crew has all camo perks, i don't light up like a 183 as often. But the camo is still terrible. Running food but still pulling in 60k-80k on average. Next goal: Achieve Carbon/Kewei 3k level at 65% solo and buy back all the tanks I've sold.
  11. The Batchat 25t.

    My favorite tank and most experienced crew (5.8 skills). I run the 25/5 and will save the Heat for last clip, unless it's a city map, then i'll load it first and try to help push a flank.
  12. Tacu's Tacos

    oh boy, here we go again...