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  1. How to raise wn8. Play a light tank, fire 3 times. You are now purple
  2. Too...much...logic
  3. To be fair Angleic's stat sig wasn't linking properly when liberty75 and I commented
  4. You know that by "not redlining" he really means "I redline as much as possible"
  5. Tips from a Purple People Eater: 1. Shoot more 2. Get shot less Good luck.
  6. Uhhhh ok, don't want turret armor because you like getting penetrated. Well. Adios friends, that's enough stupidity for one day.
  7. 3100 base dpm, a turret that will bounce poorly aimed shots, improved gun handling. All of that in exchange for 0.04 accuracy and 12 pen. I don't see how the leo1 will be "a lot damn better", unless being a redline wanker with an extra 0.04 acc means that much to you.
  8. Nope . Updates break replays and I havnt really played in months
  9. I was merely calling him an idiot who sucks at the game and pretends to know too much while having a skull too thick for jag100 heat to penetrate. Good thing the Type5 doesn't need to penetrate that thick skull. Too harsh?
  10. There there little one. It's ok to have opinions, yours just happen to be wrong.
  11. He continuously cites ranked battles because playing ranked makes him feel as if he has accomplished something and is above his skill level, meanwhile he most likely sucks even harder there than in pubs. Classic case of "I'm not bad and I know everything"
  13. Oh that reminds me, I need to replace the T100 model with the Maus model