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  1. Devs have switched from vodka to gin. Cheers, mate!
  2. For me, the tier 6 was reasonably effective, but not a keeper. When near the top of the list, it was quite good played as a heavium with its high alpha and trolly armor. When near the bottom of the list, it had difficulty contributing. But it was not totally painful if you could find something soft to shoot at despite the sluggish speed. The camo could also be leveraged once in a while. All in all, it was okay. (Now the tier 7 -- that has been an excellent tank for me.)
  3. If I have speed in my paper tank, I will often go full throttle up the 2 line to the gaps where you can shoot across into the Abbey. The trick is knowing when to retreat, so you don't get obliterated in a 2-line brawl. After retreating, I'll reevaluate and decide whether I can hang around the brawl for sneaky shooting and flanking opportunities, or whether I have to go somewhere else. 1,2 line still seems to be the key to this map. I will go there in just about any tank in just about any matchup and do what I can.
  4. xtc4

    WoT Encore results!

    I got like 2000 on ultra and 9000 on minimum. But the minimum looked jumpy and laggy, even though that is supposedly an acceptable score. Oh, I got some great toast afterwards!
  5. xtc4

    The Bond Farm

    Profuse thanks for this thread. I feel like my IQ has been boosted.
  6. That's a good point about newer players getting in trouble with fast, fragile tanks. I would certainly steer a newer player away from such a tank at tier 8. But tier 6 is a good place to start learning. So if a newer player has made it to tier 6, I wouldn't necessarily steer them away from the Bromwell and Type 64.
  7. Awesome. I'm that guy who always rushes out to C1, even in a bottom-tier tank, because it is the "important" spot. This post gave me a lot to think about.
  8. I am anti-Patriot on this one. You say your friend needs a tier 8 credit earner. With the current matchmaking, the Patriot is a poor earner for me. I end up firing premium way too much. To be sure, I am probably bad. But so is your friend. So maybe my opinion is most realistic. My opinion on the best tier 8 credit earners is not very valuable because I don't have the newer premiums. With that caveat, my best credit-earner by far is the Skorpion. I also do pretty well on credits in the Super Pershing with its preferential matchmaking and adequate gun. Of the two, the Spersh is probably okay for noobs, while the Skorpion could be problematic. But why the obsession with tier 8? No matter the tank, a noob may end up losing at tier 8 and not making credits. I would lean strongly towards tier 7 and the Berlin IS-2 if it is on sale. Or how about the T-34-85M, Bromwell, or Type 64 at tier 6? What about some of the stuff at tier 5 -- like the lefty for steady earning and trollish fun? (I'll now duck after suggesting an arty.)
  9. Absolutely. There's 2 rocks on the top of the mid ridge. I will sometimes go back and forth from one rock to the other as I am reloading.
  10. IS-3: 26Object 416: 28+1=29 The tank I hate playing against. It hits me, and I can't see it. If I see it, I can't hit it. If I hit it, a troll bounce.Lowe: 35T26E5/Patriot: 30Rhm. Skorpion: 24Obj. 252U/Defender: 34 Lorr. 40t: 17-3=14 A good tank, but not that hard to kill.
  11. xtc4

    T-34-85M appreciation thread

    lol. MM has made both tier 6 and tier 8 suck. I have been playing my tier 7 premium IS-2 to make credits.
  12. xtc4

    Tanks by tier: keepers?

    Nice list, my friend. But you must feel especially filthy for this^
  13. Is this a social security disability appeal? Years ago, my understanding was that it was easy to find an essentially free lawyer specializing in SSD appeals. That's because lawyers collected fees from the government upon winning in federal court. Many lawyers took the cases for free on the chance that they would win and collect the fee. You had to be careful in selecting a lawyer, though: some law firms were SSD appeal "mills" that churned out the appeals, doing very little work for individual clients and making a profit because the sheer volume of cases produced a sufficient number of winners. I don't know if anything has changed in recent years. Ignore me if I am being stupid.
  14. xtc4


    Since no stains attributable to the Marine can be detected on Chesty, I will start off the bidding for the package at $20.
  15. xtc4

    Do the Garage Shuffle - LT edition

    Thanks for the helpful thread, and please keep it coming as you reevaluate which light tanks are good. I don't think that I will wait to see if any former heroes/current zeroes are rebuffed. I can always reshuffle my garage again if I need to. In general, I like to have good tanks at each tier for pubs and tournaments, and for team stuff at tiers 6, 8, and 10. So my tentative plan is to sell the ELC, Chaffee, T37, and Bulldog. I'll then buy the 16.02 Leopard, AMX 12t (with plans to go up the line), and T71. For now, I'll keep the LTTB and T54LW (with plans to grind the T100LT). And I will never get rid of the T49 (which will, of course, unlock the Sheridan eventually). No, I don't have a Type 64, and I am obviously considering it. But I do have a Bromwell for tier 6 stuff, and I have been trying not to spend too much gold. (I will be spending quite a bit to retrain crews.) Any advice is welcome.