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  1. Indeed, this is the best position for defense: you are on the same side as your lemming train, but you can shoot the reds when they cap. Sometimes, this position even encourages some of the lemmings to come back and help you. The absolute best is when you are in a tank with some speed. If you are fast enough, you can sometimes lead the lemming train and get it moving, and then, once it is moving, run back to a position where you can shoot red cappers. Situations like these are why most of these unicums around here (along with morons like me) prefer tanks with some speed.
  2. Yes, I think this is often the exact problem: circling and auto-aiming, especially in the T-54 ltwt. I will break the habit. I am already doing it less because of the lack of autoaim+.
  3. Thanks! You are a saint.
  4. I have a confession. Like many shitters doing strongholds and other team stuff, I get in a brawl with a bunch of IS-3s and bounce a lot of shots off of their sides. It is frustrating to flank an IS-3 and then have the shot go "boing." Now that I have admitted my failings, can you help me on the path to enlightenment in the most gentle and non-judgmental way possible? (I am fragile.) What are some simple rules on (1) where to shoot and not to shoot the side of IS-3 and (2) what ammo type to use? Thanks!
  5. Okay, I laughed. +1
  6. What am I missing? In pub battles, this seems like it could be a wash: a tier 7 scout that sees tiers 8-10 will become a tier 8 scout that still sees tiers 8-10. But the change could greatly affect tank choices in team stuff -- stronks, clan wars, tournaments, etc. I am not sure that is a bad thing; there might end up being more variety in tank choices than there is now.
  7. I have it on. Variety is the spice of life. And I notice the opposite problem from the quote. People focus too much on their attacking or defending role and not enough on the best way to annihilate the enemy. Defenders especially tend to camp too hard on many maps. They end up losing because they give up too much map control and refuse to counterattack and exploit advantages.
  8. Hey you kids! I hadn't yet received my first AARP mailing when WOTlabs started. Now I have received it.
  9. Josh, I am giving you +1. I just realized that your picture might be from Nick Park.
  10. AT2 hasn't been mentioned yet. When top tier on an open map, hit RRR, and become the world's slowest active scout.
  11. A life changer was playing around with the first (1961) edition of Chancellorsville in the 1970s. That got me into gaming. You younger folks have to realize how hard it was to get a real game going in the pre-computer age. You actually had to play with someone face-to-face. Both players had to be motivated to spend hours learning rules and setting up and pushing cardboard pieces. Only rarely could I get my brother or father interested. I often ended up playing schizophrenic solitaire games. Chancellorsville itself was not a great game. The simulation made no sense without hidden movement. (The same could be said about lots of those old games.) But I was a Civil War buff, and the history intrigued me. I went on to collect dozens of board games. WOT was a life changer when my brother introduced me to it a few years ago. It was my first MMO. Wow! You can get a real game going with real people at any time. You kids don't know how good you have it. We had to push those cardboard pieces uphill both ways.
  12. Okay, I bit and looked up Lanchester's square law. Totally new to me. The upshot seems to be that, when you have a substantial local advantage in numbers, the advantage is probably even bigger than you intuitively think. If I have the law right, the power of a unit is not proportional to its numbers, but to the square of its numbers. For example, six tanks are not three times more powerful than two tanks, but nine times more powerful, everything else being equal. Those six can probably move in and kill the two without any loss, or at most losing one if they are unlucky. Indeed, a substantial superiority in numbers is so powerful that the smaller force must have a tremendous superiority in quality to make up for it. Interesting, if I have it right.
  13. Welcome. And I am going to grind next to the CGC.