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  1. Since no stains attributable to the Marine can be detected on Chesty, I will start off the bidding for the package at $20.
  2. Thanks for the helpful thread, and please keep it coming as you reevaluate which light tanks are good. I don't think that I will wait to see if any former heroes/current zeroes are rebuffed. I can always reshuffle my garage again if I need to. In general, I like to have good tanks at each tier for pubs and tournaments, and for team stuff at tiers 6, 8, and 10. So my tentative plan is to sell the ELC, Chaffee, T37, and Bulldog. I'll then buy the 16.02 Leopard, AMX 12t (with plans to go up the line), and T71. For now, I'll keep the LTTB and T54LW (with plans to grind the T100LT). And I will never get rid of the T49 (which will, of course, unlock the Sheridan eventually). No, I don't have a Type 64, and I am obviously considering it. But I do have a Bromwell for tier 6 stuff, and I have been trying not to spend too much gold. (I will be spending quite a bit to retrain crews.) Any advice is welcome.
  3. My daughter tries to explain "kawaii" to me. And, yes, the ke-ho seems super kawaii. A stealth gem that has a good combination of dpm, depression, mobility, and view/camo.
  4. Same here. My Bromwell jumped. On the other end, my T54 LW and T49 took a dive. I think there were a few other extreme jumps and dives.
  5. I was thinking the opposite: that the controversy had legs because of the underlying balance problems and P2W direction of the game. People often say they are mad at procedure, when they are really mad at substance.
  6. I'm weighing in to disagree with my friend Archaic's archaic philosophy of censorship. In the 18th century, typical Americans didn't work for huge corporations. They were craftsman and small farmers, who were either their own boss or who aspired to be the boss in the foreseeable future. And they didn't get their entertainment and information from media empires. In that setting, it made sense to focus almost solely on government threat of censorship. Things have changed. Now the capitalists whom we work for and who provide our information and entertainment have the power to shut us down, in a way that didn't exist in the 18th century. Concepts of free speech and censorship must evolve accordingly. I'm not okay with being a wage slave. (When faced with a rebellion of his employees, my favorite Marxist, Groucho, said: "Wages? You want to be wage slaves? Answer me that! Of course not. What is it that makes wage slaves? Wages! I want you to be free. Strike off your chains! Strike up the band! Strike three you're out! Remember, there's nothing like Liberty, except Colliers and The Saturday Evening Post. Be free, now and forever. One and individual. One for all and all for me, and tea for two and six for a quarter.")
  7. This is one of the goofy tanks that I play after a rough day at work. At those times, I just can't bring myself to try hard. Instead, I pull out roller skates like the PZ IC and Luchs, derps like the KV-2, and the ultimate in goofiness: the roller skate/derp T49.
  8. Welcome friend!
  9. Now that the 85M has been buffed, it is way better than the Rudy for me. The 85M now has an awesome gun; it is the same gun as the Rudy and regular 34-85, but fires faster. The 85M also has better frontal armor that is more likely to get troll bounces. These advantages are not even close to counterbalanced by a small speed disadvantage: the 85M is still generally fast enough to get where you want to go Yes, the 85M is a true throwback to the Russian bias days that we all loved. Buy it, comrades. (But don't get too enamored of capitalism, which is on its last legs.)
  10. Thank you for the answers. @8_Hussars: That map overlay thing was helpful. That's also an interesting link and point that you bring up about clutch braking vs. off road driving. I have been going in the opposite direction: I used to favor CB first, but lately I have been favoring ORD. My current reasoning is that ORD also helps turning, albeit not as much as CB in many situations; in addition, ORD helps straight ahead speed. I also find that, in some quick turretless vehicles, CB makes me turn too fast, and I can't get my gun on the target. What do others think about CB vs. ORD?
  11. There's no stupid questions, right? I thought I remembered reading eons ago that you get a speed bonus from traveling on roads. Well, I have probably followed paved roads, dirt roads, and small dirt paths thousands of times. I haven't really noticed any speed increase over firm ground. Sure, I notice a decrease when I drive on soft ground, but that's the only speed difference that registers with me. This has been bugging me forever. It took me a long time to ask because I know that I am probably being stupid. So what is the deal with roads? Is driving on roads better than driving on firm ground?
  12. I find the Rudy harder, too. It seems a little less durable and a little slower. It could be my tomato imagination. I look forward to Crab playing it. By the way, are you guys playing the T-34-85M? It is awesome since the buff. Great gun: like the regular T-34-85 gun, but fires faster.
  13. As they say in Scotland: "Your father is dead? What size were his shoes?" Good luck!
  14. I haven't thought about him in ages. Just seeing the name made me lmao.
  15. I couldn't find a thread for the T-34-85M. So I'm starting this to get your opinion post-buff. My opinion after playing it a bunch: Holy Cow! Stalin has decided to bless us with a new tool to fight the fascists and their capitalist lackeys. The gun is really good now: just like the regular T-34-85 gun, but fires faster. And the M's armor, like always, gets the occasional troll bounce. All this for a slight loss in mobility, which rarely seems to matter. What do you think?