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  1. With decent soft stats it will be a real thread to almost everything. I'm waiting for changes. For unknown reason WG is afraid of light tanks. 1st version was OP in terms of VR (440 base would wreck meta) but okay in everything else. Of course nerf hammer hit everything.
  2. ELC Even looks delicious. Its all around butt is what T49 loves the most. On more serious note ELC E isn't OP compared to Bat 12t?
  3. Thanks. I think about making more of them. ------- For last 137 battles in T49 I reached 69% WR and 4,7k WN8 (wonder what DPB it is). Everything solo. Maybe I should re-work random emblem to "FUN" and buy it for T49. EDIT: Forgive me this abomination. It's time to sleep...
  4. T49 indeed is useful but it requires a lot of flair (hope it's a good word) due to low pen, reasonable alpha and great mobility. Meanwhile FV is able to fuck someone's game with a single shot into frontal armor.
  5. Derp guns and balanced ones. KV-2 is OP for same tier and lower tanks but amazing against higher (under one condition: don't be a yolo moron) so in overall it's rather balanced tank. T49 as a paper lt with low penetration and bad gun stats is a gimmick tank. Fv 183 is simply retarded - super high alpha combined with pen big enough to completely rekt VIII tanks and be a real threat to many IX and X AND no higher tiers to balance it like KV-2 is. Type 4&5 - remove those sick derps.
  6. Because it is broken and it should never reach life server in first place.
  7. Unicums, pubbies and bots! FV215b 183 will be replaced with more AT/Tortoise like tank and it will become a special vehicle just like HT and Foch 155. Some screenshots from wotexpress. Also we'll get old as hell ( @GehakteMolen tell us how long it takes?) French HTs tier VIII-X.
  8. Some of gut shots from last 3 days.
  9. Powercreep is real. Doubled gun depression is a great news to me but in general such huge changes are not a good idea.
  10. "Take hill, take hill, take hill" - then stop right before it and let enemy take that freaking hill. Of course I'm the only one to blame because reasons. :notlikethis:

  11. Commander hit 3 times in one battle. Rly?

    1. GloriousPotatoes


      ''And thus, their grand adventure came to an and. But it was too early to celebrate..

      The commander had been hit multiple times during the battle, as we all know, and in the thick of combat, the crew could only afford precious seconds to get their commander back in fighting condition. What this meant of course, was overdosing him on morphine, and giving him some encouraging words to help him get his mind off the 155 mm hole in his stomach. For every time they gave him a few injections, he could then spot the next shell to hit the tank, flying right at the commanders cupola.

      He is now lying in a pool of his own drool. The crew are busy suing WG for involuntary manslaughter.''

  12. SerB is no longer responsible for WoT. Like for 2 years or so.
  13. So you are not going where you should and you are useless for your team. GG