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  1. There are two ways to deal with hulldown tank - rush him or let him stay there and attack somewhere else. It's so easy that Tiger can rekt T29 almost every time.
  2. Blackdog will rekt any tier VI it will meet and that's all. X tier battles will balance its global stats pretty well to keep it as average.
  3. Their way of thinking had to be amazing. "- Ok, so we will add a new class that can shot over obstacles and from one red line to another. That's gonna solve problem with camping TDs and other tanks. - You are genius, dude. 7 years later... - I think that arty does not punish campers because they stay unspotted. Instead they shot first line tanks. - You think? Ok, we'll check this right after we down tier Defender to VI tier with same stats" No, no no no no! It was one of the most retarded things ever. Multiple HE hits murdering modules and crew AND literally zero chance to avoid it while now you can at least fuck cancer's day with hiding. EDIT: What happened to me on CT in Ramshit mode. With current ultra stupid modules dmg with HE bigger splash would kill or at least severely harm any active gameplay even more than big alpha. There is a group of tanks in a choke point. Right now arty will shit on some of them with mostly dmg and some destroyed modules. SB arty will take away less HP from them but it would hit them all and probably would eliminate enough of modules to cripple then entire flank. Now add artillery focus (let's say 3 arties) and you are all dead because your critical modules and crew members are disabled. So much siema
  4. Patriot, Scorpion G, Liberte, Defender and now this - looks like this SerB's moon base is really expensive. With hookers and blackjack.
  5. It's a crap in bullshit sauce. First of all tards say how stun mechanics is great and the only thing to change is to keep current alpha dmg (+ stun so...). Second global refund of exp and credits would skull fuck WoT economy. Third shitstorm would be worse than Chernobyl. Not a chance.
  6. Truly a dick move.
  7. Everything is okay with experience distribution.



    Is there any sense in putting any effort if you may get only 4 times more experience than a guy who just died? I know there were plenty of VIII tanks but still such amount of dmg should be properly rewarded.

    1. Medjed


      Answer lies in sniping from more than 300m, but regardless, you should have get far more exp than that

  8. I've just finished T25 PN1 marathon. By that I mean deleting WoT from PC. I don't say I will never play again but for now it was more than enough. Time to focus on less rage-making games and RL.

    1. Tranderas


      I turned off the game and started playing SWTOR with @Evelyn and my regret regarding this decision is 0. What's the point in playing hours for a t8 tank if it makes you hate the game even more? What's the point of grinding when it makes you feel like you're wasting your life away?

  9. Screw love story. Defender plays with two Jagd E-100 and loses literally 0 HP? Seems legit.
  10. South team in encounter mode on Mines is now totally fucked up. Even HTs start behind a water. GG, WG.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      my VK100P spawned in valley on westfield :notlikethis:

      Also saw an E3 spawn down there

    2. leggasiini


      I spawned to Westfield valley today with Type5

      Did they indeed fuckup spawn locations last patch? They didnt mention it in patchnotes either

    3. FavreFan4ever


      Who plays encounter?

  11. AFE.
  12. I run cola all the time.
  13. Animation level of new ME reminds me first videos made in SFM or Gary's Mod.


    1. orzel286


      Looks like the top comment for this vid was deleted but fuck me if it wasn't spot on: "Mass Deffect: Down Syndromeda". :D

    2. EndlessAgony


      @Solono you were right, this game is retarded. Literally :serb:

  14. It's quite possible since WG started developing more advanced stuff like siege mode which was impossible 3 years ago. Just add E-10, then work on two guns system and multi kul... turret.