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  1. X5 events may bring more stupid wins and fails. By that I understand battles in which a winning team is not better but slightly less dumb.
  2. You got rammer and vents? I'd drop the latter for optics. Base 0.10 turret bloom is not good enough for me so it's good to reduce it to IS-3 level.
  3. Pubbie from official EU forum: my opinion is more important than facts/stats. You can't say a single word about a tank you have not played. 


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    2. Hellsfog


      @Fulcrous I remember that thread.  That guy was too stubborn and too intent on drumming up traffic for his YouTube channel to admit to being wrong. 

    3. Fulcrous
    4. nabucodonsor


      Man my old habit of never visiting the official forum has always proven to be right and saved my last little bit of mental health. 


  4. 1400 DPM is half of what Blackdog has on HE without rammer or vents.
  5. Good armor buys time to inflict more dmg so tank makes more credits. Obvious choice is Lowe or Patriot. T34 is too slow, Liberte has well known weakspots, Defender is retarded.
  6. 390 alpha for 105mm guns comes from ancient times when only HTs had X tiers. Back then MT IX were supposed to fight them so in fact M46, E-50 and T-54 were 9,5 tier tanks.
  7. 105mm -> 390 alpha 120mm -> 400 alpha 122mm -> 440 alpha 123mm -> 480 alpha Excuse me?
  8. When I want to grind some credits I run premium account (I'm not anymore since EU server is POS with all those lags and "unplanned maintenance") and credits booster. Then I take two fun tanks: Lowe and Blackdog. Two totally different gameplays so I don't have a chance to get bored in 2h session. The most important thing about grinding credits is FUN. Don't waste your time playing something that you don't like but it has good credits factor. Choose a tank being a pleasure for you.
  9. Thor Ragnarok - TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

    The only downside was Justice League trailer before. Jeez, DC is so bad at making movies. 

    1. Assassin7


      Yeah I thought that was pretty hilarious. DC trailer in a marvel movie.

      But yeah the movie was amazing. i absolutely loved Kronk as well. He was the most stereotypical Kiwi you could ever have it was epic

  10. Still no 50 meteres tall wall to spawn cancer behind it? Shame.
  11. OB 263 has best AA gun in the game. 

    But this game is about shooting tanks, not airplanes...

  12. Every single battle on Lowe was on new MM. Over 60% WR. Tier 8. Heavy tank. Pure solo play. Am I missing something? Also my max average WR is 60,76% and I'm okay with this. Usually I play better than this and then 1-2 days with 40% WR. Because I get worse teams and teams get worse me (tilt). That is all. No place for tinfoil hats.
  13. Dat RNG. ---- Jingles made a video with T49 Who loads HEAT against T95? Its butt is so sweet HE lover.
  14. Press printscreen key 24 times per second and then open the first one in some graphic browser. Next step is to start recording your screen as video and go to next pic as fast as you can. Save video and upload it here. I'm not drunk
  15. The main problem with HESH is penetration. Too high makes a tank broken pos, too low is not worth it. Currently I play Centurion 7 and with 480 pure alpha and 210 pen (without normalisation so...) it's pretty balanced. No one-shot even to 7 tier tanks and no point&pen at everything else.