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  1. MacusFlash

    Even QB?!

    Nerfing HP pools should bring back some balance between tier X tanks and below.
  2. MacusFlash

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Is it better than Scorp G?
  3. MacusFlash

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Simply you want my T49 Yet I think I should improve both WR and DPG despite playing all solo. It's time to buy improved vstab.
  4. Where is love for Bethesda and their new game? 

    1. NightmareMk9


      It's pretty damn buggy.  I played for a couple hours with 2 other friends.  Constant problems where they could not see my character, or someone would appear in their underwear.  Missions and the crate drops seemed to be buggy too.  I filled up my Stash box by level 7.  I guess there is a patch on 12/3 to fix some issues and increase the stash capacity.

      One issue they won't be able to fix:  In FO4 I liked to read all the pages in the terminals, when 2 other people are waiting  on me to get the next leg of the missions done, seems bad to spend 3 minutes reading all the "flavor" text.

    2. Haswell


      They skimped, so we skimped. How anyone can say FO76 is a good game is beyond me. You don't see "good" games going on sale as often as this so soon after release.

    3. Strigonx


      at this point its just another trashfire that simply just won't stop burning.

  5. MacusFlash

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Improved vstab of course and it's mandatory. Everything else should be working with your style. I prefer rammer while Crab thinks it's not important for derp. Check how do you feel with every combination.
  6. MacusFlash

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Please platoon with Crab or any other chode$tar of NA server. They will show you some derp love in the first 20 sec of battle
  7. MacusFlash

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Retarded exp distribution. Afk bot player get minimum 1/5 of what get a player carrying the entire team.
  8. New game engine, old bugs. Still barrels of dead tanks attract shells so it's nearly impossible to hit enemy while he's hiding behind a wreck. GG WG Also server synch is kinda broken - 3 times I get hit by enemy already being behind a rock. Ping, fps were ok and no packet loss. Just WG fucked up another thing.

  9. > going 100 km/h > arty says "fuck you" > arty uses high radius splash shell > miss > it's very effective, u lost half of your HP, tracks and crew get stunned > throw the table
  10. Would you do better than him? 


    1. hazzgar


      He didn't go for ammoracks or engines or fuel tanks. Given the limited amo on the ruskie med that was stupid

    2. hazzgar


      Also I think someone did 24k in a patton during a server crash a few years ago.

    3. Archaic_One


      Yeah, E-100 ammo rack is easy as is a fire on the first IS-7.  He had a long straight road to use for Grille ramming.  Funny stuff

  11. To prove that arty is hard to play I've decided to run two WoT clients of test server and simultaneously play two arty battles. Never again. I'm not a super human to do it one more time. That focus, this skill. I've almost shit my pants because of stress. Check video and please, don't do it to yourself.
  12. MacusFlash

    Is there a thing called good karma in this game?

    20 battles mean nothing. Play more and get rekt by wot.
  13. MacusFlash

    Playing arty is HARD - an ultimate proof

    It's a test server.
  14. MacusFlash

    Playing arty is HARD - an ultimate proof

    Thanks! I'm doing my best but still I'm not good enough to platoon with myself
  15. I need a software to render 1080p 60fps video from WoT in a decent quality. Currently I'm using Hitfilm 4 Express but it creates really huge files. So far every non-pay editor is giving me a video with terrible quality or can't make it in 1080p or 60fps.


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    2. Haswell


      Youtube compresses the shit out of everything, quality suffers as a result. Never use Youtube or any video hosting site for that matter to gauge video sizes.

      1.4GB sounds about right for a 5min [email protected] video. That's why you export it to a more compressed format before uploading.

    3. MacusFlash


      This video has 12min with 1,35GB. Sounds good enough? 

    4. Haswell


      Watch through it yourself and see if there are any quality drops (ie. blurry moments, audio muffling). If you're happy then you're good.

  16. MacusFlash

    w o o t

    Bots will not spam chat with insults, kiddo rage and they don't know your mother.
  17. MacusFlash

    w o o t

    It's a fact.
  18. MacusFlash


    It could be worse like some fellas stealing your tracks. For me this map is average among all of wot maps. In HD literally every map is terrible so it says a lot about Studianki too.
  19. MacusFlash

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    Fortnite 76?
  20. MacusFlash

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Good point though this tank armor is broken anyway and it's best to not be shot anyway.
  21. MacusFlash

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Turret improves your gun which makes you more efficient in battle so you earn more exp and credits. According to elite tracks do not improve mobility by much - in fact only traverse speed. Not worth it.
  22. MacusFlash

    Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    Buy tracks extension, use exp for something important. Always.
  23. 3rd cancer of WoT after arty and xvm is map desing. In HD red line campers have lines of fire at most of hot zones. Sniping 500+ is now a meta. Fuck WG map department. 

    1. Hellsfog


      I might move map design ahead of xvm but you're not wrong.

    2. simba90


      IMO Map design is a bigger issue that exacerbates the effect of both arty and xvm. If maps weren't designed to push you into a corridor and forcing you to slug it out with little/no arty cover then arty would be mush less a problem and more a part of the game for me.

  24. MacusFlash

    Centurion Mk. I

    Reasons: Tier 8 mediums are generally slightly UP. Fv4202 was 40m/h medium, CAX is worse than M48. Cent 7/1 has no proper gold ammo. MM 357.