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  1. Super Conqueror looks Super Shitty. If they don't make the gun FV215b levels then I'm sticking to my FV.
  2. I take that back. I confused the 30vs30 randoms which was shit with the frontline gamemode which was awesome.
  3. Hmm I already liked Conway a lot. The gun DPM was insane, I have 3100dpg with it. Now that much buffed it would be so much fun! But IDK if the new gun would be better. Maybe if it keeps the DPM
  4. I need to get a clan. I want my WT back, so broken, so fun.
  5. I played the grand battles (then called epic battles I think) in the sandbox server. It was actually super fun and fresh. Medium ruled with an iron fist. But I did also like Ranked Battles so I don't know how valued my opinion is xD
  6. FV4202 is slowly becoming from the worst t8 prem med to the best. This is too great!! CentAX is pretty much the same the buff isn't that significant but Cent 7/1 also gets a big buff. The new characteristics of some British Medium tanks are soon to be tested on the Supertest server! British MTs have excellent elevation angles and a good view range, but unfortunately, the turret isn't strong enough for allowing you to fully take advantage of these top British vehicles. That’s exactly why we plan to improve the front armor of Medium tanks turrets starting from Tier VIII to Tier X. The effective armor will now start from 240mm, which will allow you to play more confidently on terrain folds and to feel less vulnerable. British premium MT FV4202 was not ignored either. Besides improving the front of the turret (common for all top Medium tanks), we’ll also improve the armor of the front hull so it reaches 223mm effective armor. Due to tht, FV 4202 will be able to fight with opponents using its strong front. Moreover, we’ll increase the engine power to 650 h.p., which will allow this tank to reach its maximum speed quicker, become more mobile and dynamic overall.
  7. I like Erlenberg. A decent player can attack and make a difference in the middle bridge already. No need for changes.
  8. Can I trade all my tier 8 prems in for a defender? Seriously I got all the old ones and thy're all fucking obsolete. I can't get any credits. Actually I can't get anything. I play to shoot some bounce some and die miserably. I found myself having to spam HE like a pleb in IS6 because it was the only way to do atleast some dmg. Not that 221APCR is any better as standard. I outplay the shit of a wz-111-4 in the is5 but apparently wz-111-4 is immune to 221apcr frontally. Lower plate bounce no problem. I though it had the same armor as the tier 8 WZ doesn't it? That shot gets penned with 150apcr. GG WG I can do 3.5k wn8 in tier 10s but barely breaking 2k wn8 in tier 8 prems. GG WG again. Thanks for the balance.
  9. I stopped playing tier 8. No point trying to play my old prems vs the new ones. They're worthless. If I want credits I play type 62
  10. Had this 47%er shoot when he was spotting telling me that game was lost anyway even after I did the luckiest blind decap ever. When I told him afterwards in chat that he shouldn't have done that and that we could have won, he told me I cry like the fag I am lol. Replay and discussion below: http://wotreplays.com/site/3705141#highway-kariverson-koda_t_50 kariverson (20:16:15) how would it be a loss when you would be full hp? kariverson (20:16:24) and teh enemy only hd 268 and t34? kariverson (20:16:28) had* kariverson (20:16:37) When you spot, don't shoot Kriszkin (20:17:08) lol m8 they all had been on cap and u couldnt go and kill art Kriszkin (20:17:27) + ur dmy wos not needed kariverson (20:18:00) you have 3k games and 47% don't try to argue when you have no idea what you're talking about kariverson (20:18:22) Just advising you not to shoot when youy spot because you lost all youyr hp for nothing and we could have won that Kriszkin (20:19:11) lol yeah u would snipe em out^^ Kriszkin (20:19:27) gl with that atitude kariverson (20:20:37) Thx, that's why I have 65% win ratio recent and 3.2k damage per game in a tier 9 tank. Win ratio is not luck, you want to win? you have to play in a team, especially when you have someone in next to you that understand what needs to be done kariverson (20:21:03) you did what? 2 shots more? If you stayed alive you could have done 3 more vs 268 and t34 kariverson (20:21:20) and didn't do more dmg , you did less dmg than if you didn't shoot and just spotted Kriszkin (20:21:25) lol u cry like a fag u r kariverson (20:22:27) Damn I'm sitting here trying to show you why we lost and how to play better so you can win more and you just insult like a 5 year old kid
  11. To a 47% because he started shooting and got himself killed from full hp while he was spotting.

    kariverson (20:21:02) you did what? 2 shots more? If you stayed alive you could have done 3 more vs 268 and t34

    kariverson (20:21:19) and didn't do more dmg , you did less dmg than if you didn't shoot and just spotted

    Kriszkin (20:21:24) lol u cry like a fag u r

    1. DirtyACE7


      There's a lesson in this for you. Don't try to reason with subhuman trash that inhabits this game. They will simply pull you down to their level. Just give them a friendly reminder of who they are and blacklist them.

  12. Oh man! I still want it though. It was fun to play and easy to kill.
  13. WOT is not a very heavy game. My gtx1080 at 4k does a good 80-100 fps
  14. Holy mother of God T50 is OP!!!!! I'm never playing anything else!