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  1. Oh it's already on test server? I need to get me an IS8. sorry t-10
  2. Thickest point is still just 220mm so every tier 9 with top gun will continue to autoaim it and pen most of the times. But if they do give Defenders for KV5s and IS6s imagine the amount of Defenders in games afterwards...
  3. Well I'm going to miss them for sure. But I'll gladly give an obsolete IS6 for a defender for just 2k gold. Because it will remain obsolete. KV5 buffs were nothing. it will still be Swiss cheese frontally from tier 8 and up.
  4. kariverson

    On Allchat

    What? you can lose your account for "insults and provocation"? I thought that meant only chatbans. I was chat banned for a month in March.
  5. My god I came across some defenders today. How retardedly broken is that tank. It's much more apparent vs only 8s.
  6. kariverson

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    The superstructure yeah but lower than that if you shoot the drivewheel you can dmg and detrack from pretty much right in front.
  7. kariverson

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    I think you meant 50-50 with normal ammo. it was 254mm not 300! Now it's an almost guarantee pen for normal ammo too.
  8. The thing is when you DO get artied only thing it does is delay you for 30 seconds until you respawn. You game doesn't end then and there which is usually the most frustrating thing about arty. Same with strike consumables. Their reload is too big and airstrike usually only detracks or something and arty strike rarely hits and when it does it does less dmg than actual arty. Unless you're in a filthy scorpion. In which case you deserve it
  9. I think it's kinda sad that the best looking most interesting part of the map that's the castle/town barely sees any action
  10. I see only positive reactions! Nice! Yeah I enjoyed this very much too when I played it in the sandbox. It's pretty fun in live server too but the hours kind of suck. I regret having no tier 8s to grind atm
  11. Anyone played the tier 10 spagetti yet? How does it rank? Worth the grind? 

  12. Whoa oh no... The side was already strong enough, I did the progetto bounce missions with it side scraping bouncing grilles and E4s all day. But breaking the LFP will make the tank too different than it was. Might even break it.
  13. kariverson

    Progetto M35 mod 46 Premium

    It was a heated comment to be honest. Might be because of the crew being basic and a couple of battles I had to dig out hardcamping scorpions.. But some crew skills need to drastically make it better. I had issues with the camo, couldn't believe I had been spotted some times, seems like heavy tank levels of camo. Traverse was also irritating. And not my favorite gun as in gun stats either. The gimmick autoreloader is not a bad mechanic though.
  14. kariverson

    Progetto M35 mod 46 Premium

    Trash tank. No wonder they gave it for free. Almost up to CDC levels. Can't spot, can't hit, can't hide, can't turn, can't run. Camping and 3 arty per game meta isn't helping either.
  15. Camp camp camp. It's getting unplayable. I'll fucking take corridor meta than having to dig out tier 10 TDs from hard camping and having two arties nuking me all the tim as it wasn't cancer enough already. Give scout 500 view range.

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      You might as well give them an X-ray machine.