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  1. It'll be shitty in the current meta. And maybe when they put it again they're gonna nerf it too. But it'd be shitty even like it was. Super accurate arties. HE spam. Heavies are harder to pen. Tier 10 lights to spot you 30 secs into the game from 445 meters.
  2. Sorry for the language. BUNCH OF CUNTS! 263 was my favorite tier 10! Most balanced and badass TD. Fuck them.
  3. Oh yes you're right, I missed the 1440p thing on the screenshot. I got pretty much 10k exactly on 4k. Looked stunning.
  4. This doesn't look like a proper score for a 1080 comparing to @Fulcrous 1070 Maybe because I'm at 4k and it had to downscale? @Siimcy yours looks even more off. Why only 21k compared to 1070s 25-26?!
  5. What if the enemy never feeds you? I keep having this problem with slower TDs. Every time I try to kemp it's either 15-2 or 2-15 >:O
  6. I still don't understand why the have to change one of the most unique yet balanced and fun tier 10s in the game. Pubbies thought it was shit because of the gun only doing 550 instead of 750 but they can't fricken see it does that every 9 secs!!!
  7. Useless really. What am I supposed to do with one crewmember and which nation do I choose for her since I have no idea when any more girls are gonna be available.
  8. There are 105mm guns with both 390 and 320 dmg. I guess it boils down to kinetic energy? or whatever there is to make it make sense.
  9. WG mentioned a new global map campaign this month here: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/teaser-q4-2017/
  10. I have 250 more DPG in my IS2 than the 110 lol

  11. What line should I go first? Which is the most fun really with a usable tier 10?  50b? wz-111-5? The chinese TD? Or the Kravmaga? EDIT: Oh there is the 430 choice also. I'm atleast to tier 7 on all of these.

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    2. Kolni


      50B masterrace

    3. kariverson


      Oh man IDK how to make it past the 110. It's sooo bad! 8.5 secs reload for 320? are you shitting me? 


    4. nabucodonsor


      Try playing it like a fat medium with good alpha. I'd play it like that. Your armour is decent to fight same tier meds, because they dont have the handling to always hit your lfp and even if they do 240 dmg is not a tragedy. 

      Bully only lower tiers and when you are fighting higher just take shots when people are distracted. 

      Dont rely on your armour unless hulldown and consider it just as an "addendum" to your hp

  12. Oh for fuck sake! This was a perfectly good line! Why fuck it up!?!? There was my top 3 favorite tier 10s...
  13. Whoa I did not remember I had replied in this thread. Atleast I have proof now that I had the obj 260 for 2.5 years now hahaha before the mission nerfs.
  14. LMAO Absolutely broken. LOVE IT.
  15. Officially my favorite tier 10! Spall liner to give no shits about arty (~250dmg direct hits by GW) and dpm directive to compensate. Really thinking about dumping all my bonds on it now. Really very few battles but it was so fun! And that 4k dpg only better than 95% wow.