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  1. Whoa I did not remember I had replied in this thread. Atleast I have proof now that I had the obj 260 for 2.5 years now hahaha before the mission nerfs.
  2. LMAO Absolutely broken. LOVE IT.
  3. Officially my favorite tier 10! Spall liner to give no shits about arty (~250dmg direct hits by GW) and dpm directive to compensate. Really thinking about dumping all my bonds on it now. Really very few battles but it was so fun! And that 4k dpg only better than 95% wow.
  4. What? I was just given a free lowe for a week. Why? Is that a new thing?

  5. And now that I have ze gold, it's on. Strv S1 or the Chinese one? EDIT: I need to add that I'll have 3 female crewmembers for either one.


  6. WG you assholes. You give me 30% coupon and you make the Superpershing tier 8 of the week. Not only I already fucking have it, but it's crap after the the introduction of the broken prems!! So do I get gold if I buy it again? I never really bothered to learn about that. 


    1. Zepherex


      Yes you get the gold value if you already own one along with the garage slot

    2. kariverson


      That's cool. I'm might get it and get the Strv S1 with the gold. 

    3. Sidus_Preclarum


      You can't do that, afayk, it's already discounted.

  7. HAHA!!! SPALL LINER BITCHES!! Survived a prokhorovka battle in the middle with 2 arties on my ass all game!
  8. Please let the next tier 8 of the week be the Defender or the Lorraine! I need a new meta prem and I have a 30% coupon valid for 6 more days! 

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    2. kariverson


      I can't get a lowe! Way too slow I can't play slow tanks anymore. Too boring. Plus the tier 8 of the week bundle is very good especially with the 30% coupon. Around 20euro for a tier 8 prem 30 days premium and some goodies. Anyway is the gun worse than the wz111? 

    3. Assassin7


      defender is actually really boring. I own one and play it because its the most OP tier 8 prem. but geez, so boring. you press W and just win. 

    4. Fulcrous


      lowe is love. lowe is life

  9. So was havoc completely scrapped? Or was some sort of version of it implemented and I missed it?
  10. Oh I got a 30% coupon for my 5 year anniversary. Shit and I didn't want to spend any more money but I am missing an OP prem.

    1. kariverson


      I want the defender damn it. I want a tier 10 tank in tier 8 and as a prem! 

  11. Oh my god they look so fucking good! I don't have any fps problems. a good 80fps at ultra. in 4k in sand river. 60fps in himmels at the spawn with everyone moving. 3970x, 16GB, GTX 1080
  12. That's why I said the Cliff map might as well be Roman and it could go either way. The statues looked more roman than Greek. Now for the Greek temples that are located outside of the modern Greek borders, that doesn't make them less Greek. Turks there came over a thousand years after these were build. All the distances seem to be closer for some reason. Might be because everything is much more crisp even at distance. I'm very excited to play them tomorrow too. Thick forests look awesome. Kinda scary for what's hiding in there! Steppes seem to have a lot of gameplay changes too on the east side. Now TDs can actually get on that little hill and snipe the whole side.
  13. They are stunning indeed. Gotta give it to WG. It's nice that I got an email to test them in supertest
  14. IDK tajj. E5 is already faster and I'd say the hull is still stronger. The gun is outclassed though. But personally I hate the e5 even when it was considered OP if you remember when I was in MM. IDK how people play it.
  15. I played the S Conqueror a bit. It's nice. I'd say it's balanced. From close range turret ring is easy to hit. I did it to an enemy's one. I like playing tanks like that. I might spend my bonds to max that instead of something else. Until Chieftain comes... If ever. I have 5 skill crew too from the FV.