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  1. I still miss the times when I was in HDU and me and another dude were the only ones with a t55a and we played them on strongholds haha. It was actually pretty competitive. The power creep hit it hard.
  2. kariverson

    Tier 8 grand battles

    I never played random once while frontline was on. I need it returned and fast. I got 5 tier 10s unlocked (closing on 7) and only 1 million credits. Can't play randoms that much
  3. What's going on in this game the last week? It's perma 3 arties no matter the tier. What gives?

    1. hazzgar


      And steamrolls all the time. So a fast high dpm tank or gtfo

  4. The CW stats for players were removed? I can't find them.

  5. Who comes up with these stupid personal missions? Have two battle heroes or epic medals in one game... I mean the ace tanker ones were fine. I did 6 of them in a day 3 back to back and it pushes you to play properly. Not kill hunt and spot hunt and whatever else random specific lucky shit you gotta do. 


  6. They keep making me playing those campaigns with these cool tanks This looks badass.
  7. kariverson

    T95/FV4201 Chieftain reward tank

    I'm up for that. I still have 26k accumulated. But they simply just release it for bonds? I don't buy it It has to be some kind of a reward. Or it'll cost 20k bonds or something.
  8. kariverson

    T95/FV4201 Chieftain reward tank

    I guess they probably are trying to create a tree somehow for the regular chieftain, should make them more money than it being a CW tank and they avoid the M60 situation, putting such a popular tank as a CW reward. That's why it takes so long. I remember many many years ago that it would be soooo OP to introduce it and it would be impossible. Now it'd be weak lol.
  9. kariverson

    T95/FV4201 Chieftain reward tank

    Seems like trash hull and unimpressive gun depression, that'd be the balancing factor looks like. L11A5? That gun is like legendary among tank guns, is it not?
  10. Hahaha we came full circle! When it was first released it was considered OP and now it was power creeped so much it is actually getting buffed! Crazy!
  11. kariverson

    SU-130PM Soviet Tank Destroyer

    While I was reading the stats I was thinking "please not be a tier 8, please not be a tier 8.... shit" Another broken prem to go alongside the rest. Will be more stupid than scorpions...
  12. kariverson

    Personal Missions 2.0

    Whoa wait, haven't been around in ages. Did they start? When do they start??
  13. I still think your best bet is a refurbished Thinkpad W530. Yes a bit older but CPU performance hasn't progressed that much. a top of the line Ivy Bridge i7 (4 cores 8 threads). I mean an i7 3820QM still blows an i3 7100U out of the water. (and i3 7100U laptops start at 500euro) Then you got 8GB of RAM stock, easily upgradable, FHD 15.6" screen and stuff like fingerprint sensor etc. You'd probably need to upgrade the HDD to an SSD also. I've had a couple of friends buy refurbished thinkpads before. They're basically indistinguishable from brand new ones. Not even a blemish but they weren't bought online though. I'd ask if it's A grade or if it "looks and feels like new" before purchasing. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fsrp=1&_nkw=thinkpad+w530&_sacat=0&_from=R40&LH_PrefLoc=5&_sop=10
  14. Thinkpads all the way. There are refurbished ones online for dirt cheap prices. With great specs and fully upgradable. Thinkpad W530 at around the price you're looking. Or a T420, T520 and upgade the screen if you want something even cheaper. I usually hate laptops because they are designed to fail so you get the newer one. You always see overheating issues. But after I started using a thinkpad T420 that I was given for free by a business that was upgrading, I've almost fell in love with it. Rigid, excellent built quality, fully upgradable down to the CPU. (And since it's designed for business purposes, it's going to last quite a while too) When I was given it, it had 4gb ram and a 500gb HDD. I made it 8gb and with an 120gb SSD. (You can even have a second drive wheere the DVD drive is, and you can carry your DVD drive in your bag if you need it. It's hotswapable without needing to screw or unscrew anything.) I'm thinking of getting the screen upgrade and a CPU upgrade later. But it's seriously not even needed. Although I don't do heavy stuff on it.
  15. Good to see that my SSD decided to give up at the deadest most uninteresting period of the game. It just sucks that I put 30 days prem time like 20 days ago. What a waste. Atleast I'm taking another well deserved big ass break after the end of Frontline mode.  

  16. What a bunch of assholes. Test a tank for 2-3 iterations then change it and release an untested product. 5a now seems to be far superior when you think about the -7 vs -5.5 gun depression too.
  17. kariverson

    The End: Object 279

    I FUCKING KNEW IT when I saw the obj 276. RIP
  18. Every time I play this shit I realize again it is the worst fucking tier 9 in the game. Screw the god damn tortoise and WGs balancing.
  19. I guess the "balance" team is just a fancy name. They didn't have to go and decimate it!
  20. Even WG is asking how do we even stop this monster... Lmao
  21. Or an FV4005 Stage 1 with an 183mm autoloader lol
  22. I remember when this and the obj 279 were stated by WG that will never be made because they'd be too OP. Everything powercreeped so much these are now fine...
  23. I think this is pretty damn good looking!
  24. I just hope it isn't a prem. I can't handle any more scorpions, let alone this now.