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  1. Pretty much this, I think the biggest frustration I have with these tanks at their current state is just the maps I keep getting. I dont have that big of an issue with the tanks themselves, But when I run my replay analyzer and see that my most played maps day in day out are Kharkov, Stalingrad, Overlord and so on, (note the two maps in the last 2k games ive seen the least is prok/malnivka its kind of disappointing and frustrating.
  2. Mate, if anyone should give a keynote its our diplo @bolagnaise he is really good at being constructive to his teams
  3. " "An example, I'm in the heat100, facing a maus that is side scraping very effectively. What can I do with my pissy ass 246mm pen. Most people would fore heat yes? I fire HE. " In other words, spamming the 2 key instead of figuring out how to play the game. Wargaming has completely fucked the premium ammo system up. " How I love the facebook group... I am taking the moral high ground, I fire HE
  4. yeah, if I remember it right it was the pyro guys laughing and giving him shit after he dumped liek 2 clips into the vk and penned like 0
  5. I have no clue... just another bogan fuckwit I guess. The replay is above, I think all I said ingame was "I think you should seriously consider what tier you are playing in"
  6. I may be a scumbag, but not that much of a scumbag
  7. yeah I know, was playing pubg with skell best friends missus sent me a video link, I switched screens quickly and clicked it, as soon as I clicked it i just went "skell, mistakes were made,"
  8. @neokai @wasaabi_SEA So can we give this guy a holiday?
  9. cliff has not been changed temp or perm?
  10. i've not even bothered commenting, But At least it provides me with some kind of basic form of entertainment seeing him trying to get his point across and defend everything that has been wrong iwth CW feelsbannedman
  11. Something should be hitting your paypal soon All the best!
  12. So i have now given up my swedish passport I am no more spai I promise. World has changes, seems like a pretty pointless rule unless they do something along the line of what the US has, have to be born as a US citizen?
  13. So if they give up their dual citizenship and keep their aussie one they can rule forever?
  14. Nice bait you baddie want me to prove this one wrong to you tinfoil