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  1. he seems to have a nack to be around on my stream every time I make a mistake!.
  2. Well, for being number one on rating in a tank you would imagine a higher one would be required, but no idea how much weight each category holds. Ezz, feel like playing my account? logged in yesterday and checked for the new personal missions and realized we dont even have the patch yet. So I looked at what old missions do I have left to do with honors. Only 3-4 of them and one is to take out the E50 I guess and ram kill / survive one tier higher tank
  3. Yeah dont get me wrong, I run derp on the 49 as well just ran the 90mm when 3 marking it. I think, or maybe I 3 marked it when it was an 8? I cant remember.
  4. probably running 90mm, insane DPM on that thing now But I would also suspect they have been platooning. Look at their over all stats in the T49 vs what they have on that board. 53% is pretty low to be honest. Especially for a tier 9, Interesting part is your spotting is pretty high which might reflect the need to damage deal over spotting in the current meta. but 70 is probably to high for the average pubbie as well, Pretty sure I cant even solo at 70% and im pretty confident in saying that I got pretty much every single player on this server covered when it comes to LT game play.
  5. It's just one of those missions you wait for the right map. I think I did was it spacewolfs? LT something where I did like 10k combined on mountain pass just sitting in the middle bush for 7k spotting and then dealt 3k . but yeah higher tiers is easier cause more HP to go around imo. just take up an early position get 2-3k and then if need to take up a different one and finish it of. unless lazy and wait for perfect map where you can simply go AFK and complete it
  6. Yeah bol made the post when he heard about it cause he obviously knows how much BS has been rugged from previous WGL seasons as well, and that post got removed because WG + Criticism = Great times! Like I said, different rules for different people.
  7. RIP nice guy reputation 1. Nah we Decided to not train twice a week or take it very serious this season so i decided to stick around 2. care factor is probably less then that. It's just the principle of it that makes me say that WG can suck a fat cock as always. Had nothing to do with me being a CC I insulted the chinese when I brought up their previous rigging and cheating and according to rules you cant insult other teams in the league I guess they forgot China is region locked so not actually part of the league but hey. And yeah having to post it on the forums when no other punishment ever has been made public is just amusing. I guess different rules for different people and regions as always.
  8. Battle buddies are BS I remember getting one while playing CGC only and im pretty sure I TKD I mean "helping team mates" killing the last enemy tank like every 5th game? Does not it count for arty friendly damage?
  9. Meh im sure he lurks from time to time trying to twist peoples words and "collect" ammo for when he does hes #manofthepeople runs against everyone else. Kind of like when I played the 113 in a pub game on the KR map for the first time and said "I have no idea where to go (except heavy obvious corner) or what ammo to use (how much heat do I need to fire) This he translates into "saffe is bad at heavies and does not even know how to play them"
  10. If you are taking over my job Don't forget to be elitist and abuse your girlfriend on stream as well. [23:44:24] what elitist crap. [19:38:55] vids of him smashing KB's and abusing GF are funny. Apparently that's something I do according to hopey. Kind of weird since I am pretty sure everyone are more scared of her then me
  11. im going for full teal recents it's a shame it does not show up in game
  12. Decided to take a break from the CGC and try this bad boy out. 2nd game, missed out by the 2k mark The camo is just amusing, even the tiniest bush is big enough for this ugly bastard!
  13. Toxic 1 Toxic 2 Toxic 3 On another note, I got another battle buddy yesterday. I have no idea how as like every 4th 5th game I will smack a friendly tank facehugging the last enemy to steal damage in my arty. CGC is now 2 marked. And my recentwn8 are down to blue. XVM camo here I come