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  1. Battle buddies are BS I remember getting one while playing CGC only and im pretty sure I TKD I mean "helping team mates" killing the last enemy tank like every 5th game? Does not it count for arty friendly damage?
  2. Meh im sure he lurks from time to time trying to twist peoples words and "collect" ammo for when he does hes #manofthepeople runs against everyone else. Kind of like when I played the 113 in a pub game on the KR map for the first time and said "I have no idea where to go (except heavy obvious corner) or what ammo to use (how much heat do I need to fire) This he translates into "saffe is bad at heavies and does not even know how to play them"
  3. If you are taking over my job Don't forget to be elitist and abuse your girlfriend on stream as well. [23:44:24] what elitist crap. [19:38:55] vids of him smashing KB's and abusing GF are funny. Apparently that's something I do according to hopey. Kind of weird since I am pretty sure everyone are more scared of her then me
  4. im going for full teal recents it's a shame it does not show up in game
  5. Decided to take a break from the CGC and try this bad boy out. 2nd game, missed out by the 2k mark The camo is just amusing, even the tiniest bush is big enough for this ugly bastard!
  6. Toxic 1 Toxic 2 Toxic 3 On another note, I got another battle buddy yesterday. I have no idea how as like every 4th 5th game I will smack a friendly tank facehugging the last enemy to steal damage in my arty. CGC is now 2 marked. And my recentwn8 are down to blue. XVM camo here I come
  7. I know how to format my computer
  8. Now that would be a sight to see
  9. Forum only allows one forum image unless special permissions
  10. I would love to have red stats in game. can this me made the official colors from now on. Pubbies would have a field day without knowing and I can hide in peace
  11. Longer aim time? you have time to climb the Sydney bridge, admire the view climb back down before its aimed in. And when you shot you will still hit outside the reticle. I have played all tier 9 and 10 LTs and 3 marked all except 2 and the wz I sold after like 5-6 games. It is that fucking bad............. getting triggered just thinking about it lol!
  12. As racist as it is. It actually made me laugh. What a dickhead What have we done now? I would rather have unprotected sex in Pattaya then play the tier 9 Chinese LT. Absolute POS. At the end of the day tier 10 LTs are very high skill ceiling so not sure I would recommend it either even though it is actually a pretty good tank. the tier 8 I reckon is probably still the best LT at that tier and tier 7 well I dont play it so no idea.
  13. This thread just keeps delivering. Apparently changing username is now re rolling