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  1. I think they should allow us to do a name and shame thread on the official forums. Pretty sure that would keep me very entertained at work
  2. Got myself a type 5 the other day. My game experience is now complete, everything I have learnt In regards to armor and defensive positions for the enemy I can now completely ignore and RRR my way through every tank in the game. Such a relazing experience
  3. I just bough at s7 edge a few weeks ago from an ebay shop, around $500 from korea,
  4. Hi Saffee, which tanks are you playing most frequently at the moment?

    1. Saffee


      Well as you can see im not playing that much while the cable is down and the WGL season is runnign due to training. 


      FV4005  ,T100 LT,  batchat is probably the main ones I would click on atm 

      why is that?



    2. AdrianK


      I have a new app, which I actually just submitted to the Windows app store. It allows you to track individual tank performance. I wanted to monitor someone other than myself for testing purposes.


  5. Not much you can do when you have incompetent staff like Yamane looking after things, Plus im pretty share he has 0 authority to do anything so basically hes just an errand boy. cant wait for off line finals if we make it assuming we end up playing games so I can tell them what I think in person.
  6. Making it sound so easy, go on son, do it, I dare you! well,
  7. So was the type 59 buffed this patch? I cant see anything in patch notes but I swear i heard about it somewhere :E
  8. Why is it so expensive to just jump on a last minute flight up to qland. I still dont get why there are no last minute travel in Aus like we have in Europe.
  9. No Idea, Bol posted this in our wattsapp group this morning. " Sea-Me-We 3 submarine cable between Perth and Singapore is currently down due to a confirmed cable break. We have received a tentative repair completion of 13th October 2017 however these dates tend to change over time due to the nature of . Customers can expect to see increased latency to Asian destinations until this link is restored. Further updates will be provided as they become available."
  10. I cant wait to play like 50% off this seasons WGL with shite ping. It really could not have been any worse timing. Quite frustrating.
  11. Really? I find the tier 10 WZ 132-1 Probably the best LT out of them all due to the Alpha and troll turret. The gun I find does not troll close to as much as the T100 and the RHM
  12. Played a few games in it,Hated life, realized I had like 30% winrate so had to get it up. Got it back to 60 and Rage sold it after 15 games. It is by far the worst fucking tier 9 LT. I get triggered by just thinking about it.