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  1. I cant remember, but unless I got it a long time ago when I was playing some more tier 6 scouts like chaffee and so on, Im not sure I've ever had it before!
  2. So, RIP wotlabs? cant see any posts anywhere in regards to whats going on.
  3. clan politics is one thing. I could give two shits about that kind of stuff either. trying to swipe that cheating bs under the same rug as politics because you are in the same clam is pretty poor though :E
  4. Well I just finished my 3 marking session in it yesterday. Decided to do it before the xmas sale hits APAC and everyone gets one and plays it 65% winrate 2.3k avg damage so 4600wn8 or some shit. Now there was a few yolo games and shit in there but in all honestly I kind of feel like im playing a gimped tank and I have to try harder then I should have to. I did fire a fair bit of AP, with APCR I reckon maybe it would have added an extra 100 damage or so cause of the magical tier 6 RNG bounces. but yeah, ammo rack is the issue. not fires. Towards the end I swear it felt like I played 8 out of the last 10 games without an ammo rack which also super gimped my damage.
  5. Salty would be an overstatement. facepalming and embarrassed that these players exist would be more accurate. I did invite the latest pubbie to come TS and teach us how to aim and play the game without firing gold. Sadly he stopped talking to me as soon as I gave him the TS address. Pretty much this. I had a team yesterday with 3 players under 43% winrate. I think 5 more sub 48% Im sure they were jap, right nutty
  6. you can get set on fire frontally, But iv'e been 3 marking it in the last week and barely been set on fire. I find the ammo rack goes fairly often though.
  7. Considering every single after game PM I get is from a salty as fuck aussie bitching about cheats or mods ill stick to what I got to say. There are more shit vs good players coming out of Aus/NZ then any other country. We have like 10+ aussie shitter clans where the avg winrate is like 47% but they all act like they are pros.
  8. to be fair it's not really even a bait. it's just the truth
  9. It's still a good tank. But if people think they will automatically do well in it they are in for a surprise. The gun is pretty shit and you really need to let it aim in (feels like IS6) levels :E There is no driving around yolo shooting on the move. I do still prefer it over most other prem tanks though.
  10. Meh, barely have ff skill on most of my tanks. if you burn your burn.
  11. Funny that you say that Because I was thinking the same thing I looked in my depot and realized I had like 700 of the bastards, A) dont really get set on fire much B) I run food on everything anyway
  12. It's completely fine, Not much of a brain on that guy, CSI Straya failed to deliver. And the sole reason for playing his account was because my batchat keeps getting flipped locked, not for gaining fame but like I said in the other thread. Some people just attempt to twist things to suit their purpose, He would have known why I played it since he was watching the stream to start off with.
  13. Also for you guys who all ready left my stream last night. Best CW I have ever played. minus the end. Fast forward to 3 minutes if you just want to go straight into the juicy part
  14. Exactly, I would not have blinked an eye if it was just the 2 LTs, cause LT things. But If my hands were not busy I reckon I would have been facepalming, Especially when the second E25 came flying in lol.
  15. Ah yeah thats right, I got lit hence arty fired there. I forgot. Nah you were lit the whole time, so I saw you driving around, and I was simply praying that you would not go the edge. you never went dark for some reason from your original run up on the hill, dont ask me how. After playing WGL so much you kind of know by looking at mini the map when you will get lit before the 6th sense comes on. Hence I was all ready on my way down but yeah. I just ended up going island and killing arty for feelgood factor Looking back at the replay just now im pretty amused how arty obviously ignored all heavies in the middle to shot me. but yeah 4202 or 416 relit you before you went dark when you poked to check 8/9 line, hence you probably did not realize you were lit the whole time.
  16. Azz did light no? Cause arty hit the building and remvoed it, hence I moved up. yeah mines I just looked at your lights vs ours, and decided I could carry from boost. your 2 lads was in a plat and I did not want to thow away all my HP hoping one of my lads would shot you as I probably would not be able to clip you. Obviously derping the boost kind of really fucked me
  17. I was pretty frustrated on Ensk, saw you driving around all over the place but did not want to waste shells on you. TVP and patton from 1AR decided to go and trade with super conqs in the city rather then taking field easily. Once I realized our 1390 and amx 30 decided that sitting on tracks doing nothing was better then coming field as well I just gave up on it. What fucked me was your tier 9 waffel that somehow was camo sniping down the tracks and put a big one into both me and the 1390 when I was clipping out the heavies. Once that Happened it was just GG I saw you guys coming but I really had no where to go so my only thing left was to make sure I did not get rammed The boost attempt was actually my second attempt. the 13 105 is shit for that boost since the map rework so you need a perfect line. My own fault for attempting to multi task! :E But If I make it first time you cant stop me as ill just tuck in behind the rock. Doing the whole boost in one go is really only an option in RHM or T100. I fucked up once and if you dont make it the first time never go back as a general rule. 90% of the time you will get spotted. But i was all ready on a massive tilt so I decided to go and do another loop around the base and go back cause we had 0 map control and it was either "take the 10% chance of not getting spotted and make it up and have an impact" Or go and sit somewhere and be useless for most of the game.
  18. that was the 4 minute win. the M40 started chipping in as well as soon as I went around the corner. so proud of my team that game. was amazing!
  19. Ah was that you. I remember thinking to myself "Why the fuck would you have HE loaded" "aus pubbies" Nah yesterday was actually just one of those days where Everything I did was wrong, started going on tilt pretty early into the session combine that with some recurring horrible teams on both sides, it was just a fun night. We even won Airfield in 4 minutes with a Straight hard motherfucking push from south spawn!!! and we lost prok in 4 minutes flat even though 6 TDs on each team. I think I even came across ezz twice, first game my tier 10 Meds decided that city is the place to go on ensk south spawn and do 400 damage each/ 2nd game I fail boosted mines cause reading twitch chat while needing to hit an angle perfectly is an intelligent thing to do, so rip map control. That XVM yolo sums up my night pretty well actually!