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  1. This thread just keeps delivering. Apparently changing username is now re rolling
  2. Saffee

    WN8 vs WR correlation

    Dont be a hater yung! You underestimate the power of APAC
  3. Saffee

    WN8 vs WR correlation

    No offence but if you really believe that you have such a limited influence on winning im not sure you really understand how to win? Damage is damage, but map control is everything. ^^
  4. @Ezz Up in Sydney on Wednesday for a WG thingy, might be free that evening if you want to catch up for a beer or two?
  5. Got the family down visiting so not had much time by the computer Adrian, to minimize load I am not sure we need other regions unless its something easy to do as dpgwhores works fine to compare with. Like val said, tier 8 up and no arty would be fine. Top 100-300 players would be fine as well. So you cant really just copy what the guy at dpgwhores has done since he would have done most of the heavy lifting all ready?
  6. meh could not care less, good for him! I did not even know it was him until someone told me later, Gives him something to tell the grankids about It's all about how shit the RHM is and how wargaming are retarded!
  7. It was actually really funny, I was sitting on Yzn3 from kazna krus stream talking about LTs and shit talking the RHM in the morning. Then we went through all the LTs on my stream and I said how shit and pointless it is now with its 320 alpha. Then I decided to prove a point and play it, and literally this happens. it's as pointless as the sheridan.....
  8. Yeah nah, when you look at the top its pretty easy to spot there will be a couple of % +- but anything bigger you can kind of tell. sure you wont pick em all but the obvious ones are easy to spot. on dpgwhores as it shows both large and small sample size. Hall of fame I dont really know how it works but say the 13105 as good of a player as pathfinder is, 70% solo in an LT is extremly hard, and I dont know how many games so he could have had just a really good run. wz132-1 the obvious one is buidungd, thats obvious platooning for example
  9. Yeah you can kind of tell who has been platoon padding and not though. since you see the top 50 players you can kind of see where there are discrepancies and most of these guys would be solo playing, no way to maintain high damage otherwise. as an example I think I have the highest winrate out of anyone across EU/NA/APAC when looking at the 13015 stats. but 200 damage less then say shish who is top damage, but has 2% lower winrate. If you look at tanks vs players its pretty consistent going down the list compare that to a a crown player who has 300-400 less damage then me but 75% winrate or something. that sticks out a lot and is obviously platooned
  10. Nah ask away, I dont care. wn8 is a dead metric, Really, what people look at is damage and winrate. and this website give you an opportunity to look at individual players and compare. I dont use this website very often but for me personally if I have a tank say the 13 105 which I know I have done exceptionally well in, I jump on DPG whores and look at what does the top player in EU/NA pump out damage wise and what is their winrate.
  11. @AdrianK Since you like playing around with numbers. Reckon you can replicate something along these lines for APAC?
  12. I put improved vents and rammer on my 59 when 3 marking it a while back, so you can stack them on one tank. I honestly dont notice the difference but meh. WG tells me it helps so it must work right.
  13. Saffee

    Elimination: Removed Maps

    -3 north west, I cant remember why but I really did not like the map, Dragon ridge turned out semi ok but not sure how it would work in the current meta. +1 for south coast, sure TDs camping base could be annoying from top side but it was still an ok map.
  14. I've said it ever since 2+years back when I was playing on EU and RU The free damage farm you get on other servers compared to Asia is way higher. ANZ reminds me a lot more of eu, still not as yolo as RU though (drunk russians best russians) And like someone else said. Pubbies yolos a lot more rather then camping and holding back which means late game is easier to find people out of position as well!
  15. I am disapointed Ezz, Even I who is the worst person ever in anything game/garage related that has nothing to do with shooting red tanks knew that . Brainwashed by Jingles back in the days
  16. I cant remember, but unless I got it a long time ago when I was playing some more tier 6 scouts like chaffee and so on, Im not sure I've ever had it before!
  17. Can someone make a 2k xp thread also made 288k net profit. Need to fire more APCR so the pubbies dont think YETI are going soft !