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  1. tajj7

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    We invented it, thus it is called Football. Your version always has to be pre-faced with the word 'American' to note it's the non-original (and crapper) version.
  2. tajj7

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    Yeh it's crap now. It's lost the armour which made the turret position almost like an actual advantage because of the side scrape ability. Now you have armour that most tier 8s will punch through, you are hoping for auto-bounces on the turret and you still have the -4 gun depression and rear turret. A bit more DPM, pen and shell velocity does not compensate for it. It's just an awkward tank to play now, whilst being no better than other meds in pen, DPM, gun handling, mobility etc. Just play an AMX 30, can basically do everything the 430 v2 can do but better, and the Patton/E50 is pretty much better in every way aside like pen.
  3. tajj7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    I just bought the top package we have on EU. You basically pay for the gold then get everything else for free, so - 1 month prem 60 reserves for crew XP and free XP (300%) Light Vc tier 2 (free credits) All the cards so you get the credits boosters, credits and buffon without bothering to play the football mode. And for me the best thing from it is you get 30 x5s for any tank and I have 5 tier 9 grinds on the go at the moment.
  4. tajj7

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    It's called Football. And that (as usual) is a much better than the stuff we are getting on EU.
  5. @Madner Kami No I agree that the bobject, Type 5, 430U etc. need massive nerfing too, but I think the tier 2 tanks need to go down as well. Big nerfs to the Type 5 (re-balance so it wasn't dependent on broken HE and whether people spammed prem at it), Bobject (which will need further nerfs after these I rekcon), 430U etc. Then little nerfs, tone downs for like the Super Conq, 5A, Fatton etc. Then buffs for the likes of the IS4, Leo, STB-1, 268 etc. Then re-balances for the 183 and JpE100 to bring their alpha down. That would be a better tier 10 balance for me. @Archaic_One Here's hoping that it might be a change of direction for the balance team. Two balanced Soviet tier 10 tanks that are not pure powercreep.
  6. tajj7

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    The alpha is nothing special (less than the E75) and unlike the 130mm on the tier 10 the gun handling is more akin to what you'd expect from a bigger alpha gun, but the main issue was the pen. E75 has like 311 APCR, 270 AP is below what a T30 fires as standard and I end up using the APCR on the T30 more often due to all those tier 10s to deal with. I played with the 127mm for about 10-12 games and my DPG plummeted.
  7. tajj7

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    Gave up on the tier 9 myself, but am tempted to look again. Once people started working out they could spam HEAT at the turret front it lost it's appeal. One of those tanks that going slightly faster than a Conqueror, doesn't make up for other disadvantages to a Conq. I also found the 127mm on the tier 9 truly terrible, but the tier 10 with the 130mm looks more interesting, pen aside as the gun handling for that alpha is actually pretty damn good.
  8. Like I said I think 1-2 years ago the T-10 was a strong generalist, but now it kind of does everything well, but not close enough to other stuff. To me it used to be a good all round tank, now it more feels it's a jack of all trades master of none. Also the mirror matchmaking I feel hurts it, you can often end up facing genuine heavies on brawling/city maps that are just better in that role. Tier 10 is fucked balance wise, but it's nice to see two new tier 10s, Soviet as well, that are a bit different, still look good, but are not obvious power creep. And to even see WG actually tone down a clear power creep Soviet vehicle, gives me a little hope for the balancing deparment. I am actually with @MagicalFlyingFox they need to tone down the Super Conq, 5A, Fatton etc. which are not really OP but are power creep and if they do that together with nerfing the OP/Broken tanks we can get back to some sort of semblance of tier 10 balance.
  9. @lavawing Personally I don't see the T-10 as that strong, it's too generalist IMO for the current meta. The gun, the armour, the mobility are not just quite good enough for the tank to be effective. You have meds with comparable armour (like 430), and heavies with better guns (like Conqueror) that are then better in the armour (in Conqs case) or mobility (in 430s case) plus things like the 263 which is fast, armoured, with a big gun and just lacks the turret. The something like the M4 51 which is pretty mobile, has better armour and arguably a better gun than the T-10. I feel in the current meta, very good armour + very good gun + poor mobility is more leveragable than average armour + good gun average mobility But the 277 fits as a an upgrade, the armour, the alpha, the pen, the DPM, and the mobility all get a bit better without anything being too absurd. The first 277 version was just too good all round, it had good armour, good mobility and then had a gun that was the best bits of a heavy tank gun with the best bits of a medium tank gun. Now it's more like a heavium, but I don't see it being any worse than a 5A. It's a bit more mobile than the 5A, it's got more pen, better soft stats, probably about the same armour and then lags in the gun depression and DPM. That seems a good level of balance to me. The 430U is OP and needs nerfing, so not going to count that. This tank was on first test pure power creep, now it's not, that to me is a good thing. I also think they fixed the right things with this tank, the gun was just too good, too accurate, gun handling was medium levels, DPM was up there. The only way you could balance that gun on a platform like that was if the armour was basically the same as the T-10, which it clearly isn't. That might have been a better approach and made the 277 more unique but there was no way WG was going to nerf the armour layout before release and change the whole tank so the gun nerfs were the most realistic change they could do. It's a very mobile, decently armoured 490 alpha wielding, high pen and good gun handling heavy tank, can't see it not being competitive to be honest.
  10. Tanks was too good if not OP, WG balanced it and it's probably the first new tier 10 for a while that is not obvious power creep. Seems a very logical upgrade on the T-10 as well, as it's basically an all rounder heavium. Still has plenty over the 5A, but is now not obviously a better 5A like it was before.
  11. Looks much more balanced to me, seems to be more on par with the 5A. Less DPM, aim time, and gun depression. For better soft stats, faster, more hp/ton and more pen.
  12. I'm fine with them making the 430v2 more like the 416 and K-91. I mean I'm not sure it's necessary, but I get considering how stupid the plaerbase is that having the same style of play for the 8 to 10 should in theory help players not totally suck at tier 10. However, the 'new' 430 v2 sucks at that role, the 416 and K-91 have high camo, mobility, DPM for their tiers and the K-91 has high pen, velocity and accuracy compared to most other tier 10 meds. The v2 has none of this, it's 'new' gun is nothing special on tier 9, the T-54's low DPM gun is more accurate, and 246 AP pen is not that high and the shell velocity is no APCR levels. PTA, Standard B and Cent 7/1 are far better snipers, plus are more well rounded tanks that don't have awkward turrets. The DPM boost is nothing the Patton or 30 proto have either. Mobility wasn't even buffed even though the armour is less. You now have this rear turreted tank, with limited turret range and -4 gun depression that will struggle to bounce tier 8s, and it gets very little for it. The K-91 for it's awkward turret and lack of armour, got gun depression, more DPM, pen and shell velocity than the other rasha meds. The 430 v2 seems no better than the other tier 9 meds in gun terms really but is obviously way worse in armour and has the awkward turret
  13. tajj7

    The End: Object 279

    Frontlines was another developer, pretty sure the map was done by them, so if FL gets extended and becomes more regular, thus needing more maps, just watch WG f*ck them up.
  14. tajj7

    WG's EULA Changes NA

    I think, from what I have read all this is not at all compatible with EU law, so it doesn't look they are trying this with EU. It is basically a dick move though, instead of coming out and engaging with the community and their concerns, they do this.
  15. Yeh they have nerfed it in typical WG fashion, make it horrible to play. Should have brought down either armour or mobility, not smash the gun and mobility to pieces.