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  1. AT-8 is overbuffed, the rest are fine. These tanks are slow, turretless TDs with guns on par or worse than most heavies on their tier, they rely on DPM to do their damage so need to be exposed for a long time. They should be difficult to pen from the front but obviously still need a viable weakspot. @Fabunil Torty and AT-15 can angle a lot because of gun arcs, so they might be better, especially when using corners. That flat bit on the Torty is over 270, it's currently 228 and with full gun arc you can make it 245, so you might be able to make that area over 300.
  2. This change makes no sense. I'm fine with them moving the tnaks about to find better tiers for them but not butchering a line with a unique playstyle Give the tier 10 the 130mm gun, no one cares if the real life design had a 150mm, just keep it consistently as a line of mobile brawling TDs with lower alpha, high DPM guns. the 0.45 accuracy is fine with those soft stats on a TD, but the DPM and mobility is not. Buff the traverse to at least 32-25 deg/s, switch in the 130mm gun the 263 currently has with the 263 DPM, nerf the LFP to the original 160mm it was IRL.
  3. Struggling with mine, had shitty teams and it just seems to attract arty. Got hit by an M40 for 1k pen and he set on me on fire whilst the other tier 8 arty hits me for 600, much fun.
  4. You really like to piss off 50% tomatoes on the pub forums with your sensible ideas.

  5. Its was changed to an SPG later in the design because the whole tank was too small to fire and move at the same time, it wasn't originally designed as one. The wiki says it was a medium tank project designed to be as light as possible whilst having adequate protection, which to me sounds like a light tank.
  6. Does not look well angled. ----------- Was not the 416 essentially a light tank IRL? As IIRC the main idea was to make the tank adequately protected but as light as possible. Possibly a tier 8 light tank premium or even a second Soviet light tank line?
  7. Had a good long training room session with a clan mate and overall most maps have not changed that much, it's more about slight changes in elevation in places (LOL @ prohk mid ridge for example) consistently they have smoother slopes, lowered elevation and shallowed out dips. Places need a lot less gun depression, we both commented that it felt like every spot was being designed for an Obj. 140. What is annoying is there are some retarded red line camping spots dotted around, ones that were already there got made stronger, like the red line spot for north team on Redshire but also so BS camping ledges on Cliff and Steppes. Like this on Cliff - Elevation, bush cover, hard cover, hard to flank (entrance is from base direction) and open ground in front of it with little cover.
  8. I'm not sure there any fundamental changes, Mines is a bit different, it looks bigger but I can't tell whether that is the new backgounds that allow you to see into the distance. Mountain Pass, aside not being snow covered is exactly the same as far as I can tell which means it's still royally shit and constricted. The camping TD spots either end of Steppes just make that flank more annoying IMO. Overall they seem to have smoothed out elevation changes on most maps, things are less steep, hill don't seem as high, there are more dips around etc.
  9. Not much faster, 3kph, bit more hp/ton, not a real difference IMO. For then having a giant weakspot, worse gun handling, worse DPM, worse gun depression. LFP is better but that is about it. I'd like to see E5 go about 40-42kph, reverse speed to 15kph, knock the ground resistances down a little, maybe buff the gun depression (though really they should knock the Super Conq depression back down to -7 or at least -8). Gives it a more defined advantage over the Super Conq and closes the gap a little to the obvious power creep from the 5A and IS7.
  10. Looks like an AW map, the one that is on an island and you can go into the water in a lot of areas.
  11. The issue with this thing is the retarded side armour. It can massively over angle and it's side becomes like 270-300 effective.
  12. The only issue with the Super Conqueror is the E5, it power creeps it a lot. They should buff E5 mobility, maybe to like 42kph top speed, 20 kph reverse speed and better ground resistances. Also the 215b needs to side armour and side weakspot buff the other 3 tanks got.
  13. I have a 252 and I'd take a premium IS3 all day every day, the tank is OP sure, but it's not fun, especially as the IS3 has more value in the crappy MM we currently get as well, your gun actually hits stuff, you are mobile and your turret bounces tier 10s. Defender gun is troll, tank is sluggish and most tier 10s can snipe your LFP with ease, meaning you have to play hull down and then they just shoot straight through your turret front. Sure if you make them panic, like a bullied a 260 the other day in it (but that said more about the amount of overmatch zones that tank is littered with more than the Defender) but if they don't that LFP is prominent.
  14. Caernarvon goes 34kph with not great hp/ton now, it's far from a heavium. It's basically now a Patriot with more DPM but worse mobility and hull armour. Can't see it replacing an IS3, which has all round armour, low tier bullying ability, good mobility, alpha, and a turret that can troll tier 10 prem rounds and good soft stats for it's gun. For the crappy corridor maps and city maps the IS3 is a much better tank. I'm not getting the fuss the Caernarvon, sure it gets better but it's crap currently, and the DPM is a nice meme but it's an over rated stat compared to alpha. The tank is still huge, it's lost it's excellent gun handling, the LFP is still trash and I really didn't like the shell velocity on test, that gun feels like it is firing potatoes. Overall changes seem ok, not sure the Conway needed to be slower, the Shitbarn change was actually sensible from WG for once, it won't be able to rush forward to plonk 1750 alpha into meds/light getting into position. The 4202 will still be shit, it offers nothing over an STA-2 or Pilot or KR really. Super COnqueror, hmmn it needed something but they might have gone too far, not sure it needed -10 gun depression. And now the Conqueror gets it too, makes -10 gun depression less and less special. Annoying the weakspot has been left on the 215b.
  15. Tier 10 French heavy has 300 thickness turret armour and mantlet and most of it is sloped, 220 heavily sloped frontal armour, looking like a troll LFP (Liberte's LFP is 280 effective), 15 hp/ton with 40/15 kph speed, only slightly worse ground resistances and still gets nearly 2.4k DPM with the 560 alpha gun. It also has -8 degrees of gun depression, better hull and turret traverse. The platform is flat out better than the Super Conqueror in every way bar side armour. Then with the 120mm its got a faster aim time, more pen and is more accurate. So unless the gun soft stats are terrible it's better with the 120mm as well. It just trounces over the Super Conqueror in every category pretty much. It's an all rounder, as in all round better than the Super Conqueror and E5 in every department.