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  1. Test server. Far more easy farm opportunities on test server than live, on live you have all tier 10 games with 5-6 tier 10 TDs where no one wants to poke or go forward, IMO the TVP makes more of any opportunities that come it's way because of the clip speed. 2s + 390 alpha might make it too good, one or the other could be tried IMO, but I still think in the current meta paper tanks need to be exceptional to compensate for their armour. The TVP underperforms for a lot of the playerbase, you need to be like 58% WR to break even.
  2. That gun is absurd for a heavy tank, even if the armour is only T-10 levels (and it'll be better than that) then it's absurd for a 490 alpha gun, high pen AP, 350 pen APCR, very nice dispersions for that size gun, good DPM, decent aim time and very good accuracy for a heavy. That is a 490 alpha gun, that aside from DPM is flat out better than the STB-1 in pretty much every category, accuracy, dispersions, alpha, pen on both rounds. A Soviet tier 10 heavy tank with 490 alpha be a much superior mid to long range tank than a tier 10 medium, that is just stupid. Also tanks like the Leo and Cent AX, their guns offer little compared to that things gun.
  3. That hp/ton is atrocious and if they want to make the gun a stand out sniper then the DPM, accuracy and soft stats need to be better. DPM should be at least on par with it;s other Russian counterparts, accuracy they should make like 0.28 base and turret dispersion should basically be nothing, like 0.04.
  4. Issue for me is still the intra-clip. Basically this and a TVP as autoloaders are very similar, big, paper, 4 shots, ok gun handling, usable gun depression, very similar mobility. TVP dumps 1280 in 4.5s, this thing dumps 1440 in 7.5s, I don't see the point, if it was 390 alpha per shot and you had near 1600 clip potential per 2.5s then I'd get it, but the TVP clips out in like 40% less time, that is less exposure, less time to get hit etc. Sure the M40 has the autoreloader mechanic so more flexibility, but the TVP's clip reload is like 22s, catching a TVP reloading IMO is rare, most of the time by the time they have retreated to cover and you cross the distance to them they are pretty much done with their reload and they can clip you again. Whereas if the M40 dumps it's clip, then it's pretty much got twice as long as the TVP to wait. Personally I think the intra-clip should be 2s and the alpha should be moved to 390, then the tier 9 should have 390 with 2.5s, that is the only way I can see value in these tanks. The other issue is the TVP is hardly a meta tank, in this meta of OP armour and the likes of 430Us it's a hard tank to play and relies heavily on the team doing it's job, the M40 is going to be the same and is worse, which means IMO it is going to struggle for most players. For a paper tank to work in this current meta IMO is has to have exceptional alpha/burst, with very good gun handling, this does not have either. I'll probably still get it because I like new stuff, but I think the tank is going to be average at best and more buffs are needed. The only thing this thing is better than is a Leo and the STB-1 IMO.
  5. Other reserves yeh, credit reserves not so much, they barely sell them on EU and the main place to get them is ranked mode. Plus 1.7 million credits is like 3 or 4 hours that I don't have to spend in tier 8 premiums constantly facing tier 10s.
  6. So a Russian med can get a high velocity, high pen sniping gun but any buffs like that to the Leopard 1 would make it OP, ok then.
  7. tajj7

    Improved Equipment Picks

    I went for vents and rammer. Vents because it has the biggest boost of any improved equipment over the regular one and rammer just cos more DPM. I like the look of improved v-stab and will probably go for that one next, especially for tier 10 meds where the improved vents + food + BIA + view range skills can still push you close to 480m. Both pieces are on my E50M at the moment, it actually has ok DPM, working on the premise of buffing a weakness rather than a strength. 7.3s reload and 0.26 accuracy is not bad with the highest base pen. if the tier 10 lights were actually any good I'd be tempted to get the improved optics for one of those, but they are not, I live in hope they will get buffed one day.
  8. Like many maps for paper tanks, it's basically go heavy or go home map. Getting Abbey, Paris, Mountain Pass in a light, paper med etc. is basically WG going 'Go f*ck yourself' at you.
  9. http://thunderskill.com/en/stat/tajj Not played for years, was mainly an RB players, just couldn't ever get into ground forces and got bored with RBs just being climbthunder. lel I have 68 clan invites, presume they are just spam.
  10. Botting/afk account? Does he actually play his tier 10s? that is usually a good sign.
  11. More importantly where the f is it? It's out on the RU server but not on any of the other servers even though we've had all the CCs release their videos. Recent premiums they have pretty much released 1-2 days after the NDA was lifted and those ones have had mixed reviews at best, this thing looks decent and has had favourable reviews and they don't release it.
  12. Model is cool, that is about it, the rest is a copy paste tank, even if it's slightly better than the Cent 1 that still doesn't make it a particularly effective tier 8, let alone the fact tier 8s face tier 10 all the time. It's basically a Cent 7/1 using the 20 lber.
  13. Not really, depends on the engagement, loads of situations you might only have 1-2 tanks backing up and many noobs will chance it anyway to get the shots in whilst you reload. There were also situations where Orzy just sat doing nothing whilst he reloaded when it would have been better to fire one shot per time and couple of occasions where he fired off just one shot and re-started the whole reload when he needed to only wait like 3-4s for the shell to be loaded and he had the full set. Not saying QB was right, but he at least thought about what he was doing, not sure Orzy actually got it. Playing it like a regular autoloader just makes it a shit autoloader and defeats the whole point, you might as well just play a Lorraine.
  14. Thing to remember is most won't know what it is at the moment, so no one will rush it or chance it because they don't know the reload or number of shots. So Orzy could more easily get away with it, once people learn they will count the shots and know you are then out of action for nearly 30s. Best looks like it's going to be 1-2 at a time unless you know you have back up to avoid the rush or can finish the target off.
  15. Premium looks good from what I have seen, maxed out you can get the single shot reload down to 6.33s, which is slightly better than a Pershing. The whole clip reload then goes to 23s, which again is not terrible. I reckon best way to use this tank would be to single shot, then finish with a flourish against targets which are clippable, over that period the DPM would be quite high.