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  1. tajj7

    1.1 Update

    @leggasiini surprised you dislike Glacier, I actually like that map, one of the better new maps for a while, has an air of Prohk about it IMO and one of the few maps that you have options on.
  2. So basically WG winding us up with all the stupid shit they do?
  3. tajj7

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    277 mobility from what I have seen and from playing it on test seems a lot better than the other heaviums, even though it does not appear to be that much better on paper. But more we should just rejoice that WG brought a new tier 10 tank into the game, that was neither OP, nor power creep, nor shit.
  4. tajj7

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    I thought he'd become Slava's assistant or something, and was working on something else that wasn't balance or new tanks (like a new mode or something)
  5. Yeh IS4 would probably work in the right situation, because again people will shoot at it. I almost did it a couple of times with the IS7, once on Prohk poking the middle and once on Lakeville rushing the middle road, just ran out of opponents to farm an get shot at. You need some usable armour that people will shoot at and some mobility IMO, that'll give the best all round chance on most maps. Or you park a Maus at like 30 degrees in front of lots of guns.
  6. tajj7

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Wasn't Murazor demoted after the Bobject/430U and before the 277 & K-91? That is why I said 'hope', I am hoping the K-91 and 277 signify a different direction from the balance team.
  7. Maus hands down, as said above people won't shoot a hull down Super Conq most of the time. You either want the Maus and just park in a stupid position in like a 3-5-7, and you'll do most of the mission with blocked and lost HP. Or you want something more mobile with a good gun to get a higher damage contribution with the blocked and lost HP. Super Conqueror is not mobile enough for that IMO, plus it's limited in it's ammo as well. I did it way back in a 113, with like 8k damage done. I think things like the 5A or IS7 are probably better than the Super Conqueror.
  8. tajj7

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    I think it'll get toned down, maybe even before public test. But I have hope on this based on the 277 getting nerfed, plus WG can pretty much put a turd out as a tank and if it's got a Polish flag on it they'll all rush to free XP it anyway so no real need for this thing to be OP/powercreep. Also generally anything with a weak lower plate will perform worse for most players, than something which is harder to pen by lower tiers and in the open. i.e Super Conq. I mean I have seen plenty of whines about the 705 not having good armour when it has close to an IS7 turret and like a 250 effective upper plate.
  9. tajj7

    The K-91 thread

    It's not actually a terrible brawler, it;s no 430U but the turret will bounce, sides can't be overmatched by most and it's very low profile so if you are very close it's super awkward to deal with. Plus you are agile and have that DPM. Against lone heavies or TDs, it's quite a threat if you get close. But like I said my main reason was just the DPM memes really, it's more like a pimping out thing, it's just cool to see that 4k DPM in the garage. Optics may well be a slightly better choice, but for me I find more fun with the vents. Plus it has 410m view range, it can be argued that it's already strong there that it doesn't need pushing super high. Not sure there is a true right or wrong answer here, more personal pref. Probably if I was marking it I'd go optics, but I just like driving round in a tier 10 med with a 4.8s reload!
  10. tajj7

    The K-91 thread

    To be honest I just like seeing the high DPM numbers, plus I have improved vents and don't have improved optics so the difference if less than the standard vents to optics. It's that trade off, optics is good but a lot of the time that piece of equipment will be doing nothing because you'll be on like Abbey or Himmselsdorf or whatever having to fight at 100m, whereas vents is always working for you whatever you are doing even if the boost is a lot smaller.
  11. tajj7

    The K-91 thread

    Didn't see a thread on this so thought I'd start one as I am really liking this tank so far. So have only played 8 games in mine, so bear that in mind. I'm averaging ~ 3.5k DPG with ~ 1.1k assistance so far, which is above what I can generally do with tier 10s these days (more around the 3k DPG area) but of course it's a small sample. Playstyle wise I have been approaching this tank in a sort of Bat Chat/light tank playstyle, i.e. early spot if you can (base camo can hit 38% stationary, over 29% on the move, plus you have 410m base view range), support/snipe where possible and then when the game opens up you can start to become more aggressive DPMing that crap out of people (also sidehugs are a thing, this is a very low profile tank). I have improved vents + improved rammer + food + BIA for the 4k DPM and 4.8s reload memes. Yes it's only a little more than what you can say get with a 140, but I think when you add in the accuracy, gun handling, shell velocity and high base pen of this tank, you have some of most reliable DPM in the game. It can get quite scary at times and you feel sorry for the peeps you catch out in the open or perm-a-track. I have also noticed the turret is not as bad as it first looks, it's viewable now on tanks.gg (presuming this is correct) - Certainly not reliable, though that is against it's own gun so about the highest medium or heavy gun around and there are still plenty of autobounce zones. Mantlet will bounce most stuff in places, though there are armour holes there, but the rest of the turret ranges from around 220 - 230 up to over 370-400 in places, so against some tier 9s and most tier 8s hull down play is fairly reliable giving it some bully potential and certainly at medium to long ranges you'll get more turret bounces than say a Leo. There seems to be no hull armour on the tanks.gg model but from experience it's just about HE proof and that is about it. Mobility wise it's good enough, certainly very agile but still feels a bit sluggish at times. The gun is a dream though, dispersions are not quite Patton levels but again when you add in the accuracy, aim time, shell velocity and pen it's a great combo. Also with -5 to the front, -9 to the side it's probably the least awkward rear turreted tank in the game. Overall a fun tank, if not maybe a meta tank, I particularly like it because it's a bit different and it makes you think a bit more about your options and decision making. I could probably do better and carry more games in something like a 430U where you just go smash faces in brawls and bounce everything but the K-91 gives more satisfaction when you do well. A quick summary of this tank would be that it feels kind of like what a tier 10 light should feel like without the hyper mobility.
  12. tajj7

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    We invented it, thus it is called Football. Your version always has to be pre-faced with the word 'American' to note it's the non-original (and crapper) version.
  13. tajj7

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    Yeh it's crap now. It's lost the armour which made the turret position almost like an actual advantage because of the side scrape ability. Now you have armour that most tier 8s will punch through, you are hoping for auto-bounces on the turret and you still have the -4 gun depression and rear turret. A bit more DPM, pen and shell velocity does not compensate for it. It's just an awkward tank to play now, whilst being no better than other meds in pen, DPM, gun handling, mobility etc. Just play an AMX 30, can basically do everything the 430 v2 can do but better, and the Patton/E50 is pretty much better in every way aside like pen.
  14. tajj7

    Got any HAX for Soccer Mode?

    I just bought the top package we have on EU. You basically pay for the gold then get everything else for free, so - 1 month prem 60 reserves for crew XP and free XP (300%) Light Vc tier 2 (free credits) All the cards so you get the credits boosters, credits and buffon without bothering to play the football mode. And for me the best thing from it is you get 30 x5s for any tank and I have 5 tier 9 grinds on the go at the moment.
  15. tajj7

    WG has gone soccer code crazy

    It's called Football. And that (as usual) is a much better than the stuff we are getting on EU.