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  1. Wow. Got to love a 257 doing zero damage against a team mostly comprised of tier 7s that cannnot pen him barely anywhere from any angle.
  2. I'm going to try the 430U with a healthy dosage of HEAT, mobility, bouncy turret, bouncy upper plate, decent alpha, DPM and gun handling plus 340 HEAT pen memes.
  3. If you had options I think you'd struggle to find reasons not to the pick the Conqueror. There is no real contest with the M103, if they fixed the overmatch roof, maybe, but at the moment it's just not in the contest. Initially I thought the Frenchie might take the crown, but having played it more now, and now people are more used to it, a lot of people will just spam HEAT at you and that is you basically being penned with every shot. The Conqueror just holds up to premium rounds much better and because it has the weakspots people it doesn't have this 'spot a Conqueror, load gold' reputation like the M4 51 is developing, the Conq lulls people into thinking they can pen it, but turns out it's harder than they thought and by the time they realise it's railgun has killed them. IMO tier for tier, the Conqueror is stronger than the Super Conqueror because it's tier 9. There are other tanks that do what the Super Conqueror does, the Badger is just one example, whilst Type 5s and 183s just derp your turret for 500-600 damage with ease. the Conq sees less of these tanks, it sees less strong hull down tanks on it's tier and it actually has better mobility and gun handling than it's big brother. Plus it has no trouble dealing with those 3 or 5 tier 10s you get in the MM, whilst so easily dominates the 3-5-7 and 5-10 games it frequently gets.
  4. Wouldn't it be like 14, 12, 10, 8 etc. or the other way round. That would make a 44s reload for the whole clip.
  5. ^ Two wrongs don't make a right and you must be playing a different game cos arty doesn't shoot heavy tanks in my games, they chase lights and paper meds around because they only care about pen damage not actually helping the team. Anyway....... Intra-clip for the tier 10 should be 2s IMO, maybe 2.2s we have the Bat Chat and the TVP as markers here, and the Bat Chat has a shorter intra-clip with a bigger clip and the TVP has a way faster intra-clip with a similar burst damage. The Kranvagn and the 50120 show how crap 3s intra-clip on an autoloader is. Alpha should be 390 as well, WG's silly alpha's for the light tanks with 105mms shouldn't spread to mediums, that gun is basically the L7 105mm, it should have 390 alpha like all the other variants of it do. 4x390 = 1560, might be too much they could make it 3x390 for the tier 10 with 2s intra-clip, then 2.5s for 3x390 for the tier 9. if the clip is 4 shots then put the reload at about 45s total, that is about 6s longer than a Bat Chat and it;s still longer than a Bat Chat AP, whilst both have bigger clip potential. If the clip is 3 shots, then about 35s, slightly quicker than a Bat Chat. I think they would be good starting points.
  6. 1v1s in lights is important, because often lights are contesting the same spots early game without much support, not to mention the game is full of lights at the moment, usually 3/4 a side and that means chances are someone is going to yolo without caring, meaning you often find yourself needing to defend 1v1, especially as the average team mate supporting you is awful. Also yoloing this light is a pretty low risk move in other lights, because they hold all the advantages over it. if I see one and I think it doesn't have that much support I'll yolo it as it's basically a free kill. The tank's combat capacity is terrible, literally everything related to the gun is so bad, worse than many tier 6 tanks. All lights have a high skill ceiling, this one is no different from the others, it's just a more situational light, which IMO makes it crap. Looking at most people I've seen playing it, they under perform compared to their other tier 8 lights, that is a poor tank. I think Circon got it spot on, it's an awful tank that has the meme potential to have insane games when the right situation arrives. Everyone is talking about the camo, just read the thread and IMO 20m is generally irrelevant and not worth trading literally every other aspect of the tank for. Sure the size has some meme potential, but again I have no issues finding bushes for my other lights and the tank is so sluggish it is just not able to often sidehug things because it can't close the gap quick enough. Extremely debatable that camo is usable on 2/3rds of maps, 1/3 at a push. Not to mention spotting is team dependent and that is frustration city.
  7. Whilst I have no idea how these changes will pan out, at least they are actually re-designing these maps, first time round most of the HD maps were just re-skins with the old problems all still there.
  8. Shell speed is cancer on the Even 90, you try hitting another light tank with it, combined with your terrible bloom and aim time, it's basically pointless. The camo is being over rated IMO, people are going mental about the camo, but the T92 is like 6% behind and a vastly better tank in every other way. T92 will do everything an Even 90 can do spotting wise because of the higher base view range and better mobility. I completely shredded an ELC in my T92 yesterday, even though he was loaded, got the jump on me and could have clipped me as I was on low health, he couldn't hit me, missed all 3 shots and I could just hit him on the move with ease. The ELC just is not able to defend itself against other lights in the slightest. Had it from the opposite side as well, yolo suicide Lttb played by a 47% er, killed me with ease because the cancer gun just couldn't hit him and he could hit me on the move and I couldn't out run him. I also spawned next to one on Paris in my T92, the difference in acceleration between the two tanks is like watching a light compared to a tier 8 medium, it's just no contest, it's Usain Bolt racing against an 800m runner. This means when you want to close a gap to clip someone or dodge fire, you are often just too slow. Plus camo is relevant on about 6-7 maps, you get a run of like Ensk, Stalingrad, Kharkov, you are shafted and will be the most weak tank in the game, even if there are lower tiers. It's a terrible, terrible tank, that has one trick, that is usable on about 7-8 maps, if you get them.
  9. The maps thing is BS IMO, not enough people, you have literally earned millions and millions on premiums over the last year, that probably took a handful of people to make, invest some of that cash into people to make the maps. 185k Skorpions on EU alone, at £35 a pop, that is like £6.5 million. You can hire a lot of render monkeys for that.
  10. Probably similar yeh, though Type turns much much better and is generally much more comfy of a tank. Funny thing is, if you gave the Type tier 8 HP and penetration, plus probably buffed the alpha to 170 like the Bulldog, it would be a much superior light to the ELC, even has higher view range cos reasons.
  11. Speed is shit to be honest, when you are used to 30 - 35 hp/ton of the new lights, 23 hp/ton feels horribly sluggish to me, especially as it slows to a crawl on tough terrain and virtually stops even hitting small trees. Also for it's inferiority to other lights the camo is nowhere near high enough, we are talking about 30m more off a 450m view range tank compared to the T92 which is a much superior tank, 6% camo for being literally 50% of the tank in every other way, not worth it. Clip reload down to at least 25s base if not more, aim time down, hp/ton up. Too many maps and situations where this tank is less use than many tier 6s.
  12. True, true, just saying that I think this is the most complete all rounder they have ever released.
  13. Disagree. More alpha, no turret weakspot at all (E5 weakspot was easy HEAT pen, any tier 10 med could snap that over and over), more DPM, goes 50 not 37, goes 20 backwards not 12, close to twice the traverse rates and better than bat chat camo compared to heavy tank camo. The E5 was a heavy, a comfy one that was solid front on, but was slow, unagile and easily outspotted. This thing combines the best elements of the T-62A, 121 and the 113 into one glorious Soviet package. Mild'y less idiot proof than the E5, mildly because of the weaker and less troll lower plate, but then better in every other situation.
  14. Providing the soft stats aren't terrible, the tank (though ugly) looks solid, good mobility, good view range, gun depression, pen, accuracy etc. 3/4 shot auto-loading clip potential on top makes a solid premium IMO. Likely the specifics of that clip will change a lot before they finalise it, but I like others have said, users with a brain will be able to do well with this thing. It will all come down to when you decide to clip something, the main advantage over other autoloaders is that if an opportunity presents itself, you are far more likely to be ready to clip than other autoloaders. Because if you are trading or putting the odd shot down range, then you are just single shot firing, with say a 10s reload, a normal loader doesn't want to be doing that, they are searching for something to put their whole clip or at least most of their clip into. With this no worries, opportunities where only one shot is available is no problem cos you keep filling that clip up as you go (plus that sort of reload whilst bad DPM, is good as it allows you to naturally drop off the radar), then some player makes a mistake in front of you, you are ready to pump 3 shots into them with the only decision you need to make is whether you can be safe for the long reload.
  15. Zero changes for the 430U it seems, so it's going live with these stats. Lucky I unlocked the 430 last night, cos the 430U looks like the best all round medium and heavium in the game. Mobility, armour, camo and a big gun, it'll basically be able to do everything well. Makes the old E5 looks limited.