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  1. tajj7

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    Leo 1, presuming this is a new mini branch that will lead to some paper, fast, gun depression, high alpha med. ------------------------------ IMO in the current meta paper stuff has to be exceptional in several areas to be viable to balance out how much having paper is a disadvantage, for example would be the TVPs super fast autoloader or maybe the Progettos's auto-reloader. Or like the Skoropin's high alpha, good pen, accuracy on a turreted platform. 320 alpha on tier 8 and high hp/ton is nowhere near enough. Mobility alone just does not cut it, you need high mobility and very high firepower IMO.
  2. tajj7

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    Already has worse accuracy and aim time than the Rev and the Rev has good dispersion, so they'll need to be good to compete. Hopefully this is a new line, a tier 8 premium like this doesn't really appeal and isn't needed. But a -10 gun depression, highly mobile, paper med with high alpha line to tier 10 could be interesting. RIP Leo though, but that is already the case.
  3. tajj7

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    Gun looks crap, depending on soft stats of course. Regardless of the alpha, paper meds in the current meta are underpowered enough, they are awful with bad gun handling and accuracy.
  4. tajj7

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    The gameplay at tier 10 has dropped to new levels of horrible because of this marathon. I have no idea why these players think it's a good idea for them to play tier 10, they will never get anywhere near the requirements and they are just making it awful for everyone else. Game after game is just all tier 10 games, with 10-12 heavies per side, where one team loses 5-6 tanks within the first 2-3 minutes and usually the game is 15-1, 15-2 etc. because there are just so many awful players about that can't play tier 10. I don't use XVM, but checking after my horrible run of 2 wins from 16 games last night I was looking at my team mates, most of them are 45-47%ers and that is their overall, they rock more like 40-44% win rates in their tier 10s. It literally broke me, getting 850 base xp when you have barely had time to fire your gun 3-4 times before you are surrounded by yoloing enemies, is quite hard.
  5. tajj7

    ASIA MM Test

    They should roll this test out to the other servers. Anything is better than what we have currently.
  6. tajj7

    T-50-2 Returns

    It's still way more than anyone expected, hell the bonds and credits are nice enough, I wanted to pick up some improved optics and wasn't looking forward to grinding through another cancerous ranked season but they are going to give me pretty much as many bonds as you'd earn in that anyway. Plus even with boosters 4 million credits is a good 3-4 hours of playing tier 8s in tier 10 games. Tanks.gg has this tank not able to mount a v-stab which is a bit odd considering every other tier 6 light is able to mount one.
  7. I think it's a separate premium time you can basically buy, the other one is still available and still works on all platforms. Not really sure why you would need it, with all the camos and flags they throw at you for extra XP, XP is hardly an issue in WOWs, I got the tier 7 RN DD out of one of the boxes, have ground through that and the tier 8 to unlock the tier 9 in 31 games. I know WOWs games are longer, but even with boosters it'll take you more than 31 games to get from tier 7 to tier 8 in WOTs, let alone get to tier 9. I am not even that good in WOWs, just an above average player but I reckon I'll have got the tier 10 from the tier 7 in under 100 games.
  8. tajj7

    I can't come back to my Obj 140 after playing with 430U

    The only thing about the 430U I found is the accuracy can be annoying at times, that is about it. Apart from that it's just a does everything medium, it's got better armour than most heavies, and is easy mode to be honest. It's a weird level of power creep that the Obj. 140 has become challenging to play.
  9. tajj7


    Wish they brought that MM test to other servers. Yeh I don't think the tank is ever going to be super OP, it's strong but it's still a light with 175 pen and 180 alpha. No idea but I think it was the first day, they were both around 4 - 4.5k damage games, one with a lot of kills and one with a lot of assistance.
  10. tajj7


    First 8 games I played with the tank I aced it twice, both those games were the only two top tier games (one 3-5-7, one 5-10), the rest were all tier 10. It feels massively powerful in those match ups because aside maybe stuff like the Type 59, T-54 proto, Cent variants etc. you are pretty much better armoured than most tier 8 meds but way way faster, so you can easily slip between several roles with ease, spotter, flanker, bully, hull down ridge worker etc. It's going to be interesting if they ever fix the tier 8 MM as balance for tier 8s is going to completely out of whack, this thing, Progettos, buffed IS6s and Type 59s seeing a lot more tier 6 and 7 tanks is going to be painful for those tanks I think.
  11. tajj7


    It's good but it's still a tier 8 light with like max 220 pen and 180 alpha in the always in tier 10 meta where you get horrible corridor maps most games. I would say it's very very far from OP. (apparently the Russian community want it buffed), probably edges out most other tier 8 lights, but those aren't very good anyway and the T92/ELC Even are still better at the vision game as pure spotters. It's biggest advantage is it can bully top tier, tier 6s and some tier 7s will struggle to pen the turret and stuff with about 150 pen will bounce off the upper plate which makes it quite a monster in dealing with tier 6-7 meds and most tier 6-7 lights, especially as it weighs 27 tons as well so can ram them as well. Obvious issue is how many games do you get like that.
  12. 12t and 41 90 are pretty much the same level as damage as well.
  13. They have f*cked up the armour models of both tanks so I wouldn't take either as finalised right now as they clearly need fixing. They have added random 130mm strips on the side of the 260 turret that were not there before for no apparent reason and the overmatch roof is still there even though WG's super test graphics suggested it was gone. And on the T-55A, the little turret ring bulges on the side of the tank have gone from 60mm -> 20mm, and it looks like they are supposed to be 120mm but have accidentally swapped a strip of armour from the rear of the tank that was 20mm with this 120mm strip, so the tank now has a random 120mm strip of armour on the rear of the hull. I think they let an intern do the models or something.
  14. They have also effed up the 260 armour model, the turret cheeks now have 130mm and 150mm on them whereas previously they had 185mm and 240mm. So the whole model might be incorrect as it doesnt seem to match the buffs they claimed they were doing. Looking forward to the T-55A, tier 9 is a sweetspot at the moment (no terrible bottom tier and far less cancerous balancing than tier 10) and I was tempted to buy back the 430, but I think this faster, better armoured T-55A with top level gun handling and less need to spam premium is going to be very fun. It's probably going to go from one of the worst tier 9 meds to one of the best.
  15. Whilst he said this if you look at this performance in it compared to the other tier 8 lights he has played, it doesn't really stand out - He has similar damage, XP and win rate in the 432 as the Bat Chat 12t and the non-skinned M41 Bulldog, which he must have played pretty recently as that only recently got changed. Plus whilst he does more damage in it than he has done with the Even 90 and T92, those have similar win rates and average XP.