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  1. E-25 is tier 7 with limited MM and insane camo. This thing will be seeing tier 10s with 135 alpha, it should shred stuff when it gets that chance. 2.1k base is too low for 135 alpha, maybe 3s is too much but 3.5s seems fine to me.
  2. Also aside one less shell isn't that ELC thing just a better version of the old 1390 but with regular tier 8 MM? Faster clip, better aim time, more pen, faster clip reload, more gun depression and a faster tank?
  3. 11th Sherman in the game I believe and it seems crap so something hidden must be good cos 12 hp/ton on a paper med......
  4. Needs more DPM, 135 alpha is like having 240 on a tier 10 tank, or like having 240 on the E50M, DPM should be off the charts. At least base reload of 3.5s, if not 3s. Rest of the stats are fun, but no gold round? With more DPM I'd be all over it.
  5. How do you guys win in this tank? I just can't, any map where camo has some value I do fine, but anything else it has zero presence, I move as much as I can, find angles to fire, flank people where I can, circle lone people etc. but if the team is poor then you just don't do enough damage fast enough to have any impact. For every shot I pen, usually another will miss or bounce even at medium ranges and the premium AP I find pretty pointless aside a bit less RNG against heavy tank sides at distance. Between playing this tank and tier 8 premiums that are constantly in tier 10 games I barely win over 50% of games these days. I'm not at my best but I'm not that bad, but I just can't buy a win in this tank.
  6. Hope the 215b gets some buffs like the Foch 155 did, it's been powercrept hard. Also at the moment the Super Conqueror is not looking up to much IMO, nerfing the best aspects of the 215b, DPM, aim time, accuracy, view range and HP. For some more armour but probably still a terrible LFP. Hope the soft stats on the gun are good. I also do not like that giant view bar they have on the model, looks like the awful weakspots from the Foch tanks that everyone hits with ease.
  7. Eh T-10 gets ammo racked frontally all time, all the pike nose Russian heavies do, they are very easy to ammo rack because it's pretty much in the pike, so players that pole their noses round a corner and show the pike, they are showing you the ammo rack. I remember Anfield doing TD-15 on someones account playing the T110E4 and an IS7 basically pokes his nose round the corner and Anfield calls 'ammo rack' and proceeds to blow the head off the IS7, T-10 is ever easier because the hull armour is so crappy. Russian ammo racks are worse than British ones IMO, because they are placed just as badly and are even weaker. Not that ammo rack is really a problem these days with the reusable repair kits, but if I see one tank more than any other (aside maybe some lights) that blows up, it's the T-10. I agreed on the mobility, but that is your choice mobility v laser cannon and with the RNG in the game I take the more reliable gun. Also remember with it's slower speed the Conqueror is less likely to get it's self into trouble on a lone flank as your meds etc. will already be there. I also never take the Conq to take on super heavies, nor would I take a T-10 you are just on a route to frustration, you bully meds with tanks like that and then hit the super heavies from medium to long range.
  8. If it had better soft stats I'd be tempted but don't see the point over a Rev which is just night and day in the gun handling department and comes with -10 depression. But 0.21 with a 2.4s aim time and then missing for a 11s reload is not my cup of tea. I also note that this thing I think has one of the lowest ammo rack HP's at tier 8, even with safe stowage I think 122s can blow it up with a high roll.
  9. Hull armour doesn't bother me because neither are reliable, most of what the T-10 faces will punch through 180mm like butter, even many tier 7s can go through the UFP fairly reliably. Not sure how that is reliable at all, plus it can't angle, being able to bully what some tier 7 meds and lights that don't spam premium seems a very minor advantage. E 75 is a bully, T-10 is not. Plus the Conq can angle and it's UFP will match the 215-220 effective upper the T-10 can get. Not to mention the Conq actually sidescrapes well, whereas T-10 gives shoulders to the enemy. Conq makes up for that minor bullying ability in it's DPM and it's extra HP, it just shreds people both in raw DPM and actual DPM cos the gun is so much more reliable, and has the more gun depression to hide it's hull in more places anyway. It's also very agile for such a big tank and 12-15kph is not a big difference IMO. On vbaddict there is only a 2% difference in shots bounced between the T-10 and Conqueror. They both bounce less than a Tortoise. Platform wise the only real difference is the T-10s straight line speed,armour and agility they are very similar, it's basically a choice between speed or gun handling. I'll take the laser cannon all day, every day. Not sure how the Conqueror can be a one trick pony when it has a gun with over 1000 m/s velocity, superb aim time and 0.32 accuracy. It is better at medium to long ranges than most mediums. That gives it the ability to play multiple roles. I also prefer 325 APCR over any 340 HEAT, much more reliable. Conq even has more ammo rack HP, much more in fact. T-10s commonly blow up.
  10. Meh apart from being faster in a straight line the T-10 is pretty much flat out inferior to a Conqueror.
  11. Conqueror issues? You must be playing a different tank, best tier 9 heavy.
  12. The Primo Victoria prem, and the proposed buffed Cent 1 are basically very similar in gun handling, depression, turret armour, DPM and pen to the Patriot. You basically trade hull armour for a bit more mobility and camo. The same will basically be true of the FV but it lags more on the DPM.
  13. Chinese and British buffs are next patch
  14. Seems a good idea to me, what actual good does it bring? People abuse the crap out of it, the punishment system is crap and there is no way they can handle team damage complaints using support so just turn it off. Most multiplayer shooters have it off as standard and they have respawns FFS. It's just annoying and can ruin your game so why have it there? At the end of the day most players will want to damage to the enemy so whilst they might take the odd more risky shot (arty players do this anyway) generally they won't want to be shooting friendly tanks and wasting ammo and reload time. Also how big do you think HE splash is for most guns? Why would anyone bother firing an 8000 credit 183 Hesh shell at a friendly to see if they might get some splash damage? No one that is who. Meanwhile with team damage on some 759 alpha TD bob can shoot your light for 80% of its HP because you are not suicide scouting for him and diddly squat happens to him for ruining your game. Yeh great mechanic, very tactical. Agree with the above, you have to be retarded to oppose this IMO.
  15. They just need to revert them back to how they were at the end of the sandbox, they were fine, WG and some average bobs just panicked because they played themselves on public test so inevitably we're going to do well, not hard for a decent player to beat a load of bobs also in tier 10 lights. On the Sandbox where you were limited to 1 game in them and then 3 in other tier 10s they were fine. First iteration T-100 was super op and 13-105 was terrible but by the end they were all pretty decent, only change that was correct was taking the T-100 plate down from 120mm. Hopefully they'll realise these changes are not enough and we'll see more, I bet these tanks will get back to pretty much their original state eventually. They need to stop listening to 48% IS7 players. As someone above said with Patton, 30b, 140, IS7, soon Cent AX buffs these tanks are even worse off than release. IMO HP needs to go more to 1650 - 1700 range. View range of them all needs to go up by 10m Keep the ammo capacity buffs Accuracy needs to go into the 0.35 - 0.38 range, with Rhm. getting like 0.3. Alpha needs to go back to what it was. And DPM needs to go to the good tier 9 med level, so 2.5k to 2.7k range. Makes these tanks what they should be, extreme flanker, breakthrough tanks that can spot well but do more than that. That are poor in frontal engagements because of their low pen, HP and armour. Basically firepower wise and HP wise they should be tier med level and then have their extreme mobility and good camp to compensate. That is basically what the tier 9 lights are, they have tier 8 HP and good tier 8 guns (though they need better DPM) and they are tier for tier stronger then their tier 10 counterparts.