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  1. disregard
  2. Damn it, WG, here I had hope that the FV4202 would finally be a good tank...
  3. I own a Strv S1, I just love the 122-44 and the thought of a tier 8 version with good vr makes me quite happy.
  4. Congratulations, you just sold me this tank.
  5. Good luck to you Solono.
  6. That's a little disappointing, the Super Conq looks really cool lol. I think I'll save myself the trouble and not bother with that line then, it's not like I am a huge fan of heavies anyway.
  7. Damn, I wonder if I could powergrind to the 215B before the patch... or if I should just wait for the buffed brits, seeing as I'm currently on the Churchill 1.
  8. Well, at least it'll still kick ass as a ridgeline warrior
  9. True enough. But damn can it scare the shit out of pubbies
  10. I sent you a friend request in game, username is Nicarasu currently
  11. Thanks for the great info!
  12. I can do those things, and I would probably learn something along the way!
  13. If you're ok with platooning with a green shitter my T49 is at your service.
  14. You forgot the that all of the American turrets are vulnerable to swedish tier 8 and above TDs, though the 8 and above Americans have funny angles and may require gold. It's actually rather disgusting. The first time I shot a T32 through the mantlet I was kind of surprised
  15. I've only had one battle on Nebelburg, and I hate it. It'd have been more fun if I had a tier 10 with some gun depression, but since I don't it was rather hard for me to play.