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  1. You've described my views on the movie very well. I actually liked Luke's death. It made sense. I do agree that the hyperspace ram was incredible, but definitely leaves behind that plot hole of "Why didn't someone do that sooner?" I hope you're right on Rey turning into a balanced force user, hopefully they won't manage to mangle something like that up. I had the same Star Wars moment. As for my own thoughts, I'm not a fan of the casino scene, it seems really heavy handed. I know star wars isn't exactly subtle, but come on. I've also given up completely on realistic space physics in Star Wars movies at this point. The salt planet thing had some really, really cool aesthetics to it. It was quite visually impressive. At first I had thought Luke was going to pull something like Obi Wan did, fighting Darth Vader on the Death Star. I was not expecting the force projection, or whatever you call it, but it was really, really cool. I also loved the music callbacks to the original trilogy, especially Binary Sunset, which is one of my favorite star wars pieces of them all, and it fit really well.
  2. I bought 50 boxes (I know, I'm silly for not buying 75). I got a Type 59 as the highlight, a fuckton of credits, all three of the tier 4 tanks (with a couple duplicates, so even more gold.) No duplicates of any of the Tier 8s. Have enough gold to free xp to tier 10 from two tier 9's, or I can just do one 10, and actually get somewhere on one of the super heavy lines for superheavy missions.
  3. Damn it, WG, here I had hope that the FV4202 would finally be a good tank...
  4. I own a Strv S1, I just love the 122-44 and the thought of a tier 8 version with good vr makes me quite happy.
  5. Congratulations, you just sold me this tank.
  6. Good luck to you Solono.
  7. That's a little disappointing, the Super Conq looks really cool lol. I think I'll save myself the trouble and not bother with that line then, it's not like I am a huge fan of heavies anyway.
  8. Damn, I wonder if I could powergrind to the 215B before the patch... or if I should just wait for the buffed brits, seeing as I'm currently on the Churchill 1.
  9. Well, at least it'll still kick ass as a ridgeline warrior
  10. True enough. But damn can it scare the shit out of pubbies
  11. I sent you a friend request in game, username is Nicarasu currently
  12. Thanks for the great info!
  13. I can do those things, and I would probably learn something along the way!
  14. If you're ok with platooning with a green shitter my T49 is at your service.
  15. You forgot the that all of the American turrets are vulnerable to swedish tier 8 and above TDs, though the 8 and above Americans have funny angles and may require gold. It's actually rather disgusting. The first time I shot a T32 through the mantlet I was kind of surprised
  16. I've only had one battle on Nebelburg, and I hate it. It'd have been more fun if I had a tier 10 with some gun depression, but since I don't it was rather hard for me to play.
  17. Bring it back, we need more maps.
  18. Purchased: 'Strv 103-0' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  2,160,000.

    1. hazzgar


      I prefer the UDES because it's eaasier to abuse VR at t8 but the armor will save you from time to time. It's nice the strv0 doesn't really have a stock grind since 286pen on a stock gun is not a problem

  19. I did as well, that way I don't forget to give, at the very least.
  20. The M46 KR is dead, long live the Primo Victoria.

    2017-09-09 14_32_19-WoT Client.png

  21. Wouldn't be shady if they hadn't immediately changed the page on their policy. If not for the whole "Oh yes, that's suddenly against policy now, but since you caught us on it I'll give you some stuff anyway" it would be fine IMO.
  22. IS-3: 37 Löwe: 38 T26E5/Patriot: 25 Rhm. Skorpion: 5 - 3 = 2 Second verse, same as the first. Obj. 252U/Defender: 24 + 1 = 25 Should a Paytriot be higher than this? No.
  23. The mind of a Chode$tar is a beautiful thing. It looks like the Sheridan derp handles quite a bit better than the T49?