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  1. :(. Get better, we are waiting for you.
  2. In Poland we were very jealous about Your potato candy.
  3. Well at my level of skill, additional armor is great thing. At Siegfried line (on defence) I was able to eat type 59 with HE (a lot of HE) and bounce all of his shells. It was fun! Two cons of jumbo are: 1) if you are using stock turret (and you should) you are not able to mount top 76 so you are "forced" to play with derp one 2) view range is lower a bit again with a stock turret Just my thoughts;)
  4. Well international community, not everyone speaks native english unfortunatelly (me neither, so sorry for obvious and offensive and primal mistakes etc.)
  5. Welcome and have fun :). Your welcoming post is... well... very good. Keep it going and you will found that wotlabs will become your new home
  6. Send again some amount. Hope it will helps.
  7. Let's necro a bit :). I've found AMX40 very relaxing to play... it is like You are in a duck, You don't give a shit and it is so refreshing :D. Anyway, borring battle with two fatal errors at the end...
  8. Printer noise, does it count? From my PoV it sounds almost as some kind of modern music ps: Metallica
  9. Send as much as I currently could. Best luck
  10. Trying Leo with big gun, to my suprise it is fun :)

  11. T20 is love and unfortunatelly You have to pay for it a lot ;). Earn money in tier IX game (>3k dmg, 1.8k asisted): 2'nd MoE: 3'd MoE:
  12. My most favourite tank. Final battle 2,9k dmg, 2,5 k assisted.
  13. Well monarchy in Europe were / are all mixed up a bit, so... you can always come up with something like that. But, and ofc it is a BIG but, it is like calling me a nederland guy, because there is a chance that my ancestors at XVII most probably immigrate from Nederland to Poland. Ps: from mobile sorry for any mistakes Ps2: I'm eastern Europe pleb so sorry again. Not triggered at all, really
  14. Well... I think I have somewhere a screenshot of 100% win rate for exactly ten battles. Interested?
  15. @AkulaV Thank You, your guide seems invaluable for my results ;). @PityFool, @DHP this is working... Ps: I have bought it at Friday, and for my level of skill results are impressive, with or without Unicum guide ;). TLDR: people don't know how to shoot Maus. Flanking is advanced tactics only for purple players...