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  1. well it's a charity event after all
  2. Hi guys, for those of You who are living outside of Poland. There is great thing called "Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy", which is a charity organization. Wargaming decided to support it by putting two tanks at auctions: Defender: SU76i: So if You are inclined to get them for whatever price and want to feel better, by giving money for charity instead of Wargaming ;), there You go. EDIT: Only for EU
  3. The most fun TD to play ever... For the ones I have played till now
  4. Highlight: new MM (I know, I know, but I like it), SPG nerf, Christmas boxes (40k gold, 5+ millions silver and 90+ days of premium) Lowlight: Increase the amount of low skill level tanks or with armor on need-gold-to-pen level, or both (Types, Vk 100.1P, Chinese TD IX, X, Badger) WHAT AM I LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS YEAR?: SandBox, polish tree @Archaic_One reminds me: WG inability to cooperate with Youtubers as one of lowlight ofc.
  5. 100 Boxes 54 days of premium 41400 gold 5 mil+ silver And... 2 new tier IV premium (setinel and t-28), 4 times tier IV or VIII premiums that I already have and T26E5 not-clown edition (already got clown). Overall good result (at least 50 Euro+ value worth more), but a little bit sad because scorpion or type ;).
  6. I didn't ask, but still I'm glad. Thanks I didn't ask, but still I'm glad.Thanks
  7. Great job, I think I have read something similar before at wotlabs, but it is more easy to read than previous version.
  8. Well at the end I have switched to 100 mm, it was literally the only thing that saves me from throwing money and free exping this #&[email protected]&&=/$. Overall with 122 it was one of the worst if not the worst tank in this line, with 100 it was just mediocre.
  9. Good to know that there are at least two people who were pleased with wargaming support. Good luck with reverting changes
  10. Never happened to me, so I would assume some wild haxxx. Good luck though and please share your experience with us about wargaming support .
  11. Grinding my way up to tier X from the bottom and decided that I want to 3 MoE everything at the road... A-43 was a breeze, A-44 is hard tank for me, so I think that reality will correct my assumptions.
  12. O In game client. Statistics and last tab
  13. Sorry to disagree. I'm grinding through A-43 and training Pudel's crew. So with that experience IMO MM is very gentle for tier VI right now. Even more, I'm thinking that T6 is much better (purely) from MM pov than T8 (may be a confirmation bias ) So if you want to buy thunderbolt don't worry about seeing T8 too often. Ps: mobile sorry for any mistakes