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  1. I didn't ask, but still I'm glad. Thanks I didn't ask, but still I'm glad.Thanks
  2. Great job, I think I have read something similar before at wotlabs, but it is more easy to read than previous version.
  3. Well at the end I have switched to 100 mm, it was literally the only thing that saves me from throwing money and free exping this #&[email protected]&&=/$. Overall with 122 it was one of the worst if not the worst tank in this line, with 100 it was just mediocre.
  4. Good to know that there are at least two people who were pleased with wargaming support. Good luck with reverting changes
  5. Never happened to me, so I would assume some wild haxxx. Good luck though and please share your experience with us about wargaming support .
  6. Grinding my way up to tier X from the bottom and decided that I want to 3 MoE everything at the road... A-43 was a breeze, A-44 is hard tank for me, so I think that reality will correct my assumptions.
  7. O In game client. Statistics and last tab
  8. Sorry to disagree. I'm grinding through A-43 and training Pudel's crew. So with that experience IMO MM is very gentle for tier VI right now. Even more, I'm thinking that T6 is much better (purely) from MM pov than T8 (may be a confirmation bias ) So if you want to buy thunderbolt don't worry about seeing T8 too often. Ps: mobile sorry for any mistakes
  9. Yes it is. Personally I love it, albeit being on a slow side of T8 may be painfull from time to time.
  10. IMHO: Valid question is a valid question. And to be honest I'm interested too, is there an automatic system to add tanks or it should be done by each of webpage owners?
  11. Hi, have fun here. Read a lot, and don't let anyone bully You
  12. IMHO when You win in Pudel it feels like well deserved victory, because You are driving slowish, not so armored tank with god awfull aiming circle and then You are waiting like eternity for its quite good accuracy to shown up. So if: 1) you don't like OP tanks 2) you want to work hard for a victory 3) you want to have "siema PL" (btw: is it even a thing, now?) tank Buy it, if not forget about this perfectly average or even sub-par MT.
  13. For a second I was expecting something serious, but (reality check) it is Internet after all. Anyway I like it :).
  14. I don't want to disrupt a discussion, but overall and in very simple way: 1) I have GTX 1060 6 GB <-- 2) I am running WoT at ultra without any problems (obviously) 3) I am running Total War: Warhammer at ultra (for around 50+ FPS) 4) I am running Witcher 3 at ultra (without hair work) So if You are going to play at 1920x1068 GTX 1060 should be enough even for new games. If You are going to play at higher resolution I would recommend investing in something stronger. Hope that helps.