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  1. Why C? And yeah I would recommend C++ if you wanted a more manual process... Because variables made of 2 words or more should be named as variableNameHere and not variablenamehere... (easier documentation for later engineers reading your code).
  2. PM me on offishul forums if you need approval for posts made. I just need to know which topics you posted in to find the posts. no shit, there's a 58k WnEzz score already.
  3. We have an issue with the system. Basically, there's no system to highlight all the "pre-rugged" posts, so what's happening is that we (mods) are all scanning the threads to find unapproved posts to check. It's messy and we are bound to miss some/most/pretty-much-everything that you fine parole birds post. I do see the paroles have been lifted on the majority of posters so congratz you have been considered sufficiently cowed/brainwashed/indoctrinated to re-enter the forums without supervision. I also see some of the parole birds abusing their newfound freedoms, so I will disabuse them of that notion once it gets out of hand. Lazzzzzy~ Serb giving you the thumbs up just takes the cake...
  4. Closest I can think is noobmeter, which saves session stats. vbaddict had ways to filter battle results, but it doesn't consolidate such data. In fact this is 1 use-case AdrianK can consider for his stat tool, if a pretty niche one.
  5. The pain is more consolidating the various stats for aggregation. Each call is not long, but a batch call of top 300 per tank then an operation to average out the results would literally take hours.
  6. @AdrianK I think the API has a way to draw best players IGNs for a particular tank at least, then you have to cross reference the tank stats separately by pulling the data using the userID.
  7. Oooo thanks for that info. btw can you describe your playstyle? I got a request to analyze super unicum profiles for a uni aiming for the next step up, specifically naming you as an aspiration. It's called full-aim + wait half a sec. 4Tankers actually ran a series of experiments to verify that tidbit. Theory is that there's still a short lag period between your local reticle bloom and the server's reticle bloom.
  8. I thought you can only have 1 improved equipment per tank?
  9. neokai

    Burger King tries to explain Net Neutrality

    There are a few reasons why this is the case - you will see a few patterns for ISPs around the world. 1, The ISP grew from the telephone company that laid the cables. For obvious reasons you limit which company/s can lay cables, which sets up the initial conditions for monopolistic behaviour. 2, The ISP is an offshoot of a telecoms company/holdings. Because telecoms is considered a matter of strategic importance the govt exerts considerable influence, and generally it's preferred to have control within a few rather than a lot of companies. 3, The ISP is an offshoot of a TV or related broadcast medium company/holdings. Similar to telecoms, since the company owns or has exclusive access to those data "pipes" it's hard to push in a new player. The legacy of our internet is that it was developed for a strategic reason (redundancy of comms during/after a nuclear attack) and only later was re-purposed for use by community and commercial purposes. Once the incumbents were established, it's harder for newer players to come in (though not impossible).
  10. ANZ if you want free damage. Even with 200 ping I can farm more damage because of random yolos out into open ground. It's not so much about skill, just that SG baddies play extremely conservatively so you have to root them out of their hiding spots, which is riskier than YOLO baddies practically shouting "shoot me".
  11. neokai

    Burger King tries to explain Net Neutrality

    Because free market assumes no monopolies and unlimited access to said market. ISPs buck that trend (a small number of companies control all access), hence the govt regulation on ensuring access, aka net neutrality. Hopefully the statements above explain it. P.S. I hated the name of the rule (it's not descriptive of the issue). A better name would be "price of net access".
  12. Koalas.
  13. neokai

    Where and how to get vbaddict data?

    Why not use WG's API then? It covers the data you just specified.
  14. response in response concerning concern. I concur that this concurrence doth concur with mine expectation of the thread. Concur?