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  1. I rather get cancer then play this game on weekends.
  2. Did you at least offer him a hand?
  3. "Results are never pre-determined before the start of a game" A Fortnight player could of predicted this ending....
  4. Quickybaby complaining about arty in game. While playing the Type 5.....
  5. Tier for tier, T34 is a lot better especially in the turret armour case in point Conq pen while turret was facing him T-55A HEAT pen while level While it makes good credits and makes easy WN8, there is nothing at all fun about playing this tank.
  6. T30 is utter garbage Slow, derpy aim and bounces shells off O-Ho's like tic tacs. If your out in the open = dead hull down = dead via HE and roof overpen Redline snipe = miss Close range = out DPM'd
  7. Holy fuck, of course i get this inbred on my team. But this guy must be a WG wet dream, surely he throws copious amounts of cash at this game to keep the credits up.
  8. I checked the overall WN8 in every game so far tonight, my team has been down at least 3K every game compared to the enemy.
  9. This has been my fucking week in this game. Off the top of my head it's been Sub 30% WR 3.5K WN8 week. If I try and push a flank or grab a early spot to hold, I get singled out and annihilated while half the team drove 50m from spawn and sit there trying to kill a light tank 600m away......or sit back and try and farm damage to tilt the balance only for the enemy to push through the other flank and/or have a fucking E75 sit behind me the entire game bumping me. It's lucky I don't play in a internet cafe with some of these guys, physical violence would be inevitable.
  10. Move crew over to K9 Place T54 Commander in 430 along with changing the Qual on the 54lt loader to 430 gunner and fill the other spots with shitters?
  11. Looked into Post Scriptum? Hearts of Iron 4 if you like strategy and replay value is crazy. (I've played over 600 hours)