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  1. 268 4 is laughable in T8 games Point in direction of enemy, Press w key and left click = Kill everything
  2. I laughed more at someone only doing 1200 in a 113
  3. lol I couldn't give two shits about LIFE, I just wanted to play Campaign Already dropped tags yesterday or the day before to go back home to KAC
  4. Meh That's how much I care about cheating/ clan politics nowadays.
  5. Run map mods, then you will find out for sure rather then guess
  6. So you get more salty over the one Aussie that shit talks then the 10 Jap bots on your team? Those priorities Rather have some Aussie shit talking in chat then a Jap taking a Bat down the fucking 1 line on Swamp from north west spawn.
  7. As far as I'm aware, anything applied to the hull gives it the increased camo value.
  8. I swear Bol and you need to start running flag mod, then you will notice how many players on AUS server aren't actually Australian. 2/3rds of teams are made up of Jap/ Koreans and the rest are a mixture of Thai, Viets, Kiwis and Aus. While obviously a majority of Aus players are shit in general, to say the problems that the server faces comes mainly from Australians is laughable at best.