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  1. lol who the fuck plays T10 arty with 2k on? Even I don't go that low.
  2. I play T10s on Aus to farm, everything else I play on Singapore
  3. Learn to link you penises Digging around for 10 minutes just to find what thread you are talking about.
  4. Getting called a coward for not taking a 4005, 704, E1 and a M103 head on in my Emil I
  6. Could finally get my hands on a VK
  7. I just saw this and thought "Aw he is streaming, I'll go watch" Turn his stream on and within 10 seconds he gets killed by arty with a 1K shot and shuts down the stream.
  8. Not a bad little T6, not having sixth sense is what killing me the most though.
  9. Also the routing has been fixed, 50 ping is back boys!
  10. Aslains is up and running, installed all my usual mods and it's running mint. UPDATE: Found a small bug, your own health bar does not decrease after losing HP.......CAN'T DIE NOW mawahahahah! No seriously you have no idea how much health you have.
  11. Yeah it's a Halloween tank, WoT just released the trailer for it.
  12. Fuck I love iinet...."whats that....the cable is back up, better not change the routing"
  13. They need to fix the cable already farken
  14. I'm getting 400ms ping ahaha Have not played since the cable went down, most I have done is log in and had a look at the new Foch then logged back out.