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  1. Since SoS has been converted to BIA and female crew can be freely mixed with male crew with no penalty, a free female crew member (e.g. commander with 6th Sense already) is obviously valuable as a jump start to any new crew. YMMV
  2. With the firefighting directive being a mere 2 bonds/match to cover off food use (if the tank even burns) the firefighting skills are even less attractive...
  3. It's often a player development decision, light tankers moving to mediums often favour camo and heavy tankers favour repairs on mediums. Coming from light tanks I am a camo over repair for non-brawling mediums. YMMV Designated Target provides extended spotting time for tanks you are spotting within a narrow cone of your aim point. Obviously, it is situational and effectively useless if your not running a camo and/or vision set up on your tank and spotting your own targets. So based on the OP's desired play style (no camo and vents over optics) its effectively counter-productive in their case. Armorer is less important since re-useable consumables but as confirmed by Fulcrous still of value and better than the remaining gunner specific skills. Although, the loader specific skills are pretty thin and the usefulness of safe stowage is less than generally thought, the consensus is it is still a mandatory skill. Not sure adrenaline rush (a full perk skill slot) assigned to provide a modest boost; under very very limited match scenario that occurs once every hundred games, is at all useful. I would even take intuition over it. Any skill/perk that relies on you taking damage and/or dieing is frankly extremely dumb. You will be much better off with general combat support skills or firefighting.
  4. They need to replace Karkov with the Halloween version because the map is fn hell...
  5. I hear "low roll agony" all the time from clan mates (and some streamers) when they leave a tank with 20 and under HP. I am fairly sure most could not rattle off the min/max range of the particular gun they are using in the heat of the moment (otherwise it would be predictive "watch me low roll this") so I suggest its part confirmation bias and part habit.
  6. I think the MOE is its own thing; for the last few patches they seem to break or get "reset" to starting nominal values...
  7. Those are the five configurations for the LTG not different tanks (I will edit it to reflect that better). Unless your try-harding config 4 (best view range at 447) you are well under max view range... the addition of vents does not provide an appreciable vision advantage. You still have to camo scout instead of vision scout which I alluded to in my first response... hence why IMHO dropping rammer for vents does not seem worth it...
  8. Updated post with numbers, but your second point is very true and was more or less what i was getting at...as you will never out-vision them
  9. The LTGs view range is poor and remains poor with a scrub crew even with food and vents. Maximizing view range by adding vents to food doesn't change the tanks character enough to make it a vision winning scout, it still has to fight. From my perspective I run food on exactly two scouts so I don't consider it an obvious choice for most (and you never mentioned it). Thereafter, i kind of sidetracked into the paradigm of mediums dropping optics for BIA, Vents, Food to maintain 445 spotting distance and similar trade-offs can be made here as well (to reduce cost) but it will never be a vision winning scout and pursuing maximizing view range is a wasted effort, especially if only grinding through it. LTG Config 1 Config 2 Config 3 Config 4 Config 5 Optics 1 1 1 1 1 Vents 1 1 1 Recon 1 1 SA 1 1 Food 1 1 1 View Range 396 412 421 447 427 Very True, but with so many of my personal favourite LTs trashed in the T10 upgrade I find this is a fugly meme worthy little go cart to tool around in...
  10. Food is really the only way to compensate for the terrible view range and a scrub crew. It doesn't burn often but the FF directive can be used to mitigate that, if concerned. When scouting you have to rely on your superior camo (to get closer) rather than out-visioning tanks and overall play a little safer and use the gun. This tank should scale up nicely with a well developed crew, I suspect vents would be an option when you have BIA and view range skills maxed... and maybe then dropping food. (Currently, I am only at 1.8 crew skills and finishing up camo across the board with Sixth, Snap, and Clutch for starters.)
  11. Using an even bigger picture It's no coincidence that staggered tier spread in MM drives player and account development and is a key part of the game monetization. If players never get exposed to or get pwned by that +2/+1/Premium tank then they will never have incentive to grind (or pay) for them. Further, if they are never exposed to higher tier tanks they will never be inspired to learn how to fight them or further develop as a player (lel). Ultimately, if players never move up the tiers then the game monitization stagnates and fails. I agree with @Liberty75 and @Rexxie on this point, obviously a certain sub-set of +0 games adds to the variety (as they are relatively rare) but a more steady diet of them (or even +1/-1 limits) would stagnate the game even more...
  12. Possible I guess, but it likely has more to do with them messing up the orders and other stuff (advances are down)... and kind of focusing everyone's attention on the Halloween event...
  13. Although I never considered it this way, this sums it up well.
  14. T71 CMCD reviews?