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  1. The T7 MM (over T8) definitely makes a difference to the fun factor...
  2. Much like crew skill development; consider the road to improvement as exponential not linear... or even under the paradigm of the old 80/20 rule adage.
  3. Next up Malinovka. Field and hill allow "ineffective flanking" and "circular gameplay". Castle to replace windmill on hill and 5/6 line low ground to become a "thicker town and has two lanes that lead to the center of the map, where it’s possible to come into position to be protected from the fire from the flanks."
  4. Frankly, I'm disappointed. A map that all classes could play well, was fairly balanced win rate wise (north to south I have 55.6% from either sides) and although the routes of attack were pretty standard there was a lot of tactical variation in how one accomplished a win. Well in the superheavy meta I guess we need more close quarter shoot each other in the face maps...to avoid "ineffective flanking" and "circular gameplay" wtf
  5. When I looked at the grind; most players approach the WZ-120 by (more or less) simultaneously grinding the heavy and medium lines (need a crew right? cause your likely keeping a tank from the light line) Quite a few Chinese modules can be researched through other lines and you then never have to play the Stock WZ-120 (and as we all know stock T9 grinds are painful). I hoard free xp for T9 grinds so if I chose to approach the WZ-120 from the from the light line I would have already banked a goodly amount. So whether you grind modules on the WZ-120 or on other tank lines; so many modules are cross compatible you dont really lose. Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 9 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 7 Tier 8 WZ-120 IS2 110 WZ-111 1-4 T-34-1 T-34-2 WZ-131 WZ-132 Guns 100 mm 59-100T X ** 100 mm 60-100T ** 100 mm 62-100T X X 122 mm 60-122T Engine 12150L X X X X X 12150LS X X X X 12150LT X Radio A-220 X X X X X X X A-220A X X X X X X ** Tanks.gg seems to indicate the WZ-132 Guns are no longer the same as the WZ-120 (100 mm 59-100TA, 100 mm 60-100TA)
  6. I run the autoloader LT standard of vStab, vents, optics... It plays like a baby BC, you are either active scouting, clipping in a close range engagement and GTFOing, or shooting from concealment therefore the overall marginal benefits of vents (especially with a newish crew) outweighs the EGLD IMHO.
  7. I like it. Was short of crews so started a new one at 75% when the new lights dropped. Ground out the first skill pretty quick (with reserves of course) and if you can already scout a little you can play relatively effectively while being marginally safer and just wreck with the gun.
  8. Yes. It is my observation that MM only screws over T8 Mediums and Heavies due to how MM prioritizes (or orders) the balance of teams. Arty, TDs and LTs are balanced first by MM; and then Mediums and Heavies are added to fill out the match. Therefore, Arty, TDs, and LTs more often see the expected 3/5/7 breakdowns at T8; vice T8 Mediums and Heavies that are more often arbitrarily thrown in to fill out the T10 3/5/7 matches. To a lessor degree this also affects T6 on NA due to the disproportionate number of T8s in the battle queue. (Of course T8 platoons will still screw you over more often than not.)
  9. MM treats it fine. It's a nice little tank and worth the investment and a little better than the 1375. If your pressed for "on track" time skip it and come back as you likely need it for the the 1390 and 25t AP anyway.
  10. Nah your not alone. What was lost with 3/5/7 is less emphasis on reading the line up and coming up with a plan to deal with it. Granted that skill appeals (or is practiced) by a fairly small sub-set of players. The game is balanced around the random pub player (simple game with some skill and luck) where RNG assists them, and not those who prefer the depth of the game mechanics to master and over-perform in where RNG keeps them in check. The Tier 3/5/7 format is better for grinding tanks and the pre-9.18 MM was better for variety. The problem players continually identified was tank imbalance (and weighting) and WG chose to address it through the 3/5/7 format (which is not necessarily what players wanted) much like all the arty complaints where WG chose to introduce the stun mechanic (which also is not necessarily what players wanted).
  11. tx, you could also just upload it to a google docs spreadsheet and share it here.
  12. Essentially I would hope to look at the data through the 0, -1, -2 MM paradigm and break out Tiers, tank types, battle config (3/5/7, 5/10, and 15) and the pre-9.18 data. Given you may or may not have that corresponding data in your set.
  13. @Liberty75 would you consider making your raw data available? I would love to take a look at it with alternate definitions.
  14. Well that's kind of my point you cant talk about tank imbalance without considering the map, put that match on prok, steppes, or sand river its the opposite.
  15. True, but that is also part of the appeal of the RNG MM system, on small city maps that balance goes in favour of the super heavies, on open maps to the balance of vision and stand off manouverable meds and lights... and its our job as players to figure out a solution. I don't think approaching NASCAR lineups with equal and opposing tanks is the way either (not suggesting that is your proposal)...