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  1. Strange Occurrence, Top XP with 0 Damage...

    It was a pretty standard Prok/Fiery game (South Spawn) with an initial scouting run and then surf the mid ridge that turned into 8829 assisted ...


    Battle: Fiery Salient

    Vehicles: T49

    Experience received: 3,532

    Credits earned: 57,030

    Battle achievements: Patrol Duty, Scout, Mastery Badge: "I Class"


  2. Appreciate that mission completion is much more map and team dependent (both friendly/enemy) than on your tactical tank/equipment choices and that those conditions/opportunities do not appear regularly. In fact they appear rarely and you need to be in a position to take advantage of them when they arise. It will take an ebbing and flowing combination of passive and active spotting supported by combat. FWIW, check out wotlabs and wotreplays for replays (and packs) that show successful completions of the particular missions you are working on and review them prior to your session to get your head oriented and watch the map rotations for the hard core vision maps and spam games. For LT missions, my equipment config was the standard vstab, rammer, optics (or vents for rammer on autoloaders).
  3. FWIW, in my five (5) battles last night I noted more arty than traditional pubs...
  4. The math agrees with the current consensus of the working of the mechanic... so it seems unexplainable...
  5. Firstly, there needs to be a consensus on what Top, Mid and Bottom tier mean. For me 15 same tier is Top Tier, all small sample data I have seen to date effectively ignore it. It's a paradigm shift but I think of MM as "Top Tier", "-1 Pref MM", and "-2 MM". Realistically, if WG said you could have -1mm or better 70% of the time I think players would jump at it... * estimated because the Reddit data does not distinguish between the two. Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 Tier 8 Tier 8 TD TD Heavy Total Games 100 100 150 3/5/7 - Top 12 36 10 3/5/7 - Mid 26 20* 24* 3/5/7 - Bot 48 18* 44* Total 3/5/7 86 74 78 Other (2,5,8) - Top 0 0 0 Other (2,5,8) - Mid 1 0 0 Other (2,5,8) - Bot 0 0 0 Total Other 1 0 0 5/10 - Top 5 1 1 5/10 - Bot 3 19 45 Total 5/10 8 20 46 15 - Top 5 6 26 Total 15 5 6 26 Top Tier 17.0% 37.0% 7.3% Mid Tier 27.0% 20.0% 16.0% Bot Tier 51.0% 37.0% 59.3% Same Tier 5.0% 6.0% 17.3% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% "Top Tier MM" 22.0% 43.0% 24.7% "- 1 Pref MM" 30.0% 39.0% 46.0% "-2 MM" 48.0% 18.0% 29.3% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% Total 3/5/7 86.0% 74.0% 52.0% Total Other 1.0% 0.0% 0.0% Total 5/10 8.0% 20.0% 30.7% Total 15 5.0% 6.0% 17.3% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
  6. It seems you have been to the WG school of PR...
  7. I was given the understanding that "cap xp" goes to cappers and are not shared like the overall team damage/kills... I just knew capping was selfish.
  8. Sure, we all have cherry picked "edge" cases of where "cap" would have won where "kill all" failed or the exact opposite where the screening tanks needed support only to die and the cappers get reset and farmed. Anecdotally, my experience says in these edge cases I recall; I get the latter in a much higher proportion than the former. I for one would generally rather be defending/resetting than capping...
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I bought into the Alpha (or something) but RIP as my potato PC at the time would only run it at 2-5 fps. I will have to give it a go again (inherited a surplus gaming laptop).
  10. WoT is built around good crews, equipment, and credit management. Any moderately successful alternate mode (special mode; Chaffee Race, Karl Mortar, Winter Mode) incorporated a crew training feature and had a sustainable economy for the masses encouraging game play. The Rampage economy was so out of whack (repair and resupply 3X T10s) no one could afford to play it (except for the massive T22 bribe), even though the respawn concept is likely attractive to a large segment of gamers. If the economy doesn't work for Joe Tomato, the alternate modes will always fail, regardless of the rewards that often just make it worse...
  11. Thanks for the insights Crab/Others. With all the Tech Tree T5 to T9 LTs in my garage at the moment and lots of garage slots, I am not divesting of any LTs yet as I reserve a faint hope that WG will un-nerf some of the old favourites and maybe buff some of the others. Just casually working my way through them and moving the odd crew around. I have pulled out the ELC for funzies and its now slow enough to get into trouble and not get out. However, when running 20K gas is "drives" almost like the old one. I threw on a v-stab just because, but in hindsight with less firing on the move and more camo snipe, camo snipe/relocate I am starting to think having the GLD or even a rammer may be the way to go. (Was running GLD, Vents, Binocs)
  12. Obligatory Bob and Doug, Beer and Back Bacon Meme...
  13. Ketchup Chips anyone...? and yes french girls...
  14. You can wiki Maple syrup for the details. It is unlike both your comparisons and by no means cheap. Taught to early colonists by first nations it was once an inexpensive alternative to other sugars but now has a luxury good aura, often sold overpriced in tourist traps and used in commercial confections. When out cutting wood in the spring, my dad up until a few years ago, would also make maple syrup. Far removed from the commercial efficiencies; ranging far an wide to find enough trees, checking and emptying pails to gather enough sap to make a reasonable quantity of syrup (40-1 ratio if I recall correctly). There is nothing like tending the open fire; over which the flame licked and sooted pot emits the delicious smell of reducing maple sap. The unique odours of the forest, the fire and the syrup are magical as well as the vibrant flavours of pouring fresh hot maple syrup over packed snow for your own treat. Yoyoya2 needs to add "Beavertails"...
  15. Any comments on Map Rotation? I have all three modes enabled and anecdotally see less repeats (but do see them). It looks like map weightings (appearance in the rotation) have changed somewhat as I have seen Stalingrad/Kharkov/Paris more often, than I like...