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  1. Thanks, (I completely agree) and certainly supports my initial point.
  2. vbaddict and the ADU provides a session summary (can update game by game) to gauge progress and determine how good or poorly a session is going. Many mod packs include the YasenKrasen "session stat" mod, the minute game to game variances of play are interesting. Aslain's mod pack also contains a custom xvm config (or mod?) for the vanilla damage panel to display your damage done figured coloured wrt to some wn8 schema for in game feedback.
  3. Sorry to hear that (especially if I misled you), The FAQ was subject to interpretation... the award of the tank is the tipping point as after tank award you can complete the daily missions but dont receive the daily token! If you have 10 tokens and then purchase 3 tokens; the tank is awarded and you can complete remaining 5 missions for the rewards but not tokens. If you have 10 tokens and then you purchase 5 tokens; the tank is awarded, 2 tokens are redeemed in gold and you can complete remaining 5 missions for rewards but not tokens. If you have 0 tokens and then purchase 3 X 5 tokens; the tank is awarded, 2 tokens are redeemed in gold and you can complete all 15 missions for rewards but not tokens. If you have 10 tokens and then purchase 2 X 5 tokens (any amount over 3); the tank is awarded, 7 tokens are redeemed in gold and you can complete the remaining missions for rewards but not tokens.
  4. Lol wtf indeed, even noobmeter agrees... http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/crapcannon/1008447712/ you should buy some lottery tickets....
  5. Unfortunately, data collection and statistical updates take time and resources. The sites that offer that instant feedback use assumptions, tricks, shortcuts, and alternate methods that present (guestimate) numbers to fill in all the boxes and satisfy that desire for near realtime feedback. If your comfortable with that approach use anyone of them, but please don't flood the forums with concerns/complaints that the other sites wn8 values differ from wotlabs...
  6. Emblems and Inscriptions were redesigned and proposed in V10.0 (http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/tank-customization-10-0/) to give a variety of bonuses. Some applied to the whole crew, some applied to individual crew members, and some only worked under specific circumstances or conditions. The mechanism still shows in the UI, and IIRC they were costly (in gold) and if purchased for credits the monthly maintenance fee was enormous. The player base felt this was a very "pay to win" feature that further divided the "haves" and "have nots" as well as providing mature accounts even more advantages over new players. Less of an issue was customization; where there was likely a "standard best" build, that limited player customization options to those emblems and inscriptions that got the job done rather than what they preferred not to mention those players who dont like that sort of stuff on the tanks in the first place...
  7. The obvious errors are often a tool to screen out the smarter folks...
  8. tx, will keep my eye out for that.
  9. At this point it would seem that the cap point maximum accrual rates are the same (3 points/second and 1.2 Points/second for Encounter) and are allocated among all tanks on cap...which goes counter to what was commonly thought. In this schema resetting the cap is both easier and harder with more than three tanks on cap; easier where any hit on any tank should reset some cap points and harder as the longest tank (or any for that matter) on cap has less cap points to reset thus providing less time to continue to action resets... Perhaps this distribution was thought to combat building a wall of tanks on cap? (three TOGs hiding an ELC...)
  10. Something is up with capping understanding. BATTLE 1- Player 1: 50 cap points Player 2: 35 cap points Player 3: 10 cap points Player 4: 5 cap points For a total of 100 cap points
  11. drive through and get on and/or off gets points that don't contribute to cap win. Partially Confirmed. Drove through cap during clean up phase and was credited with cap points in the after battle report, even though the win was through extermination (no end cap extension shenanigans) as no one was on cap at close of battle.
  12. Hard to explain... (getting on and off cap, driving through cap, on and reset will still get you cap points.) Maybe the 104 (which seems surprisingly precise) includes the grace period? Replays?
  13. first world problems lel ;-)
  14. http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-events/weekend-mar16/