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  1. A valid point. (To be fair wrt the LTG I didn't explain it well or explicitly state camo before BIA, but answered in relation to the question asked which was BIA before view range).
  2. Meh, don't take that as anything other than my initial starting point for a 3 person LT crew and for the record I can be a "cheap ass" like the OP (of the merged thread) at times, and just train skills/perks without resetting after every one. FWIW sometimes I like to line up all the camo and/or repair as the case may be. IMHO all the weaknesses of the SP I C are relatively equal so there is no magic skill setup that mitigates the worst offenders and makes it playable. Other than sixth the rest are debatable for order of importance/preference. With a bigger crew I generally go sixth, camo, camo, safe stowage for a more balanced first set followed by Camo, Snap, Clutch, camo. I'm a Clutch ahead of ORD (and smooth) as I find it helps poorly traversing tanks and improves juking, angling, and maneuvering about getting shots. Yes ORD helps as well (on med and soft terrain) but I find the minor speed increase of importance and value much less often. For Gunners, the most effective role specific skill is Snap and there really are no better candidates (its equilivent to 37.5% of a Vstab). Repairs vs Armourer may be a good debate and to be honest I have just recently started experimenting with Armourer, based on a recommendation. If we assume that in LTs your dead or blowing your repair kit to get out of trouble then in the case of that HE hit that took your gun and tracks, Armourer allows you get back into the fight a little sooner rather than waiting for the repair kit cool down while the early repair skill doesn't get you out of trouble or back in the game sooner (I do like repair but just prioritize it later). In today's meta, LTs have to fill many roles and be able to switch between those roles multiple times during any given match or engagement which is why passive setups are so limiting; while at the end of the day most of us play to shoot and kill chode tanks...
  3. @Madner Kami thanks for that, I am ashamed to say I never recognized BIA was marginally better than Recon for view range. In general I find BIA is a crew developmental timing strategy. Since every crew member has to have the skill fully researched you are effectively trading other skill specific improvement opportunities (and/or time) for the generic bonus to everything. For example; in a small SP I C crew at what point will you get better overall (and/or problem mitigation) performance from BIA than you can get out of position specific skills. For most players and most tanks its somewhere in the third to fourth skill range (or a training sale). Commander/Loader/RO SS, Camo, SA, Recon, Repair Gunner/Loader Snap, Camo, Armourer, DT, Repair Driver CB, Camo, ORD, Smooth, Repair The one candidate that comes to mind for earlier than normal BIA is the LTG due to the much lower initial view range and it relying on camo more than view range to scout. You dont even bust 445m view range with optics, SA, and food...
  4. It is fairly well known that with the light tank restructuring, the once mighty SP I C was relegated to a tank to grind through. The auto-loader and view range advantage (over same tier scouts) provided a slightly different style of play and made it unique and a serviceable scout. The slow shell speed only just kept it in check. Now a days its a shitty generic single shot that is outclassed by every other generic single shot in class and tier. Like most light tanks, proper equipment, crew skills, play styles, and appreciation of tank limitations are key to making the tank perform. It's a little disingenuous to set yourself up for failure with a "cheap-ass " sub optimal equipment load-out (passive scouting forsooth) and sub-standard crew skills and then question "tank performance", even given that the SP I C is currently a low end performer. Advice? Review recent Ace Tanker replays on wotreplays.com, but more importantly quit being a "cheap ass". Equip and crew your tanks properly (see above) after reviewing the original thread for more suggestions, otherwise get comfortable and accept the fact that intentionally gimping yourself with sub-optimal load-outs and sub-optimal crew skills through grinds costs you more in the long run...
  5. The Light Tank restructuring hit a lot of players favourite LTs very hard. Not only did many classic goto (and fun) scouts get changed (the loss of Scout MM makes net nerf/buff debatable) but most of the distinct differentiating characteristics were homogenized. The most "enjoyable" Tier 8s made the jump to Tier 9 and so Tier 8 is mostly populated by promoted Tier 7s and a fill in; none of which stand out from each other for any discernible reason. Personally, I still have all the Tier 8 LTs and rarely play any of them choosing T9, T7, T10 scouts over them regularly. IMHO the Tier 8s scouts are not "stand outs" but they can all get the job done; so it comes down to looking forward up the lines and I would tend to rate them based on what you get out of them not the tanks themselves. 1) BC 12t (Leads to two French medium lines and one French light line and can develop crews for most) 2) HWK 12 (Can train a RhmPZ crew but gimps you for the RU) 3) LTTB (Drives fast, overturns constantly but rights itself often before your dead) 4) WZ-132 (The line between the Chinese meds and lights is so blurred its tragic and further down is more of the same; how many and which ones are purely a personal preference) 5) Bulldog (Sad to see how the mighty have fallen. Newer players may find it playable without the rose coloured glasses) #Return_the_105_to_the_28.01
  6. That's good to hear, I put it away about the time I unlocked the top gun because I never had much fun (or success). As I am about 3/4 of the way through the WZ-132A grind its becoming more manageable and comfortable so hopefully I can translate that over.
  7. ^^ looks like shot came from window into cupola...
  8. As an aspiring Chodestar these kind of shots dont happen as often as I would like... I fully expected to miss and splash myself...
  9. Meh, same here. Manageable is a good way to put it and I don't mind it as much as others and yes done the Church VII (horrid) and Black Prince (less horrid) Grinds. I originally started the Tiger(P) to get the VK4502B for heavy missions, then the line split with the buffed Maus (and nerfed VKb), and being a bit of a completionest I am unlocking the Ferdi from the Tiger(P) as well. I think I have about 60k to go for the Ferdi and its elite. Heavy play is a weak area for me (of many). One of the main issues I had to overcome was generally avoiding hull down play. As the turret is shit you have to consciously overexpose to bait shots into the hull. Given that most players at T6 and T7 (and even T8) dont know tank specific weakspots all too well, it generally works out. If someone does know how to pen you just disengage and move somewhere else or earn a quick trip back to the garage.
  10. Obviously, someone will paint a FV4005 purple and it shall be known as the Shit-Barney... which seemed somewhat clever when I first heard it.
  11. MFW I crest the Himmelsdorf hill and see crab and dual aiming down on the lane... :notlikethis:

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      lol, I did the opposite and spent my time in fear of being choded.  I am not a fan of the 132A and have been frontally penned by the Derp49... 

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      We noticed you. But more we noticed a juicy softie. You were right to not poke on us!

      @DirtyACE7 I don't remember that, but I was also drinking a lot so...

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      @dualmaster333 you don't remember because I evaporated as quickly as I appeared. In the most true yoloing shitter fashion :)

  12. LT15.4 in the books!

    Victory! Battle: Siegfried Line Vehicles: WZ-132A Experience received: 4,205 Bonds received: 3 Credits earned: 62,198 (compensation for damage caused by allies: 504) Battle achievements: Patrol Duty, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"


  13. I find the wider perception of daily expected value changes somehow being "more reliable" interesting. The extremely minor daily fluctuations don't mean much in the first place and the minor variance they introduce ensure an even less reliable tool; as there is an ever changing baseline. In fact the daily XVM team expected value tables will be even more vulnerable to variance due to tank rentals, on-tracks, tank retirements, and other promotions. So now every player gets to influence/determine the expected value table just by playing...
  14. Please see what you can do with mine...
  15. Good luck! It's never as simple as it should seem with WG...
  16. Yes. The XVM team has created their own per tank expected value table. Check out the announcement and rationale here.
  17. I am just trying to help and share some work that others have done along the same lines. My disagreement with the assertion that accuracy is more important than dispersion (maybe still terminology issues) stems from previous analysis and the following document I prepared when the Tier 10 Light Tanks were introduced. Using the equations noted above it was shown for T9 Light Tank Dispersions that even when accuracy was nerfed the resultant buffs to dispersion improved accuracy on the move. from the previous iterations. Now on absolute grounds yes a 5% reduction in the accuracy does not correlate with a 5% reduction in dispersion... but a non-commander crew member digressive stat can only be reduced by limited and finite values (-4.1, -6.2, -8.3, -10.2. and -12.1 %) where dispersion can be controlled and reduced from max to 0%
  18. In that reference above RicharNixon also says: Even running vanilla, I seem to recall that others have indicated a feeling that the aim circle may be mis-displayed in sniper mode (will look for references or maybe I am miss-remembering). Where the actual circle size was not representative of the actual "Gun Accuracy" especially when very bad or at different zoom levels. For example the T49 dispersion on turret rotation may not even be representable in sniper mode due to its calculated size. But the game has to present something to the player... That may be an issue if counting pixels... Perhaps, a test in training room (no movement) with a tank 100m away and see if the aim circle (fully aimed) seems reasonable (same as advertised) as sized against the other tank at 0 and other zoom levels. i.e. at 100m and fully aimed do we get a correct measure of the advertised accuracy (aim circle size) by counting pixels and relative to the size of the target enemy tank...
  19. I verified that the client does indeed say "reduced by 60%" (or 40% of the value). The wiki says 1/3 (or 33% of the value) however I also recall RichardNixon determining the value was actually e (which I thought incorrectly was actually 1/e or 36.78 %) ... so something to think about.
  20. I initially thought it was an error surrounding updating the engine HP, however messing with the traverse calculations its just how it works out...
  21. MFW its my T92 versus a 1 hp E100 (got a heat shell through the un-angled flat e100 side and RNG said no to the kill) and a half health Type 4 with only 8 shitty heat rounds left... reset the 1 hp e100 with HE and played for the draw...#notfun
  22. lel - Day 19 Debacle Redux...
  23. A lot of this groundwork has been covered and vetted thoroughly already. So I was just trying to illustrate that; so you are prepared to either agree with that work or explain why you propose it works differently and clarify what you actually mean with your mathematical modeling. These calculations has been verified in the game files and it seems obvious that the proposed "accuracy * dispersion" is overly simplistic. In fact it seems obvious that limiting speed and lowering dispersion affects final Gun Accuracy (ComputedDispersion) significantly more than nominally reducing gun accuracy. The movement and dispersion is the reason that the aim circle grows so big so fast.
  24. Thanks for the dissertation honoured posters, still disappointed this thread is not titled... "Farm… Bond Farm."
  25. Check out the Discrediting Smooth Ride Once and for all thread for the accuracy and dispersion calculations from the game client. Also check out the How does aiming time and turret traverse work thread and the How it Works : Accuracy, Aimtime, Dispersion... as impacted by skills/equipment/modules thread for some background info that may assist you moving forward. Please continue the good work but also please define your terminology. It is commonly understood that "aim time" is is the time to reduce the aim circle to one third (33%) its size... do you have a reference for 40%? I found your TL;DR is a little mid-leading (maybe because of the terminology definitions.) Conclusion and TLDR: · - Accuracy speed and dispersion has have a massive influence on aiming circle size on the move, they are proportional. · - Aiming circle size is proportional a function of accuracy, speed/dispersion and time. · -To determine what gun has better actual gun handling: multply accuracy with dispersion do the calculations, the lower the numbers the better the gun handling. (if by dispersion you mean you are automatically including the speed component) · - Size of aiming circle= Acc(0.68*d*v+1) · - Time to fully aim = Aiming time*(-log(0.68*d*v+1)/log(4/10)) · - Vstabs is superior to gld in most situations. · - Influencing accuracy gives a better boost than influencing dispersion values. Lowering dispersion values (equipment) and controlling speed (play styles) generally give a much better boost than influencing accuracy (BIA, equipment, gunner skill).