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  1. The Return of Camo Meta?

    When WG adds "soft cover", I get the impression it's designed to obscure your in-game vision by making it more difficult to pick out tanks among the visual clutter. It further seems to impede your lines of fire (bushes, fences, haystacks) and your lines of spotting (by interrupting the spotting rays like hard cover), but not necessarily adding camo value for bushes. Ultimately, some of it amounts to the same thing; less spots and lines of fire giving the impression of more camo but at this point I am not convinced most of the the new bushes offer great camo modifiers. It obviously deserves some research... PS. One of the reasons I keep the non-historic patterns visible is because they actually help pick out tanks against the clutter. YMMV
  2. WZ-111 1-4

    The safe stowage perk works as advertised. "it's not a stellar perk, but I think in light of the dearth of useful loader-specific skills, it's worthwhile considering it.” FWIW, much like Sixth Sense I run Safe Stowage as the first perk on dedicated loaders. Placebo or not, it seems to help… " The resulting status of any module (Default, Damaged, or Destroyed) is dependent on the initial module health pool, the amount of damage received, and any mitigating crew skills, equipment, or consumables. Therefore consider the answer to the question as two-fold, some tanks have module issues because of the combination of module heath compared to the calibers of guns the tanks usually face and/or the modules are located in the tank such as they are more likely to be hit. In the the case of the 1-4 a tracking shot through the front drive wheel will hit an ammorack...
  3. 19. Swamp Team 1 Standard 6,731 53.91 % 101. Swamp Team 2 Standard 6,731 45.39 % That was Tiers 8-10...btw
  4. Ranked Battles Tank Choices

    I hear IS-7 gets Russian Bias XP ...
  5. Derp 49

    Purchased: Equipment 'Stabilizing Equipment System' successfully purchased (1 item(s)). You spent bond:  5,000.

  6. FD_UP--It is indeed a thing!

    Good Luck!
  7. Elimination: Removed Maps

    Northwest: 28 + 1 = 29 Prefer Northwest to South Coast. Pearl River: 49 South Coast: 31 - 3 = 28 Its the final 3 #SaveSouthCoast
  8. Elimination: Removed Maps

    Northwest: 28 + 1 = 29 I was never sorry to see this map come up in rotation. Pearl River: 49 Port: 7 - 3 = 1 Changes to the Game core killed this more than Game play. South Coast: 32
  9. Elimination: Removed Maps

    Dragon Ridge: 14 Northwest: 30 Pearl River: 49 Port: 30 - 3 = 27 No rose coloured glasses for Port, and it was way better in the Chaffee races version. South Coast: 27 + 1 = 28 #SaveSouthCoast (Its tough to keep voting... Never played Dragon Ridge and to varying degrees like the remaining four.)
  10. Do you EVEN 90?

    Wow 1661 base XP is not enough for an Ace... I was salty with 1319...
  11. Elimination: Removed Maps

    Dragon Ridge - 28 Northwest - 30 Pearl River - 49 Port - 34 Province, 19 - 3 = 16 This was a good map to learn some game mechanics and tactics at low tiers, unfortunately bad habits could also be learned. Much too small with the vision saturation at mid and high tiers. South Coast, 28 + 1 = 29 For all the complaints of the camping TD ledges (IIRC it was unbalanced with North having an advantage) it allowed multiple winning approaches with varying strategies.
  12. T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    thanks crab, (I got it the first 3 times... ;-)
  13. T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Tx PG, that's my initial guess too, however I seem to recall some discussion (perhaps wrongly) between iVents and iVstab. Having said that, I cant seem to find that reference in the thread...
  14. T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Quick question for the Chodestars... Given the above, if some skrub cobbles together enough bonds for a piece of Improved Equipment which one first? (iVstab, iVents, iOptics)
  15. Elimination: Removed Maps

    Dragon Ridge 36 Hidden Village - 10 Northwest - 30 + 1 = 31 It was a little unbalanced and the lower level pubbie trap could be frustrating, but the look, feel, and play was unique. Pearl River - 42 Port - 34 Province - 27 Severogorsk - 7 - 3 = 4 Although the second iteration was better, as a paper medium or light it was crap. Heavies have enough brawling centric maps/areas already... South Coast - 28
  16. Elimination: Removed Maps

    Dragon Ridge - 31 Hidden Village - 30 Komarin - 18 Northwest - 31 Pearl River - 33 + 1 = 34 Although the three flanks didn't really support each other, with the size It proposed many possibilities, and the flexing/pushing opportunities were various. Port - 31 Province - 27 Severgorsk - 24 - 3 = 21 I never really figured out this map and as noted above you just go somewhere and trade... South Coast - 30
  17. IS what gun do you use.

    Better estimates from ST (I think): IS-M (HT-8): 58,000 XP --- 2,550,000 credits Object 705 (HT-9): 144,900 XP --- 3,570,000 credits Object 705A (HT-10): 162,300 XP --- 6,100,000 credits Object 257 (HT-9): 142,700 XP --- 3,560,000 credits Object 430 (MT-9): 142,950 XP --- 3,460,000 credits Object 430U (MT-10): 287,000 XP --- 6,100,000 credits Object 268 V.4 (TD-10): 215,300 XP --- 6,100,000 credits
  18. Spahpanzer SP I C

    A valid point. (To be fair wrt the LTG I didn't explain it well or explicitly state camo before BIA, but answered in relation to the question asked which was BIA before view range).
  19. Spahpanzer SP I C

    Meh, don't take that as anything other than my initial starting point for a 3 person LT crew and for the record I can be a "cheap ass" like the OP (of the merged thread) at times, and just train skills/perks without resetting after every one. FWIW sometimes I like to line up all the camo and/or repair as the case may be. IMHO all the weaknesses of the SP I C are relatively equal so there is no magic skill setup that mitigates the worst offenders and makes it playable. Other than sixth the rest are debatable for order of importance/preference. With a bigger crew I generally go sixth, camo, camo, safe stowage for a more balanced first set followed by Camo, Snap, Clutch, camo. I'm a Clutch ahead of ORD (and smooth) as I find it helps poorly traversing tanks and improves juking, angling, and maneuvering about getting shots. Yes ORD helps as well (on med and soft terrain) but I find the minor speed increase of importance and value much less often. For Gunners, the most effective role specific skill is Snap and there really are no better candidates (its equilivent to 37.5% of a Vstab). Repairs vs Armourer may be a good debate and to be honest I have just recently started experimenting with Armourer, based on a recommendation. If we assume that in LTs your dead or blowing your repair kit to get out of trouble then in the case of that HE hit that took your gun and tracks, Armourer allows you get back into the fight a little sooner rather than waiting for the repair kit cool down while the early repair skill doesn't get you out of trouble or back in the game sooner (I do like repair but just prioritize it later). In today's meta, LTs have to fill many roles and be able to switch between those roles multiple times during any given match or engagement which is why passive setups are so limiting; while at the end of the day most of us play to shoot and kill chode tanks...
  20. Spahpanzer SP I C

    @Madner Kami thanks for that, I am ashamed to say I never recognized BIA was marginally better than Recon for view range. In general I find BIA is a crew developmental timing strategy. Since every crew member has to have the skill fully researched you are effectively trading other skill specific improvement opportunities (and/or time) for the generic bonus to everything. For example; in a small SP I C crew at what point will you get better overall (and/or problem mitigation) performance from BIA than you can get out of position specific skills. For most players and most tanks its somewhere in the third to fourth skill range (or a training sale). Commander/Loader/RO SS, Camo, SA, Recon, Repair Gunner/Loader Snap, Camo, Armourer, DT, Repair Driver CB, Camo, ORD, Smooth, Repair The one candidate that comes to mind for earlier than normal BIA is the LTG due to the much lower initial view range and it relying on camo more than view range to scout. You dont even bust 445m view range with optics, SA, and food...
  21. Spahpanzer SP I C

    It is fairly well known that with the light tank restructuring, the once mighty SP I C was relegated to a tank to grind through. The auto-loader and view range advantage (over same tier scouts) provided a slightly different style of play and made it unique and a serviceable scout. The slow shell speed only just kept it in check. Now a days its a shitty generic single shot that is outclassed by every other generic single shot in class and tier. Like most light tanks, proper equipment, crew skills, play styles, and appreciation of tank limitations are key to making the tank perform. It's a little disingenuous to set yourself up for failure with a "cheap-ass " sub optimal equipment load-out (passive scouting forsooth) and sub-standard crew skills and then question "tank performance", even given that the SP I C is currently a low end performer. Advice? Review recent Ace Tanker replays on wotreplays.com, but more importantly quit being a "cheap ass". Equip and crew your tanks properly (see above) after reviewing the original thread for more suggestions, otherwise get comfortable and accept the fact that intentionally gimping yourself with sub-optimal load-outs and sub-optimal crew skills through grinds costs you more in the long run...
  22. Best tier 8 LT (tech tree only)

    The Light Tank restructuring hit a lot of players favourite LTs very hard. Not only did many classic goto (and fun) scouts get changed (the loss of Scout MM makes net nerf/buff debatable) but most of the distinct differentiating characteristics were homogenized. The most "enjoyable" Tier 8s made the jump to Tier 9 and so Tier 8 is mostly populated by promoted Tier 7s and a fill in; none of which stand out from each other for any discernible reason. Personally, I still have all the Tier 8 LTs and rarely play any of them choosing T9, T7, T10 scouts over them regularly. IMHO the Tier 8s scouts are not "stand outs" but they can all get the job done; so it comes down to looking forward up the lines and I would tend to rate them based on what you get out of them not the tanks themselves. 1) BC 12t (Leads to two French medium lines and one French light line and can develop crews for most) 2) HWK 12 (Can train a RhmPZ crew but gimps you for the RU) 3) LTTB (Drives fast, overturns constantly but rights itself often before your dead) 4) WZ-132 (The line between the Chinese meds and lights is so blurred its tragic and further down is more of the same; how many and which ones are purely a personal preference) 5) Bulldog (Sad to see how the mighty have fallen. Newer players may find it playable without the rose coloured glasses) #Return_the_105_to_the_28.01
  23. WZ-120

    That's good to hear, I put it away about the time I unlocked the top gun because I never had much fun (or success). As I am about 3/4 of the way through the WZ-132A grind its becoming more manageable and comfortable so hopefully I can translate that over.