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  1. Feel free to invite me if i'm on
  2. Well i got given Devil's Share
  3. hey never, does the program read domination as normal games too? i will D/L but atm i'm playing next to no games....
  4. i like vooping.... search it up
  5. so, is this your new replay folder or something? (if this is a thing i needa make one for the t-54 )
  6. am i above 2700 yet?
  7. i think i knew you at one point so might as well add me
  8. add meh so i can boast to more people when i finally break super-uni xD
  9. my brain..... it hurts
  10. add meh if you want
  11. mate, marmite is amazing, vegimite is suicide. ofc i think theres only about 4 people in new zealand that actually like vegimite sooooo yeah, vegitmite is crap