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  1. sundanceHelix

    Waffentrager auf panzer iv - Which gun?

    1.5 years later.. Can I repeat this question? I would swear by the 128, but Foch runs the 150 and enjoys it AND does well in it, despite minimal usage of prem ammo.
  2. Teach me [email protected] Or, I guess, one just does not Panther in current meta omg... all the stock grinds I'm trying to go through sigh...
  3. How would you compare the IS7, WZ-5A and 113?
    It seems the 5A is best? Why?

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      I own 5A and the IS-7. 5A sure has better gun(HEAT over APCR)and mobility, but I like the IS better for randoms. The armor is much more reliable, which means the tank has good stopping power, which the 5A quite doesnt have imo. 


      TL;DR: IS-7 for randoms, 5A for organized stuff generally. Though for example the IS shits on 5A in Mines middle fights.

    3. monjardin


      I’ve had the IS-7 for ages and just bought the 5A and 113 the morning the On Track started.

      The 5A is so comfortable to play with -7 degrees of gun depression on that platform. My Object 260 is going to start collecting dust with -5 gun depression on a much taller platform with less agility in a brawl and much lower DPM.

      I really enjoy playing the 113, but agree with @Kolni in regards to the superiority of the 430U in pubs. It stacks the matchmaker since you aren’t paired with another heavy, but can pretty much act like one when hull down. I haven’t compared extensively, but it feels like the 430U aims much more effectively than the 113 despite having worse final accuracy. 

      Overall, all 3 have their merits when compared in isolation. If you are only getting one for the On Track, then I would go with the 5A. The 113 isn’t all that compelling unless you are a long way from the 430U or play CW. 

    4. Assassin7


      Im kinda disappointed about the 113. It started out as being terrible from its introduction, they mega buffed it to the point where it became really good and a great CW tank, and then powercreeped it out with the 5A and 430U.

      The poor thing has had a rough life :(

  4. wotlabs stats page is malfunctioning for me... I have about a week's worth of stats not showing, and a number of my tanks including E100, M103, T-54 etc have disappeared from my individual tanks stats list.
    Any idea what's going on?

  5. [edit] nevermind got my facts wrong
  6. This. ^ I did mine mostly with Bert + CGC (and FV3805 during the grind up to CGC). I've found the CGC underwhelming (maybe I [email protected]), I think the M53/55 is better overall.
  7. What the fuck I just completed HT15.3 with honours in the M103

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    2. sundanceHelix

      You might want to watch in 3rd person, I have a horrible habit of zooming in-out repeatedly.
      (MVP is really the Emil who kept me alive in the city)
      A bit sad I didn't get Top Gun but my hands were probably shaking after the entire game and the end shooting was really terrible on my part.

    3. Haswell



      Is track damage not counted in the results but still valid toward the mission?

    4. De1tacu


      Its damage recieved not assisted @Haswell

  8. Chinese medium line worth getting at all?

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    2. Fabunil


      With the introduction of the Pocket 113 next patch not anymore.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      WZ-120 is a T-34-3 on crack. 121 is powercrept. T-34-2 is no.jpg, WZ-132 is still pretty decent. Derpy as fuck gun though because lets give LTs over 0.4 accuracy. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      If the 430U makes it to live in its current incarnation there'll be literally zero point getting the chinese mediums

  9. sundanceHelix

    Clans for skirmishes/SHs

    So, eh... any klen that does regular Tier 6 SHs for credits? Serious question. Currently in FLEX which is kinda asleep. Personal WR sucks now due to soloing and stock grinding multiple lines. WN8 is still shitter level. They told me not to do negative marketing..
  10. sundanceHelix

    Clans for skirmishes/SHs

    The main issue that's keeping me from joining a good clan (besides my skill) is my lack of CW-viable tanks. Right now I have the Ehundo and am grinding for the IS7 and 140, plus going for the BatChat slowly. However, in the meantime, are there any competent clans which don't have strict T10 tank requirements? I'm thinking I could join for regular skirmishes, stronks, etc. Some form of organised play, at least, to take my mind off pubbing somewhat.
  11. sundanceHelix

    Dec 2017 Meta questions?

    Taking recommendations for tank lines to focus on - sorry I have to ask because I have not played/kept up to date for almost 1.5 years. Just started over last couple of weeks. Mediums/Heaviums I have BC25t and 140. Also have Skoda T50 moving towards TVP. Since medium/heavium is king (I think) what other lines do you find worth getting? I am currently at Tier 6--8 on the STB, Patton, E50 and T-34-1 lines. Are the 113 and 121 viable post-buffs? I have unlocked IS7 for ages but won't play it because of the gun. E100 I have, but not Maus (can't stand the speed). How about Kranvagn? I'm currently at 50 100 as well and intend to get 50B and T57Heavy. If you had to choose only one other MT or heavy line to recommend, which would it be? TDs A number of EU streamers like the Brit turreted TD line post-buff - your opinion? Also considering going up the T30 line because, well, turret. LTs Personally I enjoy playing fast tanks - so, mediums and lights - I hear the French LT line is strong. I am also at 13 90, T49 and T54LW on the other lines. Are LTs at Tier 10 relevant to being influential across games? I suppose MTs are still preferable in general? Arty (haha jk I have enough cancer in my RL thank you v much)
  12. And is it still worth going for the E5, or is it already not meta

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    2. Assassin7


      Ignore them, even if its not "meta" its still a damn good tank. 

    3. Meirzin


      I mean it's still a good tank and I enjoy playing it, but he specifically asked if it was meta and it just isn't the best tank for the playstyle.

    4. sundanceHelix


      I would go for Conq but atm I can't see myself going through the Churchills... maybe I should bite the bullet and do it already. Thanks for all the advice though!

  13. sundanceHelix

    Lost control over WN8

    Sorry, just trying to catch up with things.. what's PR? The Personal Rating as shown in-game?
  14. Guys is the Kranvagn at all worth grinding for in the current meta?
  15. Hey guys, is the Kranvagn line worth grinding?

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    2. Tarski


      I liked the Emil I a lot. I'm looking forward to the Emil II, but most good players seem to think it's pretty meh on most maps. 

    3. TAdoo87


      The Emil 2 is a tank with actual armor and an autoloader in tier 9. It cant be that bad by definition. 

    4. DHP


      Tier 7 is godlike. 

  16. Had a 40% WR over 67 games today.. it wasn't just teams that were bad, RNG was horrible too (my BC got snapshot-oneshot by a 4005 from 400m away across the map, T49s penning me with 152mm HE, etc) #rant then again I only have myself to blame for coming back to tenks.
  17. sundanceHelix

    Is WoT a good game(objectively speaking)?

    I love the concept of the game but man, the mechanics are a serious problem. Pros: 1. Tactics-focused battle gameplay: use brain - reflexes aren't everything. Knowledge of weakspots, maps, usage of terrain, understanding tank strengths/weaknesses, decision-making, reading team compositions, etc. 2. That thrill when you win games by completely outskilling the enemy plebs. Cons: 1. Significance/impact of RNG - pen, damage, russian RNG 2. Spotting mechanics 3. Arty 4. Pub/pleb-oriented meta, some/many shitty maps 5. It's a fucking business model, not a fucking 'game'. You thought WG does this shit so we can have a great game? Nope, they do whatever it takes to maximise their fucking profits. That's all. Also why the E25 is back in the online shop. I've spent almost a thousand SGD on the game so far, but I'm done with it as far as paying is concerned. WG doesn't need my money - they've got the money of everyone else.
  18. sundanceHelix


    Kek. +1 thread
  19. Might be a good idea, I briefly toyed with taking the FV304 and/or ELC out for a spin (being the most casual/fun tanks) but rather soon decided against that. I think I might actually be truly done with tanks. lol
  20. Whatsup. Reinstalled WoT a few weeks ago, still haven't gotten the fucks together to boot up the game and press the shiny red button yet.