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  1. Thanks Crab, I will definitely take a look! just watched them. Very good games. How the heck did you bounce that shot from the Ferdi in the Overlord game? I gotta get some of that RNG!
  2. I'm far from being good, but I'm having alot of fun with the T92. I was watching Circon's stream earlier today when he was playing it and he mentioned that WG was going to hot-fix the critical engine damage issue. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. OMFG! I was just hoping you would write one of these and then it appears! You've got some black magic voodoo going on there! Thanks so much!
  4. Playing yesterday and was having a ton of fun. Should have joined the G TS to hook up with folks. Does anyone know if the Enemy/Friendly tank tags can be scaled? They just seem to small for these my not-so-great eyes.
  5. Server is online. Grabbing some lunch and then going to get busy. In-game nick is the same, msg me if you want to platoon.
  6. Man oh man... anxiously waiting... client freshly installed, drive defrag'd, lets GO!!!
  7. I had PM'd SS about this as well and had the same response.
  8. Thank you for the break down! Now just to get a good friends list going for platooning.
  9. Just saw the announcement too! Fantastic! So which MBT line is recommended to grind first?
  10. I'm usually on during the day and sometimes in the evenings. I know I don't meet your requirements, but if your invite spams let you down, feel free to hit me up. Always looking to platoon with folks for fun and learning, though I don't get many opportunities. Thanks.
  11. Just got the E5 a couple of days ago and really like it so far (though I don't have many games in it yet). My crew has BIA and for equipment I've been running rammer/vstab/vents, but have noticed that rammer/vstab/optics seems to be pretty popular as well and Zeven seems to run rammer/vents/optics. I play 100% in pubs and would like to optimize the equipment setup. Optics seems like a good choice for late game, is it best to drop the vstab (given the already low aim time) and put optics in, which would make the equipment loadout rammer/vents/optics? Thoughts?
  12. Add me! You'll be in store for pure entertainment as I blunder my way through games!
  13. Hi Scout - I'm in for 9s on NA. Usually on after 9pm EST and sometimes during the day.
  14. Thanks for the feedback everyone & sorry for starting a new thread.
  15. Haven't been able to find an answer for this. If I sell a tank that has permanent camo paint or emblems on it, if I buy the tank back in the future will it return to the garage with the camo paint and/or emblems? My guess is no, but would like to find out. Thanks.