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  1. Heh you have no idea how glad I was to see that. It took me some time getting used to too, and I felt like a retard, when I ended up throwing a salvo of HE on someone
  2. @SmirkingGerbil to elaborate a bit, back in 2016 WG changed the MM, making tier 4 and below protected by introducing +/-1 MM for them. This resulted in tier 5 no longer seeing tier 3s, while still seeing tier 6s and 7s. Thus tier 5s more often get pulled into brackets above their own then other ships. Virtually no tier 5 is truely competetive versus the better tier 7s like the Scharnhorst mentioned above. On the other hand a lot of players seem to report, that they are very often top tier, while playing tier 7s, and that a number of tier 7s are very powerfull ships (Scharn, Belfast, Fiji etc.). Not seeing tier 10s, avoiding the static tier 10 gameplay, while being able to making decent silver in the premiums further adds to the current popularity of the tier. These are just my observations from forums, which reflect my own experiences. I'm sure that some of the more knowledgeable players will be able to expand further if needed.
  3. The tier 7s don't have concealment though. I used MAM, ASM, DCSM 1 and DCSM 2 - and a secondary spec'ed captain. Question regarding German BBs tier 8+: Which captain skill should one go from with the last 4 points, when you have AFT and manual secondaries?
  4. To be honest if you want to stay in a tier going for tier 4 or 7 will yield you a lot more comfortable games if you just want to chill and not grind further.
  5. After getting special snowflake teams for the first 7 games in this ship, I'm starting to get more luck. In this standard battle I solo cap'ed at the end with 3 hostile BBs left and the rest of my team dead. I took their cap, while killing a Leander going through the middle (late game) and then knocked out a low HP Emerald, a full HP Omaha and a 60 % Fiji all waiting for me at the exit. How I ever survived that is beyond me... All but one citadel came from the last engagement versus those three perma-broadsiding people a their base - all got their torp's off though E: I did two battle today too. Apparently I'm on a roll:
  6. I haven't seen any data mining or such to confirm it, but according to the general consensus on Reddit etc., the Sims has some kind of abnormal XP multiplier.
  7. I actually think the ship is decent too though I don't have CE yet, which can be a bit of an issue for me at times. I'm a novice at smoke cruisers, so I have a ton of stuff to learn. It was mainly the teams, which frustrated me. Not once in 6 games did I get the team with least retards. From my perspective the stats except for the win rate are decent. However, when you have teams where your Scharnhorst division is the bottom two at the scoreboard, closely follow by our last top tier BB at foruth from the bottom things are just very frustrating.
  8. So I got the Leander during the X-mas convoy thing and finally decided to try it out. Thankfully my suicidal teams reminded my why sticking to DDs and BBs are needed if you want to carry games as a novice: Leander 6 CA/CL UK 6 0.00% 57,425 1,269 2.7 1.3 0.7 50% 35% 12% 1,295 Seriously the teams just melted, while the top tier BBs played behind the teams and numerous DDs didn't even bother to use camo. Capping was apparently also overrated for most. I truely see, why people recommend playing tier 7s instead of tiers 5-6.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to rewrite this up and hopefully create a bit of a debate @OnboardG1 I'm beginning to close in on several tier 8s, so having threads like this one is pretty nice :-)
  10. If you plan on going all the way to the Minotaur have a look at Flamu's suggestions for reference. Quick browse the video for other ships too:
  11. He has both "superint/conceal" AFT seem to be recommened by many as a 4 pointer. JOAT seems to often be recommended above EM due to the crazy gun traverse. @Vitellius9 have you already looked up something like Flamu's recommended builds or some of threads on Reddit?
  12. This is a quiet disapointing video after the long wait. Sorry Muricans
  13. I had a game a few weeks back, where some German shitter (most I come across are German v0v) divisioned his tier 4 Danae(!) into tier 4 MM. I wented my frustration of people tooning like that at the start. Two of my team mates told me off and explained, that tooning a tier 4 and 5 was perfectly fine, while calling me a bully for calling him out. I told them that I simply couldn't agree with them on that one - especially when it was a ship like the Danae - link to stats. -match starts- The Danae asks if he can TK me because I'm a bully, stating I'm not allowed to care about what he does in a game (it's not like his decisions influence others game experience). He does a couple of drive bys on me w/o torping. 3 minutes in and the game is going badly already. I spent most of my game trying to avoid getting TK'ed. The Danae returns and torp's me and another friendly. The friendly dies. I decide to flood to death, which kills the Danae too due to excessive team damage. I did 0 damage. Am I in the wrong, when I get pissed about people failtooning tier 4's with the risk of ending in tier 7 MM?
  14. With the risk of being a bit too cheeky; I think that you'd might be able to increase win rates, if you didn't play cruisers. People like the Myoko, which Rodrigo mentioned above, are plentyfold, so with unreliable people like that in your team you benefit from the staying power, ability to take and hold positions and ability to punish the retarded broadsiding cruisers, which some BBs offer. I went from rank 21 (?) to rank 9 in 27 battles, while playing the Nagato (21 games) to rank 10, and then later grabbing rank 9 in a Scharnhorst (5 out of 6 games were wins). I'm not a unicum like some of the posters here, but I'm semi-proficient at tier 7, which was enough to help most teams win. Ranked stats