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  1. Thank you. That was by conclusion too. If one goes non-IFHE are the 203mm a better option?
  2. So to sum up: Non-IFHE would still make for an OK grind, or even a nice grind?
  3. Admittedly it's been a while. Last september I would guess. I now play further up the tiers, where radar cruisers are quiet prevailant. I'm by no streatch a good player, but I try to improve my abilities with the minimap to make deductions, just like in WoT, which highly negates the effect of radar cruisers, especially if you learn the radar ranges of the few cruisers. I play quiet irregularly, but feel free to throw me an invite, if you see me online
  4. From my experience the grind was pleasant from the start, compared to other nations DDs. If one watch a few introductory guides to DD play, like Flamus low tier guides, low to mid tier US DDs are a breeze - My stats to show that even a novice can do OK in these.
  5. How would you rate the 155 Mogami w/o IFHE?
  6. Yes yes confirmation bias and what not, but I always have a string of losses like this only on weekends when grinding tier 6 BBs:
  7. I really had a good time in the Mahan with CE. One of the most pleasant grinds so far (only 1k games in).
  8. Things like that make me soo salty. Some potato: "I'll just ram that tier 6 in my 70 % HP Amagi." Then later: "Don't be a dick Birkovic. It's just a game and I can do what I like." I hate playing with the crowd.
  9. You don't want CE to more easily get close / disengage instead of the tank?
  10. @RollerCoaster47 and @Crossfader how do you build your captains then? I was considering manual secondaries, AFT and CE for tier 4 skills (currently at 18 points and w/o CE in the Bismarck)
  11. I bought the Warspite too late. I really like the look of the ship. Truely a majestic BB.
  12. Go to youtube, watch Yuro's video, have a good laugh and then slaughter stuff. I don't fully support Vettish's suggestion as it only takes into account one oppenent at seemlingly close range. Getting an engagement like that with out the attention of other hostiles is quiet rare. In my experience good Scharnhorst players tend to have a quiet balanced approach and exert impressive range control while rarely overextending.
  13. All that matters is RNG. I read it myself on the forums.
  14. I'm actually kind of with Wulff here. I generally don't shoot back (don't recall ever doing it), but when people shoot team mates at the start of the game (which was the case Wulff described) it's a deliberate act or a case of utter stupidity and/or incompetence. It simply infuriates me, and I could see myself shooting back in anger, when I someone is taking a dump on the entire team like that. Taking away 1/3 of a team mates HP is just...
  15. Some people just want to watch the world burn...