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  1. I thought I'd try the Kamikaze for easy German BB kills for the Bismarck mission. Didn't get many Germans, but was confirmed, at Kamikaze is p. balanced:
  2. Would you like for me to post a screenshot before you are convinced? You can't be telling me, that you want to save those 160k silver by not converting?
  3. You get 10k per duplicate after the Bismarck mission is completed. I'm getting that right now.
  4. Why no just exchange the duplicates for the missing badges? 1:4 ratio
  5. I saw above 300 in queue on EU, still wait only 1½ minutes to play.
  6. My sample size might be too small (65 games), but that wasn't my experience. I ended up with a 61,54 % win rate and a survival rate of 58 % (all solo). From my experience you can still often contest early cap's, if you pay attention to the map and roughly know radar ranges. Often cruisers arrive too late to radar. If hostiles contest the cap I try to stay aware and try to disengage before shit hits the fan, if a radar cruiser is approaching. Disclaimer: This is on EU. I assume that US radar cruisers might be more prevailent on NA.
  7. I'm sorry to be that guy, but according to you have played 16 games in the ship, and have a damage average below both your stated averages above (36.798 avg. damage). Are you getting a bit carried away by those smooth french voices?
  8. I only just purchased the much hyped Fletcher. Before embarking on this wonderful journey, do you skillfull captains have any words of advice: Must have captain perks, videos to watch or top builds? (or should I just go and read reddit while watching Flamu and Aerroon, like I normally do?) Thank you in advance o7o7o7o7o7o7
  9. To be fair I would have free XP'ed past the A hull - the reputation taken into consideration. Instead I only free XP'ed the engine, so this has the makings of becoming a decent grind. Currently I'm really surprised. The amount of forum posts suggesting that the fully upgraded ship would be abysmal had me considering to free XP past it. Now I have the feeling that I'm embarking on an OKish grind. Hybris is building.
  10. Apparently Colorado is BAE in my first games too. Hybris commited Colorado 7 BB USA 5 80.00% 94,437 2,291 ∞ 1.6 2.2 100% 31% 0% 1,974
  11. Yes, it appears quiet similar.
  12. Novice question: Is the 1,5 km perimeter enough to disperse planes (normally in several squadrons) on attack runs, when a high tier carrier engages you?
  13. To be honest I don't consider anything else competitive play. Judging by my own and others accounts of ranked (not to mention pub matches) talking about compitetive there is a stretch.
  14. I don't know where to put this, so I went here. I just want to thank all of you, which provided advice and help for a novice to improve at this game. Currently I'm grinding the Benson and Bismarck, which could see me pass the magic 1400 WTR overall just before crossing the 1k games milestone. Considering I've only played solo so far, I would argue that I now carry my own weight in the teams, which makes the game very enjoyable for me. Thank you o7
  15. He is talking about competitive play, where the hydro amongst other things, from what I understand, appear to be more important.