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  1. So you are doing the same thing as them except a tier higher?
  2. With the total light tank rebalance it might be worth considering unpinning/updating/disclaimering this guide
  3. WG approach to arta refactor:

    "It's better to suffer 1500 HP dmg and half your crew killed in two shots instead of one."

    1. ThomChen114


      not a matter of if but of when

  4. So, 9.19.1 common test went up at June 22nd as per announcement, was online for 2 hours, then it crashed and nothing happened since.

    WG pls

    1. robosapieo


      There was a post on the French forum explaining that the update apparently made the game a buggy mess so they had to take it down. It will be back up once the problems have been fixed.

      Make an update on the French forum but not the main English one. Classic WG :serb:

    2. nemlengyel


      @robosapieo yeah - they even linked the CT docs in the announcement in French, because reasons.

  5. Praising the survivors of this battle for this: MagicJarda in his T9 arta finished off the enemy Maus with his last shell, thus breaking a stalemate santito66 successfully killed the enemy E75 after the Maus was dead (in retrospect I probably should not have followed and just should have capped, but I was too excited and had visions of the enemy BatChat sniping off the lone T30 before vision kiting us in the cap circle) - after he got shot by the E75 I initiated a banzai yolo charge on the E75 Custer style to attract his attention, since I could take a shot. The rush worked, E75 shot me instead and the T30 finished him. Satanas_Luciferis diligently capped with his T34 and did not do anything crazy All in all, it was a fun battle, despite my fuckups. It also ended up my highest combined game so far (although not highest damage).
  6. Looks like SerB had a vodka too much:


    1. Assassin7


      jeez, looks like it locked up or something. that looked more like a failure than driver error to me.

  7. Yeah it seems to be pretty much the same for every Slavic language like Polish One of my favorites. Even the dubbing is pretty damn good for it and it's absolutely hilarious!
  8. Found some KAZNA stream the other day that was in Serbian. Didn't understand a word besides "dobra", but the gameplay was fun Obligatory random video content:
  9. I have no welfare for that!
  10. batchat update thread is literally: 


    1. saru_richard


      implying that its only the batchat threads that act like this 


  11. Just rebought this thing. Time to see how it performs with new MM.
  12. Have fun. The salt is real.
  13. At least my Löwe is having a good time. Scored 4 hits on the cheeks of a Maus who was apparently too retarded to angle his turret
  14. my message to WG:


  15. sometimes I get the feeling the new crazed premium tanks act as an indirect buff for T34/Löwe as there are few other non-TD t8s that have such competitive pen... and when the cupola "weakspot" on a Chrysler is tiny and the highest base pen tier 8 heavy tank has 50% chance to bounce it with standard AP, you're gonna need every mm of pen you can get