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  1. 32853162_1920491964636393_41536542648471

    1. Marver95


      Wtf, where is that from? :D

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI
    3. nemlengyel


      @Marver95 posted by a friend who was attending Pyrkon

    1. Assassin7


      ignoring that, the article saying that prem tanks are OP and pay2win and shit.

      ugh. with the exeption of the defender and maybe the patriot/skorpion G. just... no.

    2. nemlengyel


      yup, I assume people coming from other games with a proliferation of loot boxes or whatever assume that being able to buy a unique weapon (tank) must be p2win, which is why the question was asked—but in WoT that's not true as the WG guy confirmed

      btw Lowe OP tank

  2. nemlengyel

    Please help poor green shitter

    I think that is a misunderstanding.
    1. Errants


      Only would've been better if NOT accidental.

  3. Yeah I pretty much tend to have the same problems as the OP. As per others' suggestions I've been trying to focus on picking always the flank where we have an advantage since just having more bobs around you increases your chance of survival—trying to heroically defend against an overwhelming force on the other flank will just get you killed with 2-3 shots of damage and piss you off royally, while trying to lead a push is much more likely to result in breakthrough and victory or at least a tough but satisfying fight. If just 1-2 other tanks from your team go for hill on Tundra, and you go with them, you'll probably just get yoloed instantly and die so it's better to try and salvage something elsewhere even though the hill is such an important position. Also I think it's good to avoid becoming salty, people can do ridiculous things in game but getting angry over it will just put you on tilt and also make you more prone on blaming things always on the team even when maybe you were out of position. In any team game there will be people who screw things up for themselves and by extension the team, and WoT is no exception—and even if it was really their ignorance that lost you a battle, it's not the end of the world, nothing will happen and you can ride into the next battle, get a new lineup and push for victory. And I 100% second the part about using 3rd person mode for shooting—it does seem to be the way at snapping shots with minimal exposure and I'm disastrous at it (as well as shooting in general). Old, but gold:
  4. nemlengyel

    The M103

    don't feel like playing church 1/church 7/BP/Caern though
  5. has anybody else gotten BSODs on Win10 while returning to garage in WoT (via in-game menu)? Happened to me twice now, not sure if it's the app, the OS, or if this computer will die on me.

  6. nemlengyel

    How to Erlenberg?

    Ohhhh, there is indeed an Erlenberg thread, buried on the very last page ;3 How did 1.0 change preferred playstyle on this map? The old adage of never crossing the river during your initial deployment from spawn seems to still hold because its easy to get rekt when trying to push 0 line from north. On the other hand pushing the castle area seems useless because it just leads to a killzone with all the TDs in the world. I guess I should try to deploy more to the city area in heavies instead of the edges like it used to be?
  7. nemlengyel

    The M103

    in my humble opinion its way better tier for tier than T32/T34, especially with the 3-5-7 MM and the plethora of armored tanks rolling about. plus it feels like a proper upgrade, you gain some maneuverability, great DPM and a gun that can hit snapshots and not just the dirt
  8. fml I didn't pay attention while shooting on Glacier, sank my Lowe and drowned like the bot I am

  9. nemlengyel

    Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    hm but I think making a non-meta T8 premium setup work requires quite good teamplay and calling, especially when some clans think they must tryhard in SH and run full APCR IS-3 lineups and other shenanigans
  10. nemlengyel

    Newbie again

    We have Obj 268 v4 now, I'd say the biggest problem in tier 10 isn't a KV-2 that got fat on McDonald's
  11. Pen is not an issue with T34 and Lowe which have the 1st and 2nd highest penetration among tier 8 heavy tanks - it's more their speed (and in the case of T34, its fragility) that makes it more difficult to make your mark on the game. If you just want to make money and aren't going for marks or something though, they are still excellent choices, since you can just shoot AP almost all the time—add to that their high base multiplier and you can make millions of silver in a day and that's assuming randoms not organized play with credit bonus etc.
  12. man, this is like giving Maus gameplay tips in an E-100 thread. :c