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    2. Strigonx


      You can clearly see the edges of the concrete bunker tho.

      It somewhat resembles the Pantherturm.

    3. leggasiini


      Yea, i assumed it likely was bunker, but the front shape looked quite weird so i wasnt 100% sure

    4. nemlengyel


      yeah, I'd go for bunker as well, since that late in the war the Japanese were almost completely starved of oil

  1. WT, in a nutshell:

    creator31 : a chieftain

    1stWarlord : the thing with a rocket

    creator31 : wtf

    1stWarlord : that was a

    1stWarlord : a t62 hull

    1stWarlord : with a rocket on it 1stWarlord : LUL

  2. WG balacing dept should hire you
  3. Yeah, even with cupola nerf, it's still pretty bouncy at range because 25% RNG will protect the cupola, and it's easy to find some cover to hide the lfp behind.
  4. saw it on @1stWarlord's strim, decided to try it out cus why not, it's not like I have an idea wtf I'm doing anyways username: Rush_B_Davai
  5. yeah, also you can ammorek an ST-I with a well-placed shot to the back of the turret, saw it on stream as well once The Centurion, conqueror and caern have ammorack at the front, US heavies are vulnerable to ammorack+track damage or ammorack damage from sideshots, 113 gets ammoracked no matter where it's hit, and Jap heavies also have side mounted ammoracks.
  6. World of Tanks 2017 in a single scene:

    Maus complaining he can't pen 907 with AP.

  7. so judging by the posts, it's reasonable in randoms? gud gun + frontal invincibility to patriot is tempting
  8. Yeah, expect to see airplanes coming to Fiery Salient soon. Everyone wins! Clickers get JU-87G to be able to shit on tanks without repercussions from the air like they used to, but arta has been removed, so it's all fine, da?
  9. put the lyrics thru translate, this is crazy:


  10. Sold: 'T20' successfully sold. Received credits:  700 385. Spent gold:  30. 

    Tier 7... yeah no.

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    2. garryallen


      yeah i gave up on being qb and 3 marking the comet because i cant pen anything with apcr atm. 

    3. nemlengyel


      t20 is a great tank, and surely, you can achieve results with 245 pen APCR, but I just see no reason to. Why tryhard in a tier 7, spamming full gold and raging when the shitty derpy gun sends your credits to the dirt/defender UFP instead of where you were aiming?

    4. garryallen


      maybe 90/10 ratio of apcr to ap XD

  11. Yeah, I've tried destroying that house a few times since I saw it on some FAME stream once. Ended up getting annihilated by return fire like two times so need to get it right
  12. You could add me too. I play like shit but at least I now have E5 so my meatshield services are available at tiers 8 and 10 as well.
  13. There seems to be no map thread yet about Fisherman's Bay, so now there will be one. How do you play this map? In a top tier superheavy like the Löwe, city can work fairly reliably, but when you're bottom tier or playing something like E5 you seem to be too fragile for poking/trading around there. North is just a campfest of a ton of big alpha TDs every time, so that leaves me with mid, but I'm not sure how to play it properly, especially when you are so slow you miss the crossfire opportunities on heavies trying to get to town.