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  1. This article mentions Poshy... I cannot independently verify its veracity but it's chilling anyways.

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    2. Fulcrous


      Generally, you don't use fentanyl as a over-the-table medicine, nor would it be prescribed in many cases - at least in Canada. I don't know how it operates in the states but If it is available, I suspect it would be in rare circumstances and it would be difficult to OD provided that instructions are followed (with the exception of patches as heat will speed up the release of chemicals in the patches).

      We could hypothesize all we want, but only the medical examiner/coroner can make that determination... and given all the extraneous factors, I wouldn't be surprised if it was marked as "unknown" due to so many plausibles.

    3. Kolni


      In Sweden Fentanyl is not even up for prescription normally. If you do then you have dosage delivered daily to prevent ODing. Odds are someone having to take the drug cant make it to a pharmacy so they aren’t available there. Minimizing robbery risks and so on, it’s not a drug you can get on the streets here

    4. Haswell


      @Assassin7 My take is that it was laced into something else he took, doubt he has any reason at all to even have fentanyl in his possession.

  2. if the BatChat had better gun handling it would be called the Snapchat

    1. Action


      Badum- Tsch.. :D

  3. Sadly I haven't (yet) been able to get inside because I got there too late. So I just snapped the T-34, IS-2 and T-55 parked outside:
  4. TFW you are watching a PUBG stream but there is more salt than on a WoT stream LUL

  5. turret doesn't seem to hold up as good as I remembered from past reading, t25 AP goes through it :/ not sure what the niche of this tank is then
  6. he got super lucky with the MM, what would he have done with AP loadout versus your standard match of Mauses, Type 4/5 Heavies, E5s etc? The ubiquitous big alpha TDs were absent too.
  7. I'm actually curious about the source of the service container ecosystem's Greek fetish.

    1. Tarski


      Someone stands to make a killing with Greek-Names-as-a-Service. 

  8. I don't get this guy's loadout. No HEAT shells, but chocolate?
  9. Löwe, Defender & co are still pretty awesomesauce and people who don't know much about the game will always invest in premium tanks. That's why the Löwe became a meme tank in the first place.
  10. With some USB mouse game is playable again. Doesn't fix the player unfortunately, but at least my gunner isn't called Franklin Delano Roosevelt anymore.

  11. So on a previous generation MBP, WoT with LEGO graphics, max draw distance and 1280x600 resolution runs at a consistent 60-65 fps without noticeable performance strain on the machine


    the fucking Logitech bluetooth mouse I liberated from the office had to ruin it because it was consistently stuttering when WoT was open. I had to try to snipe using the trackpad instead, which did not stutter, but you can imagine the results. Fuck bluetooth, I'll get some cheap-ass USB mouse.

  12. How viable is it to play with low settings on shit hardware? I know there are several people here who could play at a high level & have fun even with horrible specs/settings, but at the same time stuff like draw distance has a big impact on gameplay. Thoughts?

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    2. nemlengyel


      @hazzgar thanks, yeah, I might just try that instead. I only have a 256 GiB disk but should be fine

    3. hazzgar


      I get extra 10fps on average + it is less problematic to instal mods. Bootcamp does not really need a ton of space. Just remember to disable windoows popup for updates since that shit annoyed the fuck out of me after not using windows for years.

    4. nemlengyel


      Yeah I'll only use this for WoT, no need for that crap :D

  13. yeah, TBh this is why I think Löwe > 252U - 252U will rape poor tier 6s, 7s and shittier 8s, but it can't do much with that gun against higher tier opponents, which can hit its weakspots more effectively, while the Löwe has an awesome gun that can be useful even in tier 10 games. Shell speed is crazy good as well, even with AP.
  14. Not just the gun, they buffed the armor super hard. Turret is now basically on par with T32, you can diamond angle and get 250 effective UFP, and people trying to shoot your lower glacis often hit your beak which is also super thick now.
  15. IIRC the guy was firing AP and landed a lucky shot somehow (hence the salt), but I don't recall now as I don't have the replay.
  16. Once I had an Obj 268 just round the corner and yolo snapshot my turret cheek, somehow it penned. I was pretty salty afterwards. Yeah the E5 will be even better
  17. Only tanks I have seen in 2 months were the ones parked outside the Museum of the Army of Poznan. I do kind of miss the game tho :D

  18. I once drowned an IS-3 on Fjords with it. He went into a facehug but was no match for a true US engine so I pushed him into the water at the west side of the map
  19. So you are doing the same thing as them except a tier higher?
  20. With the total light tank rebalance it might be worth considering unpinning/updating/disclaimering this guide
  21. WG approach to arta refactor:

    "It's better to suffer 1500 HP dmg and half your crew killed in two shots instead of one."

    1. ThomChen114


      not a matter of if but of when

  22. So, 9.19.1 common test went up at June 22nd as per announcement, was online for 2 hours, then it crashed and nothing happened since.

    WG pls

    1. robosapieo


      There was a post on the French forum explaining that the update apparently made the game a buggy mess so they had to take it down. It will be back up once the problems have been fixed.

      Make an update on the French forum but not the main English one. Classic WG :serb:

    2. nemlengyel


      @robosapieo yeah - they even linked the CT docs in the announcement in French, because reasons.

  23. Praising the survivors of this battle for this: MagicJarda in his T9 arta finished off the enemy Maus with his last shell, thus breaking a stalemate santito66 successfully killed the enemy E75 after the Maus was dead (in retrospect I probably should not have followed and just should have capped, but I was too excited and had visions of the enemy BatChat sniping off the lone T30 before vision kiting us in the cap circle) - after he got shot by the E75 I initiated a banzai yolo charge on the E75 Custer style to attract his attention, since I could take a shot. The rush worked, E75 shot me instead and the T30 finished him. Satanas_Luciferis diligently capped with his T34 and did not do anything crazy All in all, it was a fun battle, despite my fuckups. It also ended up my highest combined game so far (although not highest damage).
  24. Looks like SerB had a vodka too much:


    1. Assassin7


      jeez, looks like it locked up or something. that looked more like a failure than driver error to me.