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  1. name and shaming myself apparently? i got hit with a 1 day chat ban. guess thats what i get for letting my toxic cousin play on my account lol
  2. Well just got power last night after losing it on Sunday when a tree uprooted and leaned on a transformer at 10:30pm. tree was on fire, thankfully it was pouring so the rain put it out but the transformer blew like a firework on the 4th of July. so happy to have air conditioning after 3 days. wrec took their time but meh what can you do. No damage to our house thankfully the trees fell away from us can't say the same to our neighbor behind us his fence is destroyed from on of our big trees falling on it. now clean up time once we get our electric chainsaws from my dads brother.
  3. luckily me and my dad made our last walmart/publix trip before they closed at noon even tho last night the news said 8pm got some bread/hotdogs, mac and cheese, and got like 10 cans of soup from publix with less than 10min to spair even got gas and suprisingly everyone here was so considerate. everyone be safe.
  4. you too my friend hopefully this one will end like all the other ones i have been riding out. been living here since i was born in 1991 and if i remember correctly we never evacuated and never had much damage or flooding, going to go later to the stores to see if they have anything restocked or not, we got plenty of water/snacks and stocked up on animal food last week. atleast if the power goes out we got some board games and coloring books to keep us busy
  5. im hunkered down here in hernando county far enough away from the mandatory evac of zone a and b if i was still living in my old house i would be heading up somewhere got some family in SC,NC,NY but we have pets here so we are riding this out. we dont even have enough wood to board up our windows so lets hope nothing comes thru. everyone who is in a mandatory evac zone please go to a shelter or drive up out of harms way, stay safe everyone!
  6. there are to many games on sale that i wanted but i had to limit myself or else i would spend 100's of $ in one go lol but these are what i picked up Portal 2, Insurgency, Grim Dawn, Deus Ex HR Directors Cut, American Truck Sim and BeamNG.drive
  7. i honestly gave up on sending in tickets to wg most the time they do nothing but give the canned response about their tk system in place so i just go on about my day or night.
  8. trying to get my x2 in for arty and try to do spg 15 for the t28 htc with honors (i know im the devil for doing it but im just so bad with light tanks) my game decides to load me in slow and when i load in i find out i am tk'd by this fine fellow. __Traxxas__ i know you will all say i deserve it which i probably do but him trolling all our arty and hiding in the back ruined the match for every other person on our team in normal tanks.
  9. ran into this guy tonight and he was hiding behind our arty then drowned. got a good laugh when i called him out for hiding behind arty and him telling me to shut up because im on thin ice. what a night to come back to the game after having a tooth pulled out >.< EDIT: also shaming myself for later in the night when i teamkilled an arty who was sitting behind a building doing nothing during the match and i lost my temper and 1 shot him in my t25 at.
  10. got this message after an ok(ish) AT15 game. find it funny and take it as a compliment as i feel like i am only decent at the game but i got a few good laughs from this.
  11. i dont claim to be the best or even decent but this was the best is-6 game i have ever had and i still couldnt get a win out of it shaming every tier 8 but the skorpion for doing less than 1k dmg