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  1. That's the way it seems to me also. I do enjoy it so far in randoms.
  2. hmm just wondering, have you played it or any games in the last 30 days?
  3. So far I am enjoying this tank. Fast the gun is not a total potato; I even snipped a few tanks. I wonder if it will replace the 113 as meta?
  4. I got my 5a this morning very nice
  5. I like it, like any light you play hide and seek and pick your spots. All around a middle of the road light tank. It is in my nightly tank rotation.
  6. add me for t7-t9
  7. Come toon with me, mellow somewhat good never rages, Message me in game. I play lights and meds most t9 and down
  8. Just out of different body orifices
  9. Add me in for prefs and normal t-8's
  10. The Type 64 is stupid good now!! If a shitter like me can get purple in it so can you!
  11. I just look at the sidebar and stick my nose in any place it fits
  12. IF I had an alt account it would be named something like hmm let me think Egoslammer. if I had one
  13. Hmm mine went up 100 points odd? Here it shows higher than it does in game...