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  1. Looking for platoon mates T9

    So it did not post the 1st won so I changed it and post it again. Now I see only this one. So I am not sure what went on. Sorry for clogging up thing with my 3 extra posts. Anyway, it makes the place look busy
  2. Hey man, we're friends through Soroosh. You're in my friends list... send me a platoon invite any time.

  3. I am on around 7 est till 1 am ish most weeknights. looking for people to run t9's with. E
  4. LF Platoon

    Send invite I'll ignore No really send it always looking for t9 buddies!
  5. Need NA to bad with me

    I'll play badly with you also! I play almost all t9's E
  6. [NA] Can I has Tier IX grinding helps?

    I love running 9's look for me online Egospartan Win8 around 2300 in 9's
  7. WoTLabs now uses XVM's WN8 Expected Values

    You care enough to post
  8. Confirmation bias your view on Confirmation bias, which is confirmed by my Confirmation bias. Have I express my hatred for this over used dismissive term! On a side note I think the OP has Confirmation bias and the sample size is too damn small!
  9. Hmm auto aim or no skill or RNG. I vote #2
  10. Why do some people still post?
  11. How about some WZ 111 5a Love

    That's the way it seems to me also. I do enjoy it so far in randoms.
  12. How about some WZ 111 5a Love

    hmm just wondering, have you played it or any games in the last 30 days?
  13. How about some WZ 111 5a Love

    So far I am enjoying this tank. Fast the gun is not a total potato; I even snipped a few tanks. I wonder if it will replace the 113 as meta?
  14. I got my 5a this morning very nice
  15. What do you guys think of the Tier 7 WZ 131 Post 9.19

    I like it, like any light you play hide and seek and pick your spots. All around a middle of the road light tank. It is in my nightly tank rotation.