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  1. You care enough to post
  2. So far I am enjoying this tank. Fast the gun is not a total potato; I even snipped a few tanks. I wonder if it will replace the 113 as meta?
  3. Confirmation bias your view on Confirmation bias, which is confirmed by my Confirmation bias. Have I express my hatred for this over used dismissive term! On a side note I think the OP has Confirmation bias and the sample size is too damn small!
  4. Hmm auto aim or no skill or RNG. I vote #2
  5. Why do some people still post?
  6. That's the way it seems to me also. I do enjoy it so far in randoms.
  7. hmm just wondering, have you played it or any games in the last 30 days?
  8. I got my 5a this morning very nice
  9. I like it, like any light you play hide and seek and pick your spots. All around a middle of the road light tank. It is in my nightly tank rotation.
  10. Come toon with me, mellow somewhat good never rages, Message me in game. I play lights and meds most t9 and down
  11. Just out of different body orifices
  12. Add me in for prefs and normal t-8's
  13. The Type 64 is stupid good now!! If a shitter like me can get purple in it so can you!
  14. I just look at the sidebar and stick my nose in any place it fits
  15. IF I had an alt account it would be named something like hmm let me think Egoslammer. if I had one
  16. Hmm mine went up 100 points odd? Here it shows higher than it does in game...
  17. On I get wanting all the shiny tanks, but getting owned in your shiny new tank is no fun. No, I am one of those assholes in the E-25 platoon or any t6-7 light. peaking and snap shooting you!
  18. There is zero I mean zero rush to move up in tiers. Take your time you have barely 1800 games in. At 1800 games I was still working out which key made my tank move forward! I wish I would have waited till 6-8k games to move to t8 vs going up and then back down to relearn everything I should have learned the 1st time. At 18k games, I just now feel really comfortable playing t8 and barely hold my own in most t10 games. Do not rush up the lines! So now I am just a shitty seal clubber, pushing people back to lower tiers
  19. I'll run anything 6-8 (normal 8's and pref 8's. Not grinding looking for wins and good team work! Have ts server be chill and do not rage! Spartan
  20. spam me please
  21. Add me to the list spam away