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  1. Why are Swedish TDs a thing? Such horrible game design...

    1. hall0


      Have fun with the swedish TD special this month on the EU server. 

    2. Epic


      Well, that is why Im grinding it... But I just feel so hopeless and pointless.

  2. Nothing.. the best games are free! Path of Exile, Dwarf Fortress, CDDA and Aurora 4x. But I stopped buying shit that I might once play... steam library full of those games that I never touched...
  3. Yup, I pulled the plug out of BRAH just in time to not get annoyed by people not willing to play advances... Think 30 points is cutting it close, hope you have a 60%+ RBE.
  4. First week was from 20-24 CEST, after that it was changed to 18-24 CEST... and you are more than safe saphros. Im wondering if and what changes will come next season, because I dont see ranked surviving long like this. From how XP works, how chevrons are earned, how the leaderboard works, the rewards, etc... just too much that is wrong.
  5. Forgot to check last night... but start of the final stage... stats of the last player League I: #423 28 points 58.68% RBE League II: #1058 23 points 60.32% RBE League III: #2115 20 points 49.07% RBE
  6. Think... 11chevs and 2.7k people or something...
  7. Yep, was watching some streams yesterday... the shitters that get rank 5, hilarious. From the way chevs are earned, to how the top10% is calculated... Hopefully it will be like War Games (does any one even remember that?)... once and then never again.
  8. On EU top10% is now 658 players with 17chevs/65.32%.
  9. Isnt this old news? Think it was mentioned at least a year ago already... maybe even as far back as FTR.
  10. lel 18 points... Every one and their mother that is semi-serious about getting improved equipment will have more than 20 points at the end of the season. And that will maybe get them into third league. Also it is not that I didnt want to make an effort... the game mode just blows. its horrible. it promotes terrible plays. its boring as fuck. its a worse credit sink than selling T10s... and the time you need to invest for barely 8k bonds a month... that is not even 2 pieces of equipment, what a joke. Started watching daki when stage two was 3h underway and he was r5, pretty damn impressive... and the other r5 he meets are useless red line sniping 907s that failed their way up to r5. As long as you can earn chev's on a loss, this game mode is nothing but a joke. Right now every game there is a net gain of +3 chev, allowing green shitters to fail their way to r5 on the first day.
  11. Yup, got to have at least 20 points at the end of this stage, or you'll be out of the top10% again... Will be cheaper to get a job for 2h a week and buy the bonds when they get sold
  12. Yes that is correct Luna, and the season ranking at end is determined by how many people managed to get passed the threshold of the 4th stage, 16 points. On EU after the first stage the top10% was already less than 500 (yesterday it was over 9k). This will turn many players off, because 1) ranked isnt fun, and 2) the rewards just arent worth it. Especially not if you need to no-life an entire week to be able to get top10%. Even if you managed to get top10% at the end of the season, you still need to play for 2 months to upgrade one tank with improved equipment.
  13. So uhm... it appears you need to have at least 10 points to be in league one right now, that is 487 players instead of ~9k... they cut every one off that didnt earn enough this stage (treshold was 2 points)... Every one that hasnt gotten 16 points by the end of the season doesnt count towards the final ranking. So getting top10% is going to be a full time job... fuck that shit, Im out. Might get r4/5 for the credit boosts if I feel like it... but not going to waste every single evening on this mode for marginal better equipment.
  14. already fixed, minipatch was thursday morning I think
  15. not sure if that is per stage or cumulative during the season though... getting 16+ in one stage is a full time job, even for the best.