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  1. If you ever get sunk (idk about others, but happens to me from time to time ), Take the time to go into free mode with the camera and look at the various towns and islands. They have done a really nice job on detailing things that you really can only see when you are bored and dead.
  2. Got a 5mil credit superchest in WoWs.  Thx WG!

  3. Purchased: The 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger has been removed. The Löwe has been purchased for gold:  7,500.

  4. #adaywithoutarty

  5. I am admittedly incompetent, but I can follow directions. So let me know if you need a test dummy to sit in a cap circle and get shot.
  6. Time for WG to start the trade-in program. I would trade my IS-6 for a 50% one of these.
  7. Take this with an RNG sized grain of salt, but I nailed a 59-16 around F-4 on Lakeville while on the move from B-7 into B-8. That would never have happened pre-buff. It would have had to have a miracle for that to happen previously. Also, as @Archaic_One said, you can poke and fire without always having to trade damage now.
  8. So much snappier. I wouldn't say no to a slight ROF buff though. Just a little bit.
  9. Is it weird that being a member of a clan makes me play less?

    1. Raj


      I quit because of wglna and clan wars.

  10. The only way this could have been better is if the values had been made negative.
  11. I used to have a full tower until I got tired of moving it about. I didn't need it, but I enjoyed the extra space it provided when I was mucking about inside. Deteriorating eyesight and larger hands made me appreciate not having to finagle every little piece inside. Plus it was a great place to kick my feet up on (best foot stool ever).
  12. Blitz is the speed dating of stronk tenk games.

  13. First match of the day in my M6. Yesterday was the first time that I had played this in months. I feel like an advanced player in Blitz (I'm still not, I just feel that way)
  14. Wow sometimes RNG works in your favor. I only play WoWs every now and then. Opened a Santa box and got a Warspite with a 10 point captain. I must have been a pretty good boy this year PS - These were the free boxes that WG gave me.
  15. I like this tank. For me the slowish reload and aim time keep me from doing too many stupid things. It's fast enough to flex around, but a little slow on the hill climbing. The gun depression combined with the alpha make it a real bear when you are going up against similar tier tanks. Rammer, vents, GLD help keep it from taking too excessively long when ridge fighting. Also, as a tier 5 this fares much better against tier 7's than the tier 6 does against 8's. Of course, that could just be me.