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  1. Rampage Mode event feeler

    I'm in.
  2. Upcoming tier 10 Light Tank?

    T62a Lightweight
  3. Well drat...guess I'll be staying away from Domination/SH
  4. T-22 Mission Discussions doesn't look like it'll be changing
  5. 528,215 xp gets you the tier 9 with top gun, turret, and tracks (needed for equipment/top gun) 419,215 gets you a completely stock tier 9
  6. Bonuses for emblems and inscriptions

    ok they either changed or screwed up how the bonuses are applied or technical test was screwed up (no clue, we need a mathlabber to weigh in here) results displayed as: Technical Test results / Test results Obj 430 bia, food, vents, rammer (used as baseline) - 5.06 / 5.062% loader, 2% crew - 4.96 / 4.984% crew - 4.96 / 4.982% crew, 4% loader - 4.87 / 4.956% crew (situational but not total cancer) - NA / 4.948% loader - NA / 4.918% crew (way too situational) - NA / 4.9010% loader (most reliable loader bonus imho) - NA / 4.8812% loader (conditionals suck) - NA / 4.842% crew 6% loader - NA / 4.91An interesting note is that some nations have better options than others. Emblems are universal, for the most part, but inscriptions are exclusive to nations. A good example is the Czechs...they have almost no choices (literally in some cases). So the possibility remains that certain nations can achieve 8% crew without being midair at 55% hp, with 7 TDs within 20yds (exaggeration), and have better choices for conditionals. Edit: They still don't have changes show in crew (like vents, bia, food, commander bonus) likely do to conditionals
  7. Bonuses for emblems and inscriptions

    So bonuses are changed: whole crew bonus - 1%conditional whole crew bonus - 2%specific crew bonus - 2%conditional specific crew bonus - 3% And something else to note...all the above changes apply to both emblems AND inscriptions, as opposed to technical test where inscriptions were only 1% to crew.
  8. Common Test 10.0 Thread - Changelog Inside

    Action X is in 4202 mission that i can see
  9. Bonuses for emblems and inscriptions

    so after doing 430 I played around on test to see what max effect could be on long reload tanks...2 good examples waffle w 128 (clip load) food, bia - 52.074 x 1% to crew - 51.042 x 1% to crew and 2 x 2% bonus to loader - 50.05CGC vents, rammer, food, bia - 45.974 x 1% to crew - 45.062 x 2% to crew and 2 x 2% bonus to loader - 44.18PS I would like to note that because of how arty plays, it is viable to run the 2% bonuses to loader (forgot to check gunner, tho it is likely it has it too) even in pubs by choosing the "have 80% or more of your health" conditional. -_-
  10. Bonuses for emblems and inscriptions

    My math skills are long underused, the 'test' I ran with the 430 was messing around with the emblems and entering pubs/training rooms, those numbers are from wot's ingame reload timer. Little miffed WG doesn't have the emblems change the crew skill in garage, like it does for food/vents/bia. On a sort of related note I noticed that emblems seem to 'face' the front of the tank instead of being a static graphic; they will mirror to face the correct way. Small example are the Eagles not looking at the rear of the tank if it's on a particular side. I'm sure WG screwed up with some country's flag and have it always backwards though
  11. Patch 10.0 Balance Changes

    Inscriptions seem to all be 1% to the whole crew, no individual crew member bonuses. The emblems though... The 2% are too situational to be relied upon in random battles and at that point the 1% for individual crew become pointless in favor of bumping the whole crew, some might be useful for teamplay though as some of the crew roles have 2% that correspond to seasons (loader has 2% options for all 3 seasons ) Small test I ran Obj 430 5.06 - bia, food, vents, rammer (used as baseline) 4.96 - 2% loader, 2% crew 4.96 - 4% crew 4.87 - 2% crew, 4% loader
  12. Common Test 10.0 Thread - Changelog Inside

    is there any point to getting any emblems/inscriptions that are for a particular crew member instead of the whole crew? also conditional emblems look way to situational to be useful...
  13. RIP WoWP?

    At this point if it means I can get a match in my 262 whenever I'm in the mood to fly, I'll take it.
  14. Buying your way to tier X is a horrific idea. Wouldn't mind if they added the CW tanks to missions, still have a M60 and VK 7201 to try and get. Won't hold my breath though.
  15. WoWS Official Release Date

    So apart from the glorious opportunity to pay WG $$ for the Tirpitz and the 'o so anticipated' ranked battles, has anything official actually been said what will happen when game goes live?