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  1. Looks like the problem is view range saturation. I'd be perfectly happy if they just outright removed the guns from the light tanks, if LTs would be the only tanks that could have 400+ base view range and if WG would stop making every map consist of 3 corridors/some city map
  2. imo the light tanks were fine, it was just that the medium tanks had too much damn view range. You even had object 140s being able to reach 445 view range. Even with equipment, imo it's still too much. View range is way too important.
  3. I haven't really played the game for the past year, but from what I remember, light tanks were supposed to be about this: So why is QB repeatedly complaining about the gun/armor etc.? Though admittedly the view range nerf is a bit ridiculous.
  4. yuri yuri woot woot
  5. Any idea where I can read raw manga? Really want to read the first few chapters of railgun, but can't find any raws, only translates
  6. The revival of 2k7 memes
  7. Holy fck I'm dying
  8. Just watched To Aru Railgun/Magical Index. I finally understand this emotewww
  10. Seiren looking pretty good for next season (in osaka woohoo)
  11. Yeah, OreGaIru is also my favorite show. Probably never coming out with a season 3. The light novels are funny though, I do recommend a read.
  12. Turns out I can't figure out how to do the old early aggressive damages anymoar. Sad
  13. Looking to come back to WoT this Christmas break. Any major buffs/nerfs happen when I was gone for the last 6 months?
  14. Werucum