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  1. Me atm 70 games in I'm not going for #1 DPG I was just shooting for over 65% 2500 As for profits being a bit low; I've probably had to use less than 20 prem rounds in 70 games, but I do run Prem kit, AFE, Food because I see it as a necessity. Even with my loadout it still pulls more creds than a similarly loaded IS6. without the prem rep kit you could probably pull in 65k with my setup.
  2. The problem with this tank is that the playstyle is cancerous if you're not patient or into the whole kemp boosh thing. That and with the amount of city maps it takes people who really know what they're doing. Not trying to bash you or anything just that this these tanks are more difficult to use at their full potential than alot of people realize. It's something I guarantee alot of shitters on the main forums are going to realize today. they see the gun stats and think HURR DURR OP buy it and then die repeatedly. Then ask for a refund.
  3. Thats alot of dpm bro. I made it bold for all the teals who cant read
  4. I clearly need a crew trainer I can tell you right off the bat that it will be shit for SH and very situational in pubs; that doesnt mean it's bad, but all these idiots see the gun and and camo and think it will be the easiest prem ever. If you can I'd recommend the Skorp G because more noob friendly, and easier to win games because of turret and being able to fight at close range. I'm still gonna get this tank and I think it will be a monster in pubs (For myself ofc). Here is the reason why: It's not the 10mm of extra armor (Over the UDES) and it's not even the fact that every reviewer is in fact a retard for overlooking a critical detail. No it's the siege mode speed of 8kph. When you first jump from that mediocre 5 to 10 it feels so much more mobile. And even though 8 still isn't 10 it's sure as shit better than 5 making working ridge lines all the more easier. Oh and the thing that the retarded reviewers ALL missed is that the UDES when in siege mode still suffers from dispersion values of .29 for moving in siege mode and .19 while turning. The S1 while moving has an atrocious value of .38, but with appropriate equipment/crew skills the aim time is 1.2-1.3s. EXCEPT when rotating in siege mode just like the tier 10 it has .01 bloom. Meaning once you get your campering spot you can snap shots like a mother fucker. TLDR if you have any idea of how Camo mechanics work and have tried the swedish TDs before; by all means go for it. If not and you suck get the Skorpion G.
  5. At 4k and 1440p I said. True enough that Ryzen having issues but the fact alone that they're 8 cores and even coming so close at all is ridiculous. Not to mention that a 1080ti can also do some hefty work regarding workstation stuff. Dont know why you would, but it can. Maybe my statement will be more accurate 6 months down the line as they fix shit and devs start optimizing for Ryzen. Who knows? The next player in the GPU battle I can almost guarantee will be a $500/$600 Radeon Pro Duo with 8gb. As someone who's used both parties I want AMD to have a good year literally because it means better prices for everyone.
  6. The new monster rig is the Ryzen 1700-1800X and 1080ti if you do 1440p or 4k gaming.
  7. I bought a skorpion and it literally renders every other premium in the game as pointless to buy
  8. Looks like they thinned out the turret. Looks more bulbous in live servers.
  9. I was thinking something more to do with the gigantic turret
  10. STI HD comrade never doubt the power of an HD update
  11. Quality threads from Quality players
  12. Get carried by some idiot in bulba profit
  13. go for it my dude. Shit's cheap. I'm doing SLI literally only to cap out on very specific games that I play like BF1/RS6/GTAV etc.
  14. That event resulted (Capsicin n Cream) was so bad that I jumped the gun on a cheap 1070. Vega will undoubtedly go after the 1080ti because of the amount of time and money they've put into HBM2. And I honestly dont see a card coming in at $300 to rival the 1070. They might, but I already got a super cheap 1070 anyway so who cares. So I bought this: Jet.com And btw my state doesn't get taxed on this site so what you see right there is the actual final price. Which is around what I bought my 390 for.