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  1. hey kid, wanna do some memes?

  2. Stay woke friend

  3. Just don't get a Sports Afield from Costco and you'll be leaps and bounds ahead of me. In other news a friend of mine told me Marines no longer train with irons in basic and only qualify on their Acogs. This true? pic unrelated
  4. :ohnyes:

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      This is some qt. KAWAIIIIIIIIIII


  5. What is dead may never die.
  6. Solono gave me a sensual spanking.
  7. I had a green rep and all the bitches, now my rep is some third world shit and im hella poor.
  8. Great pics.
  9. me irl


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      maybe becau he lifts? Skeletons and average americans wouldn't understand. Also love me some burgs tuco.

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      o7 Alfalfa lord

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      know your stuff m8

  10. When i first bought it i despised it tbh but now i find myself playing it more than anything else, pretty close to unlocking the colorado but might just hold off for a while and grind up some free xp with it