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  1. Patch day tomorrow so I expect you all to share the good stuff before your replays wont work anymore! Here is a Kharkov game Fire makes perfect sense here- T49 Things- The end is near- But first.. this beauty- Ammo rack 1250 and splashed the other light tank also lol
  2. I'm actually hyped for this tank. I have no experience with the time it takes for things that go on super test to show up in game. How long does WG make us wait you think?
  3. Streaming T49 derp fun times

  4. 440 alpha... russian so blessed with great soft stats.... yup I want it
  5. Streaming T49 Derp games

  6. Get the butts. T49 152 stream

  7. @dualmaster333 Thanks for the high effort post. I like the feedback a lot, 2 of those 3 are totally winnable. Highway was the one where I was most clueless about how to win. The last hour of the stream after that kharkov game was fun and pretty good. @CraBeatOff I'm totally a nerd for that kind of stuff I'll stream tonight as well
  8. Bitrate dropping down into the 500s I don't think would be caused by a setting in OBS. The comcast advertised speeds may be like ten times what you need to stream but your actual speeds are going to be lower and the big ISPs are notorious for having inconsistency in their uptime/getting big dips in your actual speeds. Try a conservative bitrate of 3000 to see if putting less pressure on your connection allows it to keep up a bit better.
  9. Look at the bottom of the screen to see the green outline around the ammo when looking at a gif. I guarantee no one is switching their HEAT ammo around to be on the 1 key, so that's a good way to tell. As far as loading the right ammo in game, you have to see certain tanks in front of you that are heavy but not tier 10 super heavy. Examples include VKB, T10, JTiger and of course you only want to load your HEAT when you are sure you can get their side/booty as needed to pen... otherwise keep the HE splashin
  10. Another T49 stream! 152mm entering pubbie booty

  11. Fuckin lol Also, here is a replay of a 5500 direct damage game if anyone is craving more stuff to watch
  12. I was in pretty heavy denial that I threw that match, but yup that was on me. I probably threw about 4 games in my 3 hour session last night, yuck. I'm working on it though, goals have been set to get my win rate up to 65%. Just not positive that I have all the info I need to make it happen yet! Still, hell of an effort there by dual. The end of that game is a must watch.
  13. I'm going to fire up my stream and play T49 derp games

  14. Yeah for OBS its pretty simple, I had to go to setting --> output and change my recording format mp4, then setting --> hotkeys to bind something to start and stop recording. That's basically it but I already had OBS installed for streaming. The initial setup is easy if you let the setup wizard choose settings for you. Then just watch your replay back, use hotkeys to start/stop recording at the proper times. The rest is really simple, drag and drop file into a gif website, copy paste link. Done.
  15. <iframe src="" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p> Did I do it? Am I a giffer now? edit: No idea how to embed this, here is a link instead. But seriously how do I embed this to play automatically?