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  1. Yes, it works out like that frequently. However, if you are the top light, and can keep your health while being active until mid-battle or so, and aren't too far behind in total HP, your mobility gives you a significant advantage. In good hands, the carry potential of top tier lights is significant. I've really been enjoying mid-tier light play since the update.
  2. Sad. You were down a tank.
  3. Yeah, I'll be keeping a close lookout for the 13-57 to go on sale again!
  4. The module tree is laid out funny, with the lower tier 5cm at the far right where the top gun is usually located. The 3cm is on top in the middle, so a quick buy and fitting of modules, when all are already unlocked, will likely fall prey to this mistake. I bought the Luchs. But may have to get this one too and just start a fresh crew for the Luchs. From the replays, it appears the gun values on the VK mean you can actually snipe somewhat successfully with the 3cm.
  5. One strong advantage to this tank is accuracy. It's dispersion and low bloom values, like its heavy sibling, means you usually hit what you are aiming at, increasing practical DPM. I think overall accuracy is an undervalued feature which just makes some tanks, like the top Brits and US meds, so comfy to play. If I didn't have to grind through two more fairly crappy tanks to get to it, I'd have this one now as well. Playing it on the CT is quite enjoyable.
  6. Nice replays! I have to say I'm looking pretty hard at this tank now. Played well, I have found it to be a somewhat intimidating foe in battles (at least while running LTs myself). Let's face it, there are no T7 meds really worth having, and precious few other T7 tanks (with the exception of the T29 and perhaps the Tiger). This tank seems not only an improved version of the T43, but kind of an improved version of the KV-13. Now that LTs see regular MM, this tank, and the 13-75 and T71, might be the best of the bunch.
  7. Yeah, but didn't you like the Black Prince as well? Just sayin'....
  8. I have some bad news for you....
  9. I'm just telling you what happens when I play it. We've had this argument before. You are arguing from memory, since you don't even have an account with a Skorp on it. I'm arguing from current experience. You put faith in numbers given to you by WG. I am just saying what happens, and I'm not the only one saying it. But, you don't even like playing tanks, you just like arguing about them on the forum.
  10. Dude, there's no "r" in "tier." And I don't know about hidden stats, I just know that way too many fully aimed shots on the Skorp miss.
  11. Having played the Grille only on CT, I can still say I highly doubt the Skorp is better. The Skorp, as mentioned, has the twin problem of getting out spotted by pretty much everything, and missing at least half its fully aimed shots. I hate playing it. The only way to play it well, I think, is to forget it's a TD and pretend it's a paper support heavy, like a FCM. This is an incredibly difficult role for most people.
  12. I've really enjoyed the few battles I've done in this tank. Pretty much easy mode.
  13. I don't know why, but this tank just clicks for me. One of the easiest tanks in which to perform consistently very well. I pick it when I want to relax but still do well.
  14. Tanks are cheap. Retraining crews with gold, not so much.
  15. So, I have a German LT crew to spare, 'cause fuck the SP and HWK, and I see no point to the T10 lights at all. Which should I buy back for shits and giggles? Luchs? Leopard? Anyone have either and played them in 9.18?